We all know that all you need to undertake your family history research is Ancestry, Find my Past and Trove... right? Well, in the opinion of our family history experts if all that you rely on are these resources, you are missing a lot.

For Family History month this year we asked staff from the Newspapers and Family History team to highlight useful resources that are not available online. 

So, first up, we have Shannon's pick for Family History research:

Australian Family Histories: A bibliography and index

If you’re lucky enough to have had somebody publish a book about your family history (or maybe you’ve even written one yourself), chances are it’s somewhere in the Library’s collection. We have an abundance of local and family history books - many of which are self-published, very few of which are available online.

One of my favourite books in the Library is actually an index. Indexes don’t sound very exciting, but they really are fundamental for family history research because indexes tell you where to look to access additional information.

Australian Family Histories: a bibliography and index

Ralph S. Reid,  Australian family histories : a bibliography and index  2007, nla.cat-vn4314676

Australian Family Histories: A bibliography and index, compiled by Ralph Reid (and now run by Family Connections who have made it available as a freely searchable online index), tells you what surnames get a mention in which published family histories. It is usually one of the first things I fetch from our reference shelves when a visitor comes in, wanting to know what we have that they can’t get online – unsurprisingly for a library, it’s sometimes a book!


Australian Family Histories: A Bibliography & Index can be freely searched online via the Family History Connections website. If you find a family history book on the index, try searching Trove to find a copy of the book in a library near you.

Stay tuned for part two next week, where we will share another staff pick for Family History research.