The irregularly published, satirical newspaper The Chaser (NSW: 1999–2005) has found its way into Trove. The by-line reads ‘Striving for mediocrity in a world of excellence’. 

Julian Morrow, Dominic Knight and Charles Firth of The Chaser arrived at the National Library on Wednesday 26 August, and as payment for accepting their largely offensive publication into the collection, they worked in the Main Reading Room for the morning.

See how they performed as librarians. 

The Chaser had a relatively short production run, with 87 issues produced over six years. We did notice in March 2002 they managed to get one out each Friday for a month, almost.

Trove usually contains historic newspaper content. We digitise from microfilm what has already been produced by the state and territory libraries under the Australian Newspaper Plan (ANPlan). In this case, however, we digitised from the original colour publication, since no microfilm exists. 

Read more about the digitisation process and the Library staff involvement in making The Chaser available in Trove