This is a picture of John Pocknall from the Molong Historical Society with Julia Hickey, Assistant DirectorTrove data Discovery and Delivery, at the Orange Roadshow event at Central West Libraries, Orange on 4 May.

John Pocknall from the Molong Historical Museum with Julia Hickie, Assistant Director Trove Data Discovery and Delivery, at the Trove Roadshow event in Orange.

Update: The Trove Roadshows have concluded for 2017, but all the information from our tour is available online. Visit the Roadshow page to watch our video presentations and download slides and notes.

Get ready Australia! We’re coming to a centre near you to talk to you about how to make your collections available in Trove.

Trove hit the road in the first week of May, starting with Orange, after officially kicking off our Roadshow in Canberra with get-togethers at the Woden Library and at the National Library of Australia.

Trove wants to talk with the guardians of collections, big and small. This is your chance to meet members of the Trove team, and learn how your organisation can benefit from being part of the Trove community.

For those already involved in the Trove community, the Roadshow will be a refresher, and for the uninitiated, prepare to be blown away by the possibilities Trove presents once it contains collections from your organisation.

You will learn how Trove is an interactive platform to research and build new tools, and join the dots to make sense of all that data.

You will meet the marvellous Jessie Webb (b. 1880), and more importantly the Trove data trail that pieces together her great Australian story.

And discover how Trove had a hand in the development of a ground-breaking piece of affordable technology that is changing children’s lives.

Proof that the information in Trove can lead to all kinds of applications or as our presenter told Canberra, “You never know what people will do with your collection.”

And if you have doubts about the worth of your collection, the Roadshow should remove them. Just about anything has value – just ask.

You will learn how being a Trove partner allows you to reach a national - and international - audience. There will be some sound advice on copyright and sensitive material.

So if you want to take the plunge into Trove, the Roadshow will show you the steps to becoming either a content partner or a digitisation partner.

To become a content partner you need to have your records online. We will demystify how to sign up, site maps, record fields, the cloud and the NLA Harvester.

For digitisation, you’ll hear why teaming up with the NLA has big advantages – we have the technology, the capacity, quality assurance and systems to maintain your data in the long term to get the right result.

The Trove team will be on hand to share stories and answer all your questions. Canberra had some fascinating ones so we’re ready for you.

Find out where the Roadshow is heading – and book in to join in if we are coming to a town or city near you.