The Library has secured a stellar lineup to deliver live readings of Joan Lindsay's classic novel Picnic at Hanging Rock in a special event to mark the book's 50th anniversary on Saturday 28 October.

Among the top-notch Aussie actors taking part in the event are Taylor Ferguson, Marcus Graham and Robert Menzies.

Ferguson, well known for her roles in The Killing Field, Cleverman and Strangerland alongside Nicole Kidman and Hugo Weaving, will adopt Joan Lindsay’s quintessential character 'Miranda'.

Marcus Graham, a stalwart of Australian film and television, will play the character of 'Mr Hussey'. Graham is known for his roles in E Street, Underbelly and Mullholland Drive, as well as stage performances in The Rocky Horror Show and The Blue Room and Sigrid Thornton.

Finally, Robert Menzies will play multiple characters from the novel including 'Dr McKenzie', 'Mr Leopold', 'Mr Cosgrove' and 'Mr Whitehead'. Grandson of Sir Robert Menzies who originally launched the book in 1967, Menzies is a respected stage actor and has most recently graced the stage in Ghosts for Belvoir, and previously performed in A Christmas Carol, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Macbeth; The Government Inspector, Knives In Hens and many more.

Where's Miranda? 50 Years of Picnic at Hanging Rock is on at the Library this Saturday 28 October.
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Image: full cast

Top row: Marcus Graham, Taylor Ferguson, Rob Menzies, Katrina Milosevic, Sean Keenan and Chloe Boreman

Bottom row: Belinda Jombwe, Hunter Page Lochard, Annalise Phillips, Thomas Campbell, Lizzie Schebesta and Megan Smart