Tuesday 28 February 2012

Q.1. In regards to the National Library of Australia tender, can you please confirm if there is a site inspection organised as I cannot see it in the document. What is the time for the briefing?

A.1. In accordance with the RFT clause 17.6 there will be a briefing on 5 March 2012 in the Ferguson Room. Interested parties are to meet in the front public Foyer of the Library. The briefing will commence at 10.00am and is expected to finish at 11.00am.


Q.2. Do you require us to submit the name of the persons attending prior to them attending?

A.1. No: Names will be recorded on the day.


Q.3. What type of urinals are at the Library?

A.3. Single ceramic and trough metal urinals for men and individual toilets for females


Q.4.1 (1) Provide the following details: List of Items, Schedule of Requirements, Scope of Work, Terms of Reference, Bill of Materials required. 

A.4.1 (1) Details of the Library's requirement for Services are all included within the Request For Tender Schedule 1 Statement of Requirements. This detail can be obtained by downloading the document at http://www.nla.gov.au/tenders. The actual document appears under the 2012 heading.

Q.4.2 (2) Soft Copy of the Tender Document through email.

A 4.2 (2) See above for the document.

Q 4.3 (3) Names of countries that will be eligible to participate in this tender. 

A 4.3 (3) All countries are eligible to participate.

Q 4.4 (4) Information about the Tendering Procedure and Guidelines

A 4.4 (4) Requirements for Tender are detailed within Part C of the above RFT document.

Q 4.5 (5) Estimated Budget for this Purchase 

A 4.5 (5) The Library has a budget for these Services (which is not for disclosure), but is seeking bids from the market place in order to determine value for money.

Q 4.6 (6) Any Extension of Bidding Deadline?

A 4.6 (6) Not at this time.

Q 4.7 (7) Any Addendum or Pre Bid meeting Minutes?

A 4.7 (7) These are no Addendums and no Pre Bid meeting Minutes. Information provided at the briefing of 5 March 2012 will be placed with the RFT document at the above address.


Q.5 Where do the contractors keep all of their storage?

A.5 Storage is kept in the contractors office on Lower Ground Floor Level 2 (LG2).


Q.6 Is external window cleaning a requirement?

A.6 It is not part of the routine scope of work. The task may be subject to a request for additional services under the contract.


Q.7 Request for Floor Plans of the National Library, (Lg2-Level 4)

A.7 Yes Floor Plans from (LG2 - Level 4) are now uploaded on the National Library of Australia's website.


Q.8 Is there somewhere for a scrubber to be stored

A.8 Yes on LG2.


Q.9 What is the cost of police checks and approximately how long do they take?

A.9 A Police Check costs $49.00 per person. A Police check can take up to 4-6 weeks.


Q.10 Are the bins and compactor in the loading dock the property of the NLA or are they to be provided by the contractor

A.10 The bins and compactor in the Loading Dock belong to the National Library of Australia.


Q.11 Could you please address the following query: - Schedule 4 0: Price Schedule- The layout of pricing schedules (pages 72 & 73) suggests that prices are to be submitted on a “per unit” basis (i.e. per hour for Cleaning & Labouring Services, per bin for hygiene services, per bin/skip for waste disposal and recycling. Is there a section where “per annum” prices are to be submitted? Should we include ”per annum” prices on pages 72 & 73 by modifying the existing tables?

A.11 Please include per annum prices as well if possible by modifying the existing tables within the RFT at Schedule 4.


Q.12 Can you please confirm: - anticipated start date of contract, and & - is the tender covered by the Covered Procurement Guidelines (CPGs) as defined in the Commonwealth Cleaning Services Guidelines, and by extension therefore subject to rates of pay detailed in Schedule B of the Guidelines?

A.12 The anticipated start date of the contract is 1 May 2012. The Tender process is covered by the Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines. The Library chooses to adhere to the Commonwealth Cleaning Services Guidelines though it is not mandatory for us to do.


Q.13 Are cleaning consumables to be quoted on unit rates basis or fully inclusive in contract lump sum? If the latter, can you provide details of quantities consumed?

A.13 Cleaning consumables are to be quoted on unit rates.


