2014 Forum - Program

"Seeding the cloud: library collaboration in the digital age"

Theatre, National Library of Australia

Friday 31 October 2014, 9am - 4.45pm

Time Session
8:15am Registrations Open
9.00am Opening address
Anne-Marie Schwirtlich
Director-General, National Library of Australia
Forum Morning Chair
Monika Szunejko
Director, Database Services, National Library of Australia
Give those who pay for libraries reasons to use them! Applying next generation library technologies to provide real value to communities
Carl Grant
Chief Technology Officer and Associate University Librarian, University of Oklahoma Libraries 

Abstract: Today's information and knowledge management systems for libraries are undergoing revolutionary change, as is the profession of librarianship.  As librarians, we need to navigate these new library technologies with a thorough knowledge of how they can or can't help us achieve our missions, as well as those of our parent organizations, libraries, and profession.
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Perpetually Beta – public libraries continuous transition to meet customer needs:  A case study
Geoff Strempel
Associate Director, Public Library Services, State Library of South Australia 

Abstract: The South Australian Public Library Network has just completed its biggest transformation in creating a State-wide consortium of over 140 libraries which connect almost 1M people to over 4M items.  The technology is interesting, but the intent of the change is its most significant feature.  Librarians working together have lowered barriers to access for customers, provided all customers access to their collections and freed up library staff to focus primarily on their customers & not less on the technology or the technical aspects of the profession.  The presentation will discuss the why, the how and the preliminary outcomes for customers and library staff.
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10:45am Morning Tea
PANEL SESSION: eBooks - the end of library cooperation?
Chair: Sharan Harvey
Manager Library Services, Brisbane City Council
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Perspective 1: e-merging issues in Libraries Australia
Monika Szunejko
Director, Database Services, National Library of Australia
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Perspective 2: Ebooks and interlibrary loan
Margarita Moreno
Manager, Document Supply Service, National Library of Australia
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Perspective 3: Purchasing Consortia
Eve Woodberry
Chair Public Lending Right Committee & Chair Book Industry Committee (ebooks)
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Forum Afternoon Chair
Ms Deirdre Kiorgaard
Director, Collaborative Services, National Library of Australia
12:30pm Lunch
1:30pm Libraries Australia Updates:
2014: Libraries Australia at 30-something
Dr Marie-Louise Ayres

Assistant Director-General, Resource Sharing, National Library of Australia powerpoint (pptx, 4.18 Mb), audio (mp3, 11.5 Mb )

Libraries Australia Value Statement
Nikki Darby
Manager, Libraries Australia Member Services, National Library of Australia
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Libraries Australia Member Services
Mel Hunt
Manager, Libraries Australia Help Desk
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Making the most of your user group
User group convenors
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2:40pm Afternoon Tea
Anzac Connections - delivering new collections and open data
Robyn van Dyk

Head, Research Centre, Australian War Memorial 

Abstract: The Australian War Memorial’s website has close to 1 million pages of First World War archival records digitised online. For the First World War centenary the Memorial has a major digitisation, data and web development project ANZAC Connections underway. The project will progressively deliver new digitised collections to the website, linked open data (LOD), vastly improved search and discovery on the site, and provide ways for people to interact with the collection including uploading images, tagging and transcribing the collection. It is hoped that the project will enable collections, held in institutions across the country, related to people who served in the First World War to be easily linked and located.
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More than the sum of its parts: outcomes of effective collaborations beyond libraries
Mylee Joseph

Consultant, Public Library Services, State Library of New South Wales 

Abstract: The State Library of New South Wales has expanded digital collecting activities through a creative collaboration with the CSIRO and enhanced discovery of collections through developing GLAM wiki editing skills in collaboration with Wikimedia Australia.  In this presentation the Library's goals and outcomes in these collaboration activities will be explored, including some lessons learned.
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Closing address
Dr Marie-Louise Ayres
Assistant Director-General, Resource Sharing, National Library of Australia
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4:45pm Forum Close