Join the National Library of Australia's 2021 Creative Arts Fellow for Australian Writing, Dr Jordie Albiston, as she discusses her research process for her new poetry project 'Frank'.

‘Frank’ comprises poems based on the diaries of James Francis Hurley from two Antarctic expeditions (under Mawson, and then Shackleton) and his subsequent picture-show tour.  The poems offer a poetic mosaic of Hurley's experiences as a man and an Antarctic photographer at the end of the golden age of exploration.

Dr Jordie Albiston is a prize-winning Melbourne poet who holds a PhD in Literature/History from La Trobe University. She has published twelve full-length poetry collections, a handbook on poetic form, and had two collections adapted for music-theatre performances at the Sydney Opera House. Dr Albiston works “within formal boundaries: traditional, experimental, or self-imposed," and seeks “the musical cadence while endeavouring to exact a mathematical sense of resolution”. She often uses archival sources “from which to wrest a kind of documentary cataloguing; other times I refer to an internal sense of witness”.

The 2021 Creative Arts Fellow in Australian Writing was supported by the Ray Mathew and Eva Kollsman Trust.