Applications are now open for two new National Library of Australia Fellowships.

Patrons and supporters of the Library's Treasures Gallery have funded the new Fellowship for Curatorial Research.

This is designed to support research to enhance access, communication and interpretation of the Library's collections. The research may focus on public outcomes, such as exhibitions, events and education, digital scholarship, collection management, preservation and publications.

Professionals and scholars working in the field as well as academic researchers are invited to apply.

The second new 2018 Fellowship, funded by the Minerals Council of Australia, is designed to support and promote research about the industry in an historical, social or contemporary context. It is open to researchers in public policy, social research, international relations, the environment and the economy. Policy-makers, journalists, industry specialists, academic researchers and other professionals are invited to apply.

More information about the new Fellowships and other Scholarships on offer is available here.