Q.14 You have asked for the cost per bin for standard size etc.  As there are a number of waste streams required at the Library the bin sizes will be similar for the waste streams but the prices will be different. E.g. paper bin 240lt will be a different price to a 240lt Organic bin which will be different to a 240lt secure bin for example.

A.14 It is cost per bin.


Q.15 The pricing schedule asks for price for Hygiene bins per bin.  There is no where to put other Hygiene costs eg,  Air fresheners, Urinal treatments as requested in the tender only a section for additional bins.  Could you inform us where you would like the additional (non bin) costs to go.

A.15 Please add this onto the additional bins section.


Q.16 Is it possible to get a clear indication of the number of bins required and sizes for each waste stream at the Library?

A.16 Currently the Library has 450 Staff. Therefore 450 individual staff bins approximately 25 (58 LTR other) bins for each stream of recycle (mixed), organic and waste camofill.


Q.17 p.20:  Schedule 1 - Statement of Requirement 2 - Can you confirm that all waste/recycle streams are to be priced on a per bin basis. For example, separate pricing for paper, cardboard, wet waste (food) etc.

In regard to co mingle products (Glass, aluminium, Tetra Packs, Plastic containers) , is there a requirement to separate the costs for each of the components of the comingle bin or is a mixed bin price satisfactory?
Yes: price on a per bin basis. Can be a mixed bin price.



Q.18 p.3 & 20:  Overview & Requirements, and, Schedule 1 - Statement of Requirement 2 -   The overview states that recycling is required only at the Parkes site. Schedule 1 states that recycling services are required at Hume and Parkes sites. Can you clarify where recycling services are required?



Q.19 p.31: Schedule 1 - Statement of Requirement 4 - Bookshop and Ground Floor are listed for cleaning in the 'Special Areas' category during ‘office hours’ No frequency is provided. Can you clarify how often this cleaning should take place?

A.19 Cleaning required in Bookshop and Ground Floor, Public areas, 7 days a week and outside of business hours.


Q.20 p.22: Schedule 1 - Statement of Requirement 4 -            The statement of requirement mentions that 'waste removed
from the building must be compacted by the successful
tenderer. It also mentions that the compactor unit itself, is to
be provided by the successful tenderer.

However there is mention that this unit is only to be operated by successful tenderer’s staff who are to be trained by the Library.  This information appears to be in conflict, please confirm that the tender is or is not required to provide a waste compactor?

A.20 The National Library of Australia will provide the Compactor.


Q.21 p.72-75: Schedule 4 - Price Schedule -              There was mention during the site inspection of a consumables/requisites pricing table being part of the tender documents. Is this still to be provided?

A.21 No: this does not need to be provided.


Q.22 p.4, p.8, & p.54: Part A Overview & Requirements, Part B Evaluation of Tenders, Schedule 3 - In Part A Instructions to Tenderers, Tender Schedule 3.2 is Essential Requirements; however, it is “Not Used” in Part B Evaluation of Tenders. It is also marked “Not Used” in Schedule 3 – Tender Schedules. Should Schedule 3.2 be completed?

A.22 No: there are not any Essential Requirements (hence "Not Used").


Q.23 p.29: NLA Standard Contract - Part 7 Indemnity and Insurance - We refer to Clause 39 Financial undertaking and Performance Guarantee of the Standard Services Contract Document. An amount of the guarantee has not been inserted into this section, or in item 10 of schedule 1. Could you pleased confirm the value of the guarantee.

A.23 The value of the financial guarantee is $55,000.


Q.24 How do cleaners gain access to the building and how is it managed?

A.24 Through physical keys and electronic card access provided by the Library.


Q.25  When exhibitions change over is there additional builders clean required

A.25 Yes.


Q.26 Are consumables included in the contract?

A.26 Yes: Refer to the RFT page 37 under the heading Hygiene Services.


Q.27 p.20: Schedule 1 - Statement of Requirement Section.2.    Mention of Mitchell is  included in this section as requiring cleaning (cleaning, labouring, hygiene). During the tender inspection, the library representative noted that cleaning was not required for the site. Please confirm if Mitchell is excluded from this tender.

A.27 Mitchell is excluded from this tender.


Q.28 p.34: Schedule 1 - Statement of Requirement 4 - Can you please supply the dimensions/volume of the Grease Trap?

A.28 The Grease Trap is approximately 4m².