NLA RFP 14/036
25/05/2015 to 27/08/2015


From 1948 to 1993 the Australian Joint Copying Project (AJCP) created microfilm copies of historical documents relating to Australia and New Zealand that were located in the National Archives of the United Kingdom and other repositories in Britain and Ireland. The Project was a collaboration of The National Archives, the State Library of New South wales and the National Library of Australia (the Project Partners). The Project Partners now wish to digitise this microfilm (an estimated 5.8 million frames) and related paper-based finding aids and make them publicly accessible. The Project Partners assume that Respondents will seek the right to distribute some or all of the Digitised Content commercially and that the Respondents will not seek payment from the Project Partners for the digitisation.

Conditions for Participation

Respondents and their proposed subcontractors must not be named as non-compliant with the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 (Cth); and Respondents and their proposed subcontractors must not have unpaid claims against them in respect of a judicial decision made relating to employee entitlements, other than those for which the Respondent or subcontractor has lodged a formal appeal that has not yet been determined Respondents and their proposed subcontractors must hold public liability insurance to at least $20 million workers compensation insurance to $50 million and professional indemnity insurance to $10 million.


Margarita Moreno to 14 July 2015

Linda Groom from 15 July 2015 onwards

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