Join us in promoting understanding, enjoyment and appreciation of Australian history and culture.

Guests of Celestial Empire exhibition partner Huawei at a corporate evening.

The National Library seeks to create partnerships that share in our missions to support learning, creative and intellectual endeavour, and to contribute to the continuing vitality of Australia's diverse culture and heritage.

With over 500,000 visitors walking through our doors and over 34 million users visiting the Library's website each year, there is the potential for you to reach an average 11,000 people who connect with us daily. With the voice and integrity of a nationally recognised institution, we can help you to grow your community presence at local, regional, national and international levels.

Support Opportunities

Partnership opportunities are available for

  • major exhibitions
  • onsite and online education programs, and
  • collection projects.


The Library offers benefits tailored to meet corporate goals, including

  • alignment with an internationally recognised and respected cultural organisation
  • engagement with impressive business, cultural and government networks
  • venue and hospitality opportunities for client and staff engagement
  • connections with the millions of people who engage with the Library onsite and online.

We gratefully acknowledge our partners past and present.

For more information about partnering with the National Library, contact Community Outreach +61 (0)2 6262 1141