Dexter down under

The National Library aims to comprehensively collect works published by Australians or about Australia. For items published in Australia, we have legal deposit to help us in this task. However we also undertake the even greater challenge of trying to track down those elusive Australian authors/illustrators (including expats) whose works have been published overseas, either in English or in translation. In addition, we search for works about Australia that are published by overseas authors. In our global hunt it is amazing what we find!

Teaching cricket with flicker books

In the days before TV or DVDs, when the only documentary moving images widely available were Movietone newsreels, how did young aspiring cricketers perfect their style? Just looking at a photograph or drawing in a book might provide the basics, and those step-by-step instructions of course gave the theory. But how did the backyard bowler or batsman see the real technique and flow of a perfect pitch or cover drive? How could they see it repeated over and over again in fast or slow motion until they felt the rhythm in their arms?


Zine workshop 'Cut, Copy, Paste'

Saturday May 25 dawned bright and clear - just another glorious Autumn day in Canberra! Which was completly wasted on us as we would be inside making zines and having fun thanks to a travelling Zine workshop taken on the road by Eloise Quinlaven & Jeremy Staples.

Eloise & Jeremy and THE HISTORY of ZINES

We came, we listened, we saw ...

Zine fair 'You are here'

Canberra turned on another gorgeous Autumn day for the "You are here" festival's zine fair.  The fair was excellent and we enjoyed it muchly - even if we arrived only in time to catch the last part of the boy 'Go Go' dancers act.  Lucky for us we remembered we were there to work so we collected a great selection of zines for the National Collection.  Here is part 1 of a little photo essay of the day and of some of the zines we collected.

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