MS 2741 and MS 3992
Papers of Alan Marshall (1902-1984)

Scope and Content Note

  • Papers 1890-1983
  • 14.16 metres (95 boxes), and 15 folio packages

The papers of Alan Marshall (b. 1902 d 1984) were acquired by the Library in several consignments from 1970 and 1987, from Mr Marshall and his family.

With no particular pattern, the consignments have been added to both MS 2741 and MS 3992, which have identical provenance. Readers are advised to scan the lists to both collections for material on their topic.

Marshall's secretary, Gwen Hardisty, organised his papers in filing cabinets and maintained an alphabetical index referring to file numbers. From time to time Mrs Hardisty would include in consignments to the Library the contents of the fastest-growing files. In 1982 the entire contents of the filing cabinets were consigned to the Library, together with the index. By this time many of the files had nothing in them but the empty files have been kept in numerical sequence to maintain continuity. A list of titles of files which contain something is at Appendix A, together with a photocopy of the alphabetical index. The original notebook containing the index is at MS 3992, folder 238.

There is no systematic chronological progression in the contents of consignments; very early material was sometimes acquired with the more recent consignments.

Some of the papers are charred, as a result of a fire which destroyed Marshall's Studio in Eltham in 1956.

Access and Copyright

MS 2741 is available for use by researchers. MS 3992 is partly restricted. Letters of the following people have special restrictions on them and readers who wish to see them should nominate them specifically in their application to Marshall's daughter, Mrs Cathy McCallum: Noel Counihan, George Luke, Vic O'connor, Anne Bechervaise, Bozena Foltynava, Hal Porter.

Mrs McCallum also handles requests for permission to reproduce items written by her father. Should researchers be writing to her for access it is recommended that they apply at the same time for permission to obtain photocopies of items in which Mrs McCallum holds copyright.

A Note on the Arrangement

MS 3992 is listed by box and folder number. The folder numbers are continuous through the entire collection.

MS 2741 is listed by box and folder numbers but the folder numbers begin at 1 within each box.

Because the correspondence of particular individuals is dispersed across collections and consignments a selective correspondence index covering both collections is provided at Appendix B. It is not complete and concentrates mainly on significant groups of letters. It is recommended that a search for letters of particular individuals include non-indexed groups such as "Miscellaneous letters" and the numerical files in the August 1982 consignment (with the aid of the index at Appendix A).

Select List of Related Manuscripts

Note Readers are invited to check the manuscript catalogue and Combined Index to Sorted Correspondence for further material relating to Alan Marshall. The Guide to collections of manuscripts relating to Australia contains references to Marshall material held in other repositories.

MS 405      Typescript copy of Ouselves writ Strange, together  
            with a selection of annotated photographs to be     
            included in the published work.  Available for      

MS 2222     Letters from Alan Marshall to his mother and        
            sister, 1942, 1945-47, which form the basis of      
            These are my people (See also MS 3992, Folders      
            256-7).  Letters to his mother and sister from      
            China, 1956.  Diary of a trip commencing May 1946.  
             Manuscript copies of four works. This material     
            was acquired from AM's sister Elsie McConnell.      
            Available for reference.                            

MS 419      Letters from Marshall to Nellie Rogova Mitchell,    
            1965-1983 (3 folders).  Available for reference.    

MS 1174    Material on Marshall in the papers of Vance and     
            Nettie Palmer (Series 28).  Also photograph of      
            Marshall aged about 12, in Series 33, Folder 8.     

MS 6043     Letters from Marshall to Marian Lofts, also         
            clippings by and about Marshall, 1981-83 (2         
            folders).  Restricted until 10 years after the      
            death of Lofts.                                     

MS 6831     Letters from Marshall to Jim Smith, 1974-82 (20     

MS 7011     Letters from Marshall to Thelma Henry, 1981-84 (1   
            folder).  Available for reference                   

MS 7320     Papers of Gwen Hardisty, who worked with Marshall   
            for some twelve years, including as his secretary   
            from 1975 to 1982.  Date range 1981-83 (3 boxes).   
            Available for reference.                            

The State Library of Victoria holds a small quantity of material of Marshall (2 metres). Contents are similar to NLA collections: drafts, children's letters, postcards.

