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Portrait of Andrea Goldsmith
18 May 2015   Podcast

Private Passions, Public Exposure

Andrea Goldsmith embraces the digital world but she also thrives on the imagination’s power. In her

photo of a statue with water dripping down its face
18 May 2015   Podcast

Why Read Tragedy Today?

Tragedy delivers bad news. It tells us that we are not in control of our own

Men working on the linotype machines in the SMH building
3 Mar 2015   Podcast

Fresh angles in online news

Hear how journalists and publishers had to adapt to the digital age in order to survive in a faster than ever media world.

Aviator sitting in a chair reading a book
8 Dec 2014   Podcast

Where the Book Went Next

Rich media, e-books, new channels and other technological innovation have re-invented the book for the digital

3 Dec 2014   Podcast

Social Media & the Public Sector

How do we promote a healthy social media culture within government organisations?Join our panel of experts

3 Dec 2014   Podcast

Nicolas Rothwell

Award-winning author and Northern Australia correspondent for The Australian, Nicolas Rothwell reflects on his experience living

3 Dec 2014   Podcast

A Culinary History

Celebrate the 150th anniversary and the new print and digital editions of The English and Australian

3 Dec 2014   Podcast

Professor Ray Monk

Drawing from his biographies of Ludwig Wittgenstein, Bertrand Russell and J.Robert Oppenheimer, Ray Monk discusses the

3 Dec 2014   Podcast

Thomas Keneally

With over fifty years' experience in writing and publishing, Thomas Keneally examines the survival of the