Pursuant to the Senate Order for entity contracts the following table sets out contracts entered into by the National Library of Australia which provide for a consideration to the value of $100,000 or more (GST inclusive) and which:

  1. have not been fully performed as at 31 December 2017, or
  2. have been entered into during the 12 months prior to 31 December 2017.

Most of the contracts listed contain confidentiality provisions of a general nature that are designed to protect the confidential information of the parties that may be obtained or generated in carrying out the contract.

The reasons for including such confidentiality clauses include:

  1. ordinary commercial prudence that requires protection of trade secrets, proprietary information and the like; and
  2. protection of other Commonwealth material and personal information.

The entity head of the National Library of Australia has assured that the listed contracts do not contain any inappropriate confidentiality provisions.

Estimated cost of complying with this Order: $4216

Basis of method used to estimate the cost: Hours incurred by staff collating and reviewing data based on per hour rates.

Contractor/ Donor Subject Matter Amount of consideration ($) Start date Anticipated end date Whether contract contains provisions requiring the parties to maintain confidentiality of any of its provisions (Y/N) Reason Whether contract contains other requirements of confidentiality (Y/N) Reason
Purchases by the Library
AcronymIT Pty Ltd Adobe Enterprise Term License 127,353 26/9/16 25/9/19 N   N  
ACTEWAGL Retail Electricity Supply 2,800,000 1/7/16 30/6/20 N   N  
APEX Covantage LLC Scanning Services 197,721 23/8/17 31/1/18 N   N  
Australian Valuation Solutions Pty Ltd Valuations of the National Collections 275,467 1/11/14 31/8/19 N   Y Intellectual Property
Clarius Group Ltd Recruitment Services 192,000 16/10/17 15/10/18 N   N  
Complete Office Supplies Stationery and Office Supplies 180,000 8/9/17 7/9/20 N   N  
Content Conversion Specialists Digital Library Infrastructure Replacement 1,504,000 12/9/12 11/9/22 N   N  
Converga Pty Ltd Mailroom services 2,500,000 1/8/13 31/7/18 N   Y Commercial and Privacy 
Department of Finance Insurance services 381,895 1/7/17 30/6/18 N   N  
Digital Divide Data Ventures LLC OCR Services 226,080 28/8/17 30/8/18 N   N  
Ex Libris ILMS System 4,499,610 5/10/02 30/6/18 N   Y Commercial
Fredon Air Pty Ltd HVAC, Electrical and Motorised mobile shelving maintenance  988,416 1/9/16 31/8/19 N   N  
Fuji Xerox Australia Major Office Machines 105,075 15/11/13 14/11/18 N   N  
GHD Pty Ltd Marble façade and roof refurbishment 633,564 7/7/15 30/11/18 N   N  
ISS Facility Services Australia Limited Cleaning, Labouring, Recycling, Waste Management & associated services 3,064,346 14/4/14 18/2/18 N   N  
Manteena Pty Ltd Marble Façade cornice cladding replacement 2,306,640 18/11/16 5/12/18 Y Intellectual Property Y Intellectual Property
Manteena Pty Ltd Reading Room Integration Project 9,900,000 16/4/14 30/6/18 Y Intellectual Property Y Commercial
Monitor Business Machines Pty Enhanced Monitor Paid Print Services 291,488 14/3/12 14/3/18 N   N  
NewSouth Books Distribution and Representation Trade publication distribution services 300,000 16/5/16 15/5/19 N   N  
OCLC Ltd Access for WorldCat searching 2,481,395 1/7/07 30/6/18 N   N  
OCLC Ltd Libraries Australia cataloguing software – CBS 2,834,854 15/9/04 31/1/18 N   N  
OCLC Ltd Outsourcing of Libraries Australia Document Delivery – hosted service 324,166 1/5/15 30/4/18 N   Y Personal information
OCLC Ltd (original contract was Fretwell Downing) Software maintenance for Libraries Australia Document Delivery 1,476,289 27/1/05 31/10/18 N   N  
Origin Energy LPG Limited Gas supply 240,000 1/4/17 31/3/20 N   N  
Poppy and Maude Pty Ltd Catering Services 905,815 8/12/14 7/12/18 N   N  
Preservica Digital Library Infrastructure 1,726,394 28/9/12 27/9/22 Y Commercial Y Commercial
Project Computing Pty Ltd Software Development Services 195,000 4/10/17 3/10/18 N   N  
Randstad Temporary contractors services for Australian Newspaper Digitisation Program 356,375 1/7/16 30/6/17 N   N  
Randstad Temporary contractors services for the Digitisation Program 714,500 1/7/17 30/6/18 N   N  
Rudds Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd (16/084) Update Fire Matrix 215,650 25/11/16 30/1/18 N   Y Intellectual Property
Schindler Lifts Australia Pty Ltd   
Comprehensive lift maintenance 355,087 21/8/09 30/1/18 N   N  
Sydney Night Patrol & Inquiry Co Pty Ltd (SNP) Provision of Protective Security, Guarding & related services 3,434,371 01/3/14 30/6/18 N   N  
Synergy Australia Pty Ltd Internal audit services 300,000 28/11/14 27/11/18 Y Costing/profit information Y Commercial
The Information Management Group Digitisation Services 138,340 30/10/17 30/4/18 N   N  
Thylacine Design and Project Management Pty Ltd Design and construction services for the Cook exhibition project 250,000 4/12/17 1/3/19 N   N  
TRANSACT Telecommunication & PABX Services 2,515,000 8/4/11 8/4/18 Y Intellectual Property Y Intellectual Property
W & F Pascoe Pty Ltd Scanning Services 130,560 8/2/16 25/5/18 N   N  
Wormald Fire Alarm Monitoring Services & Equipment 420,000 1/7/05 30/6/18 N   N  
Purchases from the Library
Monash University Library Libraries Australia Subscription 146,107 1/07/17 30/6/18 N   N  
NSW Public Libraries Association    Libraries Australia Subscription 317,681 1/07/17 30/6/18 N   N  
Public Libraries Victoria Network Inc Libraries Australia Subscription 242,376 1/07/17 30/6/18 N   N  
State Library of New South Wales Libraries Australia Subscription 119,130 1/07/17 30/6/18 N   N  
University of Melbourne Libraries Australia Subscription 116,886 1/07/17 30/6/18 N   N  
University of New South Wales Libraries Australia Subscription 116,886 1/07/17 30/6/18 N   N  
University of Queensland Library Libraries Australia Subscription 116,886 1/07/17 30/6/18 N   N  
University of Sydney Libraries Australia Subscription 116,886 1/07/17 30/6/18 N   N  
Grants and Donations to the Library
Department of Communications and the Arts To support the Community Heritage Grants Program  1,960,000 16/3/17 30/6/20 N   N  
Department of Communications and the Arts To support the Treasures Gallery Access Program 660,000 15/6/16 20/6/21 N   N  
Minerals Council of Australia Funding to support NLA Fellowship 100,000  28/3/17 31/12/19 N   N  
The Myer Foundation To support the Kenneth Myer Lecture 100,000 8/9/14 7/9/19 N   N  
Mr Kerry Stokes AC To support the Treasures Gallery Access Program 150,000 29/9/16 30/6/19 N   N  
Mr Ryan Stokes To support the Treasures Gallery Access Program 100,000 6/2/15 30/6/18 N   N