Summary of Consignments

MS 2741

  • Original consignment, 1970 (19 boxes)
  • Addition 1 August 1973 (2 folders)
  • Addition September 1981 (3 boxes)
  • Addition 21 June 1984 (2 boxes and 1 folio package)

MS 3992

  • Original consignment, May 1974 (6 boxes)
  • Addition June 1975 (5 boxes)
  • Addition March 1976 (9 boxes and 2 folio packages)
  • Addition June 1977 (2 boxes and 2 folio packages)
  • Addition 31 January 1979 (2 boxes)
  • Addition October 1981 (10 boxes and 1 folio package)
  • Addition 19 August 1982 (24 boxes and 3 folio packages)
  • Addition January-March 1983 (2.5 boxes and 1 folio package)
  • Addition 5 March 1985 (6 boxes and 2 folio packages)
  • Addition 12 October 1987 (5 boxes and 1 folio package)

Series List

MS 3992
Original consignment (May 1974)

BOX 1                                                           

Folder 1    Letters - Eastern Europe, 1966-73                   
2           Letters - Eastern Europe, 1965-73                   
3           Correspondence, 1970-74                             
4           Correspondence, 1965-73                             
5           Correspondence, 1973-74                             
6           Correspondence, 1973                                
7-8         Children's letters, 1973                            

BOX 2                                                           

Folder 9    Children's letters, 1972-73                         
10          Manuscripts.  Typescripts for "The long hunt",      
            "The dingo story"                                   
11          Manuscripts.  Drafts of "Four Sunday suits" and     
            other stories                                       
12          Manuscripts.  Typescript of "Little boy lost"       
            (1977) and others                                   
13          . Notebooks, 1939, 1956                             
            . Diary 1949                                        
            . Drawings                                          
14          Notebooks - Arnhem Land (1-3), 1946                 
15          Notebooks - Arnhem Land (4-7), 1946                 
16          Notebooks                                           
17          Notebooks                                           
            Diary, 1956                                         
18          Notebooks                                           
            Diaries 1930, 1942, 1959, 1960                      
19          Drafts of "Looking on the bright side"              
            Correspondence -Carden Advertising, 1957-59         
20          Drafts of Argus articles, "Alan Marshall's          
            casebook" -Up to 1950                               
21          Drafts of "Alan Marshall's casebook", 1951          
22          "A.M.'s casebook", 1953                             
23          Correspondence 1943-45, 1949 (partly burnt)         

BOX 4                                                           

Folder 24   Correspondence 1947-49 (partly burnt)               
25 - 26     Newspaper clippings 1942-46 (partly burnt)          
27          Newspaper clippings, 1939 (partly burnt)            
28              "                 "      1937-42                
29              "                 "      1936 (loose pages)     
30              "                 "      1941 (partly burnt)    

BOX 5                                                           

Folder 31   Trade journals                                      
32          Drafts of "Pioneers and painters", "A history of    
33          Contributions to newspapers, columns etc, 1948-72   
34          Drafts of "The magic leaf", "Whispering in the      
35          "As in a glass"                                     
36          Various drafts                                      
37          Draft of "Peter and the beautiful princess"         
38          Published articles                                  

BOX 6                                                           

Folder 39   Press clippings 1940-70                             
40          Press clippings 1955-70                             
41          letters from Cathy, Prague, 1971-72                 
42          Scrapbook                                           
43          Draft of "This is the grass"                        
44          Publications                                        
            Two books:  Travels in China (in English), and I    
            can jump puddles (in Czechoslovakian).  Both        
            inscribed by Marshall.                              

FOLIO RUN                                                       

            One bag of periodicals containing articles          
            by/about AM, including Australian book review,      
            People, Woman's Day, Walkabout(19 issues)           

            One large cuttings album                            

MS 3992
Addition June 1975

BOX 7                                                           

Folder 45   Photographs                                         

46 - 47     Miscellaneous letters, 1974                         

48          . Jack Marshall's certificates and notebooks        

            Alan Marshall's certificates, notebooks and         
            autograph book.  The latter kept when he first got  
            infantile paralysis, ca. 1908.  While in hospital   
            patients and nurses wrote in it.  Source of         
            material for I can jump puddles.                    

            Two volumes:                                        
            Press cuttings album                                
            Court transcripts:  appeal by Walter Russell        
            Deathe against conviction for rape, 1962.           

BOX 8                                                           

            Ten books, most with Alan Marshall's bookplate      

BOX 9                                                           

Folder 49   Correspondence 1956-74:  Gordon Burgess, Wilma      
            Hedley, Ian Reid, the International P.E.N. Club,    
            Adult Education, Mavis and Bill Scott, Max Brown,   
            Paul Ritchie, James Flett, Lillian McGovern, Cecil  
            Holmes, Brian Clark, and various others including   
            Russian correspondents.                             

50 - 51     Correspondence 1958-74:  John Hetherington          
            (1958-63), Bert Vickers, Keith Ewers, Vic           
            O'Connor, John Morrison, Noel Counihan, Ailsa       
            O'Connor, Robert Peach, Danny Webb, Geoff Close     
            (card only), Bill Constable, Maureen Freer, Ruth    
            Park, John Manifold, Colin Thiele, Nan Ingleton,    
            Jean Turley, