The year 1968 was a remarkable one in world history: a time of both celebration and despair as well as some excellent music. It was also the year that, on 15 August, the National Library of Australia opened for business in its permanent lakeside location in the national capital.

To celebrate the 50th birthday of the building’s construction—and to mark a tumultuous year in Australia and the rest of the world—the National Library of Australia presents the exhibition, 1968: Changing Times.

The exhibition explores 1968 through the Library’s rich collection of books, manuscripts, photographs, music, posters, ephemera—and even furniture. The story begins with events that happened around the world and Australia during the year—from the bloodshed that was the Vietnam War, to the assassination of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr, the rise of Richard Nixon, books like John Updike’s Couples, to the music of Bob Dylan and the Beatles.

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1968: Changing Times | 1 March to 12 August 2018 | free | open daily