The National Library maintains a Reserve Collection of seldom-used braille books of a serious or reference nature. The books have been transferred to the National Library from braille libraries throughout Australia. The ownership of the books in the Reserve Collection has been transferred to the National Library. It is a lending collection of infrequently used braille books which are perceived to have continuing value to braille readers because of their usefulness for education and reference. The material includes standard works, classics, and works the contents of which do not date. Titles which contain obsolete information or which are considered to have no lasting value as information or literature are not accepted for the Collection.

The Collection also includes some Australian braille material received by the National Library on deposit.

A bibliography providing brief details of the items in the Collection is available as an RTF document or a PDF document. This bibliography is more than 350 pages in length. As additions are made to the Collection on an irregular basis, it should be noted that this bibliography only lists items held as at June 2007.

You can also search the National Library's catalogue for a particular title to see whether the Library holds a Braille copy, or do a call number search for "Braille" to browse a listing of all titles in this Collection. As these search methods access the catalogue on the day of the search, readers will always obtain details of all items in the Collection at that date.

Anyone visiting the Library can use the e-callslip facility to request items for delivery to the reading room. It is first necessary to register to use the Library's Collection and this can be done online at the Register page on the website. The National Braille Reserve Collection is held offsite so it is advisable to check with the Reading Room staff beforehand about use of the Collection. Various facilities are available in the Reading Room to assist vision impaired readers. For details please see the Accessibility page on the website.

Braille reading skills are not required to access this material. Normally not more than one copy of any title is retained. Earlier editions of a title are not retained when a later is deposited. The control and management of the National Braille Reserve Collection is the responsibility of the Collections Management Division of the Library. Material in the National Braille Reserve Collection can be requested on interlibrary loan and this is handled through the Library's Document Supply Service.

Queries about the National Braille Reserve Collection should be directed to the Manager, Overseas Collection Development, on (02) 6262 1386 or email: