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Date completed: 16 October 2002

This guide was created in association with the National Archives of Australia for the Australia's Prime Ministers website.

Scope and Content

In addition to the personal papers of Sir Joseph Cook (MS 762 and MS 2212), the Library holds other manuscript collections (including microfilm copies) which contain letters or other materials relating to Cook. In this listing, the main collection is listed first, followed by the other sources in alphabetical order.

Cook, Sir Joseph. Papers, 1880-1986.
Catalogue Record: MS 762, MS 2212

MS 762 comprises material relating to the Paris Peace Conference (1919) and the Naval Armaments Conference (1927). Also included is a file labelled 'Status of the High Commissioners', 1926. Many of the papers relating to the Paris Peace Conference were written or assembled by J.G. Latham, who accompanied Cook to the Conference. MS 2212 comprises a mixture of material created by Joseph Cook, and material gathered by Mrs Mary Wood, his granddaughter. It consists of a small number of notebooks, diaries, an illuminated address, the text of the Treaty of Versailles, a passport, photographs, newspaper cuttings, speech notes and miscellaneous printed and photocopied material relating to Cook.

Benson, Clarence Irving. Papers, 1939-1970.
Catalogue Record: MS 7695

Sir Irving Benson was a Methodist minister and theologian. The collection includes Cook correspondence in box 2.

Brookes, Herbert and Ivy. Papers, 1869-1970 .
Catalogue Record: MS 1924

Ivy was Deakin's daughter. The papers in this collection date from 1869 to 1970 and include correspondence, notes, diaries, minute books, photographs and cuttings covering every phase of the careers of Herbert and Ivy Brookes. Main correspondents include Alfred and Pattie Deakin, Sir Joseph Cook and William Morris Hughes. There is also material on Mary Cook.

Buchanan, Alfred. 'The Prime Ministers of Australia', 1940.
Catalogue Record: MS 3034

Alfred Buchanan's 'The Prime Ministers of Australia' is an unpublished manuscript comprising biographies of all Prime Ministers from Edmund Barton to Robert Menzies.

Campbell-Jones, Herbert. 'The Cabinet of Captains: the romance of Australia's first Federal Parliament', c1935 .
Catalogue Record: MS 8905

Campbell-Jones was the parliamentary correspondent of the Melbourne Argus. 'The Cabinet of Captains: The romance of Australia's first Federal Parliament' contains his unpublished recollections of the Barton Ministry, the establishment of Commonwealth Parliament in 1901 and the first parliamentarians, including detailed accounts of Barton, Deakin, Reid, Cook, Watson, Fisher and Hughes.

Coghlan, Sir Timothy Augustine. , 1856-1926.
Catalogue Record: MS 6335, Mfm M 807-814

This collection contains material collected by Sir Timothy Coghlan, the New South Wales Statistician and later, Agent-General in London. It includes correspondence, letterbooks, personal documents, invitations, programs, publications, newspaper cuttings, photographs and a typescript autobiography. The general correspondence includes at least one letter by Cook. A descriptive list is available. The letters received from Deakin, Fisher and others concerning private and official matters were filmed by the Australian Joint Copying Project.

Crisp, Leslie Finlay. Papers, 1878-1984.
Catalogue Record: MS 5243

Crisp was an academic, biographer of Ben Chifley and author of numerous publications on federation and Australian politics. The bulk of the collection consists of subject files on a wide range of topics compiled mainly from newspaper cuttings and journal articles. There are files on all Australian prime ministers from Sir Edmund Barton to Malcolm Fraser.

Deakin, Alfred. Papers, 1804-1973.
Catalogue Record: MS 1540, Mfm G 28063-28111

Alfred Deakin, a leading Federation figure, was Australia's first Attorney-General (1901), Acting Prime Minister (1902) and Prime Minister three times (1903-1904, 1905-1908, and 1909-1910). This collection of Alfred Deakin's papers includes diaries, notebooks, cuttings, programs, manuscripts, photographs and correspondence. They refer to Cook's actions as Leader of the Opposition and as Prime Minister.

Denman, Thomas, 3rd Baron. Papers, 1900-1914.
Catalogue Record: MS 769

Lord Denman was Governor General (1911-1914) and his papers include correspondence with Andrew Fisher and Joseph Cook (1900-1914).

Fisher, Andrew. Papers, 1855-1983 .
Catalogue Record: MS 2919

The collection includes correspondence on family and official matters (including letters of Alfred Deakin and William Morris Hughes, with references to Barton, Watson, Cook and Deakin). It also includes departmental minutes and administrative papers, press cuttings, photographs, personal documents, books and pamphlets, and reminiscences by Fisher's daughter Margaret. Much of this material documents Fisher's political career, especially his terms as Prime Minister and his work as High Commissioner in London.

