Zine workshop 'Cut, Copy, Paste'

Saturday May 25 dawned bright and clear - just another glorious Autumn day in Canberra! Which was completly wasted on us as we would be inside making zines and having fun thanks to a travelling Zine workshop taken on the road by Eloise Quinlaven & Jeremy Staples.

Eloise & Jeremy and THE HISTORY of ZINES

We came, we listened, we saw ...

Henderson Collection

The Henderson Collection is a collection of zines acquired from Nick Henderson who has spent the better part of a decade collecting over 1500 zines.  We refer to this as a formed collection.  Formed collections are something collected by an individual or organisation and then aquired by the library as a package.  The material will usually be linked by a common theme or genre.  The zines Nick collected are mostly Australian and represent his interest in the form as a whole i.e.

Welcome to The Eloquent Page

Think the National Library is just a boring, dusty place filled with old books that nobody cares about? Not so! Welcome to the new NLA blog where we’ll talk about some of the less well known parts of our amazing collection. Well, actually YOUR collection because it belongs to all of us! Find out about our zines, comics, ephemera, the quirky and the fun – in fact all things a little “fringy”. We’ll let you know about what we collect, why we do it, how we manage it, also our favourites, new stuff and much, much more.
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