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Sharing is at the heart of the Library's Treasures Gallery—sharing our collections, sharing new knowledge and sharing Australian stories. Our treasures are surprising and exceptional, and reveal fascinating, moving and sometimes tragic stories.

The gallery has featured many extraordinary items since it was opened in 2011. The journal of one of Australia’s greatest living artists, John Olsen. Australia's first gold medal for women's swimming, won by Fanny Durack in 1912. A fob watch and pen belonging to Henry Lawson. A manuscript by Miles Franklin. The landmark papers of Edward Koiki Mabo. There will be many more as the gallery continues to be refreshed.

While we hope all Australians will visit the Treasures Gallery in Canberra to see these items for themselves, we know that this is not always possible


Vincenzo Coronelli and J.C. Eade, Coronelli Celestial Globe, 1978 reproduction,

How you can help

The National Library is seeking funds to support Treasures Gallery programs that allow us to share our treasures with everyone, wherever they are. 

Your generous contribution will:

  • support online initiatives, such as live-streaming of Treasures-related events and the addition of new treasures to the Digital Classroom to enable students to learn about and explore Australia’s treasures
  • enrich audiences with extraordinary stories from the National Library.

With your support, we can share our treasures with all Australians.

Donate or call 02 6262 1336.

This appeal closes on 28 February 2018.
Any donations received after this date will go to the National Library of Australia Fund, which supports conservation and digitisation of the Library's collection. 

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