Glynn, Patrick McMahon. Papers and diaries, 1918-1926 .
Catalogue Record: MS 4653, Mfm G 2542

Among the material in this series are letters, notebooks, newspaper cuttings, photographs, essays, lectures, speeches and a series of detailed diaries (1880-1927) that relate particularly to Glynn's career in South Australian and federal politics (with references to early federal politics and figures), his involvement in the Federation movement, and his long concern with the Murray Waters question. The collection includes four items of correspondence with Cook. Mfm G 2542 includes diaries for 1918-1926. A descriptive list is available.

Groom, Sir Littleton Ernest. Papers, c1880-1936 .
Catalogue Record: MS 236

Groom was a Member of the House of Representatives, (1901-1929 and 1931-1936) and a Minister in several Governments. These papers include correspondence with Barton, Alfred Deakin, Sir John Forrest, King O'Malley and Joseph Cook. A detailed descriptive list is available. Additional material related to this collection is contained in MS 1135.

Higgins, Henry Bournes. Papers, 1841-1929.
Catalogue Record: MS 1057

A delegate to the Federation Convention, Federal politician and High Court judge, Justice Higgins' correspondents include Edmund Barton, Andrew Fisher and William Morris Hughes. There is one letter by Sir Joseph Cook.

Hughes, William Morris. Papers, 1875-c1979.
Catalogue Record: MS 1538

William ('Billy') Morris Hughes' papers include 18 letters by Cook and 7 letters to Cook as well as diaries and notebooks, newspaper cuttings, photographs, family and political papers. The political papers cover Hughes' time as Prime Minister from 1915 to 1923.

Hunt, Arthur Atlee. Papers, 1900-1930.
Catalogue Record: MS 52

Atlee Hunt was one of the first senior federal public servants. He was Edmund Barton's private secretary (1901) and became the Secretary of the Department of External Affairs (1901-1917) and Secretary to the Department of Home and Territories (1917-1921). The collection includes one letter by Cook and one letter from Hunt to Cook.

Johnson, Sir William. Papers, c1909-1932.
Catalogue Record: MS 961

William Elliot Johnson was Speaker of the House of Representatives, 1913-1914 and 1917-1923 and a member of Parliament from 1903-1928. This collection includes typescript copies of addresses by Sir Joseph Cook.

Kirwan, Sir John Waters. Papers, 1899-1935 .
Catalogue Record: MS 277

Kirwan was a Western Australian politician. His papers relate to the Federation movement, especially on the Western Australian goldfields, and early federal politics, including letters from William Morris Hughes, Andrew Fisher, Sir Joseph Cook, Alfred Deakin and Sir George Reid.

Latham, Sir John. Papers, 1868-1964.
Collection Number: MS 1009
Quantity: 18.4 metres

Latham was Deputy Prime Minister, Attorney-General, Minister for External Affairs, Minister for Industry and Chief Justice of the High Court. The collection contains papers relating to Cook's involvement in the Imperial War Conference and the Paris Peace Conference in 1918-1919, including letters to Cook.

Munro-Ferguson, Sir Ronald Craufurd. Papers, 1912-1935.
Catalogue Record: MS 696

Sir Ronald Munro-Ferguson (later Lord Novar) was Governor-General (1914-1920). His papers include correspondence with Prime Ministers Barton, Fisher, Cook, Reid and Hughes.

Piesse, Edmund Leolin. Papers, 1855-1946.
Catalogue Record: MS 882

Piesse was a lawyer and public servant. His papers include correspondence, memoranda and notes (1918-1923), mainly relating to Piesse's work in the Defence Department and the Prime Minister's Department, including material on the White Australian policy, New Guinea, the Pacific Islands and Australia's relations with Japan. Correspondents include Alfred Deakin, Joseph Cook and William Morris Hughes.

Scott, Sir Ernest. Papers, 1906-1955.
Catalogue Record: MS 703

The papers of Sir Ernest Scott, historian and writer, and Lady Scott include correspondence with Cook.

Symon, Sir Josiah Henry. Papers, 1863-1934 .
Catalogue Record: MS 1736

Sir Josiah Symon was a Federal Convention delegate, Senator and Federal Attorney-General (1904-1905). The papers in this collection cover every phase of Symon's life, including his involvement in Federation, federal conventions and the Senate, and include correspondence with Edmund Barton, Joseph Cook, Alfred Deakin and George Reid.

Webb, W. H.. Letter and report, 1926.
Catalogue Record: MS 3298

W.H. Webb was a pastoralist. This collection includes a letter on the wool industry addressed to the High Commissioner in London, Sir Joseph Cook, dated 23 September 1926.