5 October 2011

Q.1 Can a Respondent be considered on for inclusion on the Panel for a potential motorised mobile shelving unit product which is currently being developed?

A.1 Respondents are encouraged to submit a Response on any future product with enough information to enable the Library to evaluate it against the selection criteria for the first section of the evaluation, being inclusion on to the panel Deed of Standing Offer (tender Schedules 1 to 3.9) as stated in Part A – Overview and Requirements section 1.3 of the RFT. 

6 October 2011


a) List of Items, Schedule of Requirements, Scope of Work, Terms of Reference, Bill of Materials required.

b) Soft Copy of the Tender Document through email.

c) Names of countries that will be eligible to participate in this tender. 

d) Information about the Tendering Procedure and Guidelines

e) Estimated Budget for this Purchase

f)  Any Extension of Bidding Deadline?

g) Any Addendum or Pre Bid meeting Minutes?

h) We would like to be informed of future tenders from your organisation. Hence, we request you to add our name to your bidder’s list and do inform us about upcoming Project/Tenders

i) Please send us your complete and latest contact information.


The Tender documentation can be sourced through the Australian Government Tender site (ausTender) at www.tenders.gov.au. Click on view current ATM’s.The ATM ID reference is NLA_RFT11-084.

Please refer to the requirements and terms and conditions of the Tender in the documentation.

The Library does not maintain a list of potential bidders but all our open tenders are advertised on the Australian Government’s AusTender website. The Australian Government ensures non-discrimination in procurement and hence the tender is open to all.

The Library does not intend disclosing its budget for future panel purchases nor the first official order. We are interested in encouraging competition by using competitive procurement processes.

Clause 19 of the RFT documentation refers to extension of deadlines. It is not the Library’s intention to provide any extension to the current deadline for lodgement of Tenders specified at clause 18, being 11am (local time in Canberra, Australia) Wednesday 9 November 2011.

Any Addendum will be sent in writing to all potential Respondents who register for the RFT documentation via the ausTender website.

The Contact Officer details are listed at section 17 of the RFT document.

11 October 2011

Q3. - Will the information session be available on video conference?

A3. Unfortunately the information session will not be available on video conference due to the remote location of the Stack area we will need to inspect.

This is not a mandatory session so attendance/non-attendance will not form part of the evaluation.

The intention of the session is to explain the RFT documentation and process and to allow Respondents who wish to be considered for the second part of the evaluation (being the first official order) to inspect the installation area. 

I will upload the briefing notes on the NLA Web site in the Question and Answer section after the briefing session tomorrow, so this should assist anyone who is not able to attend.

As stated in the RFT (Schedule 1 -  Statement of Requirement, section 8 – first official quotation – subsection -  on-site measure on page 30) there is also an opportunity for Respondents to make an appointment to undertake a detailed on-site measure of the first installation area.  Please note this must be done before 5 Business days prior to the Tender Closing (that is 5pm Wednesday 2 November 2011 as per the Requirements for the Tender, section 17.2 page 12)

12 October 2011

RFT 11-084 - Tender information briefing session (DOC - 52 KB) - held Wed. 12 Oct. 2011 

 17 October 2011

 Q4:  How far away is the electrical distribution board for the new GPO installations on separate circuit and is there sufficient capacity for the new GPO's.

A4. The electrical distribution board is located on LG2 towards the centre of the West stack and is about 80m in distance and there is sufficient capacity.

26 October 2011

Q5. Can the temporary hoardings (to protect the work areas to the staff office areas) be fixed to the columns, walls and the floor? I assume it can’t be fixed to the ceiling with all the ducts and pipes above.

A5. The temporary hoardings can be fixed to the columns, walls floor and above slab around any existing duct work.  There is not false ceiling to this stack area.  The exact fixings will be negotiated with the preferred Supplier prior to the first Order being placed.

Q6.Will the NLA accept a shelf depth of 215mm, which equates to a bay depth of 225mmD overall?

A6.  No.  The actual shelf must be 225mm deep to accommodate the Octavo size collection material that will be placed on these units.

Q7.In reference to Schedule 1, section 4.1.1, is it essential for the existing tracks/rails to be removed? It may be a viable option to lay the new raised floors over them.

A7. No- the tracking that is fixed into the existing slab may remain in the slab if the new false floor completely covers it.  There must not be a trip hazard remaining.