We are proud to be part of Born Digital 2016: collecting for the future, an initiative of National and State Libraries Australasia (NSLA), to highlight the importance of collecting and preserving digital content so that it is accessible to you into the future.

Over the period of a week, 8-12 August, Born Digital 2016 explores the questions around collecting and preserving digital content through a series of fascinating online interviews with expert speakers. Each day a new interview will be released and you will be able to join the discussion and debate as we examine the technical, social and philosophical questions of our digital lives. Find out more about Born Digital 2016.

Your digital National Library

Thirty years ago we recognised the importance of preserving digital content for future use. In those days digital content came to us on floppy disks. Now, with the momentous launch of our edeposit service, publishers lodge online stories, ebooks, journals, magazines and other content types.

Today our digital collection is a huge 4.8 petabytes (approximately 5 million gigabytes) in volume and includes:

  • the earliest floppy disks and CD-ROMs produced in Australia
  • websites from 1995 onwards
  • digital audio captured from earlier and now obsolete formats
  • digital archives created by prominent Australians
  • 22 million pages of digitised newspapers.

You can access our digital content through:

To safeguard the national digital collection and make it accessible, we use workflows and systems to achieve best practice in the management, preservation and delivery of digital content. Find out how we have been going digital behind-the-scenes at a public lunchtime event on Friday 12 August.