This appeal closed on 28 February 2015. Any donations received after this date will be directed towards The National Library of Australia Fund, which supports conservation and digitisation of the Library’s collection.

Trove is the National Library of Australia’s free national discovery service. Now used by 22 million people annually, Trove provides Australians – in every corner of the country - with easy access to their history and culture.

As Trove enters its fifth year, we seek your support to maintain and develop this much-loved service.

"To say that the advent of Trove was like a parched man in the desert suddenly coming across a lush oasis is a gross understatement. All at once a host of public libraries came to your door bringing with them an unbelievable amount of research material complete with a powerful search engine and the ability to edit and download vast amounts of data with the greatest of ease."
-- Peter Noone, blog post contributor

We want to keep Trove free and extend its reach into all parts of the Australian community. We need your help to achieve this.

Trove is a collection of collections, bringing together resources held by libraries, archives, museums, research organisations, government agencies and more. Trove’s newspapers zone delivers over 139 million digitised articles from 1803 onwards – a rich repository that is having a profound impact on the way Australians interact with their past.

"Trove has transformed my research. I am unable to visit my State Library due to the distance. And I may never get the chance to visit the National Library. So Trove puts so much information at my fingertips."
-- Anonymous respondent, 2013 Trove User Survey

Trove is also a community. Trove users contribute their time and expertise to enrich and improve the service. Millions of lines of computer-transcribed text in the Trove newspapers zone have been corrected by eager volunteers.

"If you are looking for information on a bit of Australian local history - particularly in the non-urban areas [Trove] is great. It is also a great way for the community of these non-urban local areas to be involved in a project of national significance - correcting texts - contributing photos and documents."
-- Anonymous respondent, 2013 Trove User Survey

Trove changes lives. Australians in rural and regional areas have greatly enhanced access to their history. Communities and families are uncovering previously unknown stories. Innovative research projects are using new technologies to mine Trove’s data for insights. In a recent evaluation survey more than 90% of general public users agreed with the statement 'Trove has made me more interested in learning and discovering more'.

Trove continues to grow and develop, responding to user needs and the possibilities of technology. In 2015 Trove will deliver:

  • Chinese language newspapers from the Victorian goldfields;
  • More digitised content from the National Library’s own collection; and
  • An updated, mobile-friendly interface to the newspapers collection.

If you love Trove, and are passionate about history, information and preserving our intellectual heritage, we invite you to join our community of supporters by donating to the Library’s Trove appeal. Your support will enable a worldwide audience to continue to uncover resources relating to Australia and Australians … for free.

Visit Trove at – you’ll be amazed by what you discover.