Sunday 18 October is the anniversary of Walter Burley Griffin’s 1913 appointment as Canberra’s Federal Capital Director of Design and Construction.

The city planning work undertaken by Griffin and the design drawings his wife, Marion Mahoney Griffin, produced remain visionary.

To mark the anniversary, Chair of the Canberra chapter of the Walter Burley Griffin Society, Peter Graves, and Artistic Director, and Director at the BOLD Festival, Liz Lea, come together to present a unique online talk connecting the history of the Griffin’s work and travels, and how they formed the genesis of Lea’s latest dance production.

Both talks provide a fascinating insight into the history of the Griffins’s extensive travel and their lives in the USA, Australia and India, while working and creating distinctive urban developments and architecture, always with the natural landscape in mind.

Peter first traces the lives of Walter and Marion’s life in the USA, Australia and India, including descriptions of the geometric elements of their Canberra design and how they embraced and were influenced by Indian architecture.

Liz has explored the National Library of Australia’s archive as inspiration to produce her reimagined and innovative dance project, referencing the collection and mirroring and projecting some of Marion Griffin’s drawings along with the designs and intricacies of Walter Griffin’s Indian architecture.

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