Bookplate has reopened and unveiled a brand new look following its first renovation in over 10 years. The newly revamped cafe space now highlights better than ever the stunning Leonard French kaleidoscopic stained glass windows that are iconic to the Library.

Refreshed carpet and paint have been chosen using a colour palette inspired by the jewel tones of the windows. New lighting and designer furniture add a modern edge, while retaining the classic style of the café and its Library surrounds. The previously curved glass wall has been removed to allow for extra seating and to open the café up more to the Library’s marble foyer.

A stunning installation based on a ‘winter harvest’ theme greets visitors in the entrance to the café, while the serving areas have been given a much-needed upgrade.

Bookplate is open seven days a week, with varying hours. Check the Bookplate website before visiting. 

See the renovation journey on Bookplate's Instagram and Facebook.