The Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) has claimed Valentine's Day as its own, declaring it Library Lovers' Day on Saturday 14 February. 

How loved is the National Library? 

Our visitors to the Library—local, national and international—numbered 1,276,552 in 2013–2014. We delivered over 175,000 items to Library users and received over 180 messages of love. 

Over 24 million visits to the National Library's Trove service were recorded in 2013–2014, with visitors completing more than 93 million searches.

Our Friends of the National Library include around 2,000 members. 

Our websites received over 466 million page views in 2013–2014. We have over 25,000 Twitter followers and over 13,500 Facebook likes, and we love our readers and users right back! 

The National Library has also been the site of blooming romances, countless weddings and secret moments of passion. 

Why not share your library love story? Tell us about your love affair with a special book, or the catching of another's eye in the biography section. #librarylove