01/05/2015 to 05/06/2015
There was unfortunately an oversight in the original tender documentation that draft terms and conditions, in the form of a proforma contract, has not been included as an attachment to Schedule 5. This attachment is required to complete Schedule 3.5. To rectify this, the draft terms and conditions is attached here. 

Due to this oversight, the Library will extend the Tender Closing Time for lodgement of Tenders. The new Tender Closing Time is 2.00 pm (local time in Canberra), 5 June 2015. All other requirements for the tender submission remain unchanged.

For those tenderers who may have already lodged Tenders, please send an updated Schedule 3.5 with your response in electronic form to the Contact Officer Ms Margarita Moreno at Please contact Ms Moreno in writing if you have further questions. The Library apologises for the inconvenience this has caused.


The Library is seeking to purchase scanning equipment for textual material which will provide high volume digitisation capability and/or the ability to scanning fragile or oversize material. Please enter your details below to obtain a copy of the tender documentation in pdf format. If an editable version is required, please contact the Contact officer Ms Margarita Moreno.

Contact person:

Margarita Moreno
Ph: 02 62621229
Fax: 02 62732719

Questions and Answers

Q1. Clarification about testing:

  • Does this requirement mean that the NLA wish to have the proposed equipment in operation on site as part of the evaluation process?
  • Will a similar scanner located elsewhere be suitable for this requirement?
  • What time frame is envisaged to carry out the testing?

A1. The Library would like to be able to see the equipment in operation as part of the evaluation process and test it with selected materials to determine if it meets the Library's requirements as stated in the RFT documentation.

The Library expects this to be a two-step process.

Stage 1 could include real time demonstration of the equipment in operation scanning a variety of material, which could be carried out online for example via teleconference/Skype or via a site visit. This would be part of the initial evaluation.  Timeframe could vary but possibly a couple of hours, currently expected to be during June/July.

Stage 2 could include the onsite testing of equipment at the National Library of Australia. This would be only for shortlisted tenders.  Time frame could be a week and currently expected to be July/August.

Q2. I assume that the National Library of Australia currently use a Document Management / Indexing system for all Books / Documents that have been scanned? If no, is there scope to include a document management offering?

A2. The Library has recently developed a document management and indexing system to index scanned books and documents. There is no requirements for such a system to be offered in the tender submission.

Q3. Does the Library have a budget in mind and if so what is it?

A3. The Library has an asset acquisitions budget for scanning equipment. The budget available for expenditure will depend on the equipment options offered through this tender process.

Q4. The statement of requirement describes the maximum book size to be A2. Can the library clarify if this is for a folded out book with left and right page open? Or is this an A2 sized book when closed?

A4. The Library’s preference is for the proposed equipment to be able to handle up to A2 sized when the item is closed.

Download documentation Please enter your details below to download the documentation for the tender. The documentation in pdf format. If an editable version is required, please contact the Contact officer for this tender Ms Margarita Moreno.