The National Library of Australia has been involved in archiving Australian websites and online publications since 1996. Since that time it has gained an international reputation for the archive it has established, as well as for its contribution to the development of principles and practice in the areas of selecting, harvesting, cataloguing, storing, persistently identifying, preserving and providing access to online publications.

An ongoing focus of the National Library's web archiving activities is to understand the complex and evolving technical issues involved in preserving Australian online information and to develop both internal and national strategies to ensure future access to this information. The Library is working closely with other national libraries and key cultural institutions to further these developments.

PANDORA, Australia's web archive

The PANDORA Archive is a selective archive of Australian online publications, which was established by the National Library in 1996 and has subsequently been developed in collaboration with other Australian libraries and cultural institutions. Access to the contents of the Archive, as well as comprehensive information about its history, development, the policy that underlies it, statistics on its size and growth, and the technical infrastructure that supports it, is available from the PANDORA website.

Australian Government Web Archive

In March 2014 the National Library released a new web archive to make available bulk harvested collections of Commonwealth Government websites. The Library began regular (at least annual) harvests of Commonwealth Government websites in June 2011 under whole-of-government arrangements approved in May 2010. The AGWA is also the first publicly released service arising from the Library's objectives to work with the tools and infrastructure required for the large scale - as distinct from selective - collection of websites and to deliver a modern web archive discovery portal. The AGWA service is not yet integrated into the Library's single discovery service (Trove) and can be accessed through the AGWA website.