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Joel Bray in ChunkyMove: photo by Pia Johnson
8 Nov 2019   Podcast

2019 Creative Arts Fellowship Presentation

Burbang is the Wiradjuri word for ceremony. In a ceremony, rituals repeat, unchanged, but the participant

Shih-Wen Sue Chen 
7 Nov 2019   Podcast

Celebrating Diversity: Multicultural Picture Books

Senior Lecturer Shih-Wen Sue Chen highlights a range of multicultural picture books that celebrate cultural diversity

Michael Connelly 2016 by Mark Delong
4 Nov 2019   Podcast

Author Talk with Michael Connelly and Chris Hammer

Internationally bestselling crime writer Michael Connelly brings to life, once again, Harry Bosch and Los Angeles

Christos Tsiolkas, courtesy John Tsiavis
31 Oct 2019   Podcast

Author Talk with Christos Tsiolkas

We are despised, yet we grow. We are tortured and crucified and yet we flourish. We

22 Oct 2019   Podcast

A Matter of Facts

Dr Laura Millar, independent consultant and scholar in records, archives, and information management, discussed her new

21 Oct 2019   Podcast

Celebrating the Life and Work of Kerry Reed-Gilbert

Kerry Reed-Gilbert, Wiradjuri woman, writer, artist and activist, passed away on July 2019 shortly before her

21 Oct 2019   Podcast

The Art of Storybook Illustration

Why did Mr Chicken go to Paris? Why do two blankets change the way we see

3 Oct 2019   Podcast

2019 Seymour Biography Lecture with Judith Brett

Public Life, Private Man: Writing the Biography of Alfred DeakinThe core challenge of political biography is

2 Oct 2019   Podcast

This Is What a Feminist Looks Like

In this passionate and timely account, Emily Maguire charts a course through the history of Australian

24 Sep 2019   Podcast

When the Raiders Come to Town

On 24 September 1989, the Canberra Raiders defeated the Balmain Tigers in the grand final of

23 Sep 2019   Podcast

Post-war Migrant Protest and Ethnic Activism

‘Migrant rights’ was a familiar term in the 1960s and 1970s before the introduction of a

14 Sep 2019   Podcast

The Shakespeare of the Sciences

Join us for a special event to celebrate the many achievements of Alexander von Humboldt –

13 Sep 2019   Podcast

Curating Story Time

Curator Grace Blakeley-Carroll offers a behind-the-scenes look at the development of the exhibition Story Time: Australian

12 Sep 2019   Podcast

An Australian Governor in British India

R. G. Casey’s Governorship of Bengal (1944-1946) was a short wartime appointment in a province troubled

12 Sep 2019   Podcast

World Heritage Sites Book Launch

In his stunning new book, World Heritage Sites of Australia, a tribute to nature and cultural

12 Sep 2019   Podcast

Nora Heysen: A Portrait

Anne-Louise Willoughby worked as a journalist in a career that spanned thirty years in Western Australia

12 Sep 2019   Podcast

Author Talk with Matthew Evans

Matthew is a former chef and now farmer, so uniquely placed to write about where our

9 Sep 2019   Podcast

2019 Kenneth Myer Lecture with Peter Greste

In the 2019 Kenneth Myer lecture, Professor Peter Greste drew on his own experience of imprisonment