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Emmeline Pankhurst and Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence at the head of the Procession from Photographs of suffrage demonstrations and campaigning activities (detail), 1911, MS 2004-Papers of Bessie Rischbieth/Series 3/File 8, nla.obj-383745630
25 Jun 2018   Podcast

Deeds Not Words

Dr Beatrice Bijon explores the British suffragette movement through the papers of feminist Bessie Rischbieth, followed

Image by Anna Robinson
7 Jun 2018   Podcast

Welcome to the Motherhood

What secrets do you wish you’d known about life with a newborn? Jamila Rizvi, editor of

Country NW of tableland, Aug. 22,
7 Jun 2018   Podcast

Colony: Australia 1770–1861

Curator Nat Williams explores the National Library's items on loan to the National Gallery of Victoria

7 Jun 2018   Podcast

Ben Law and his mum Jenny Phang

Ben Law and his mum Jenny Phang are here to save you from yourself with sage

7 Jun 2018   Podcast

John Bell on Words

Hear John Bell in conversation with Genevieve Jacobs.John Bell is adjunct professor at the Sydney School

7 Jun 2018   Podcast

Music and Memory

Award-winning composer Andrew Ford shares insights into the creative process of composing, exploring the relationship between

7 Jun 2018   Podcast

Author talk: Sunburnt Country

What was Australia’s climate like before official weather records began? How do scientists use tree-rings, ice

Carl Dugdale, A Phenomenal Dust-storm at Narrandera, New South Wales (detail), between 1900 and 1915
7 Jun 2018   Podcast

Crazy Weather

Dr Rebecca Jones examines how European settlers and colonisers struggled to cope with Australia's extreme weather

Conscription ballot balls used in the Vietnam War
6 Jun 2018   Podcast

Exhibition Talk

Curator Dr Walter Kudrycz discusses the Vietnam War in 1968—a time of major developments and public

24 Apr 2018   Podcast

Perceptions of missionary failure

Join Dr Linda Zampol D'Ortia as she considers different understandings of missionary failure, analysing the tensions

Jenny Hocking
24 Apr 2018   Podcast

Commonwealth Now

Academics Jenny Hocking, Allan Gyngell and Graeme Smith join Julianne Schultz, editor of Griffith Review, to

24 Apr 2018   Podcast

Capital Ideas:

The Commonwealth’s Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools (Gonski 2.0 Review) is a serious

Australian News and Information Bureau, Prime Minister John Gorton visiting Australian troops in Vietnam, 1968, National Archives of Australia
24 Apr 2018   Podcast

1968: Events that changed the world

1968. A year of protests, war, Hendrix and a missing Prime Minister. Curator Dr Guy Hansen

Australia, wigwams at Gould Island [Edwin Augustus Porcher], nla.obj-135133489
24 Apr 2018   Podcast

Fellowship Presentation

Perhaps the best-known Australian colonial castaway is Eliza Fraser who was shipwrecked in 1836 on K’gari-Fraser

Ceremony of the Entombment of the Unknown Soldier, 11 Nov. 1993
5 Apr 2018   Podcast

2018 Canberra Day Oration

The Seekers on Westminster Bridge, London, ca. 1966 [picture]
29 Mar 2018   Podcast

The Seekers in Conversation 2018

Barrington robbing a Nobleman at Court and Barrington taken prisoner on the Race Course
26 Mar 2018   Podcast

Treasures Talk: Fake or Fortune

Treasures Curator Nat Williams explores the infamous life of George Barrington, celebrity pickpocket, convict and chief

Photo of Stella Miles Franklin
29 Jan 2018   Podcast

Bold Women in Print

Curator Dr Grace Blakeley-Carroll looks at the experiences of early twentieth-century Australian female writers Henry Handel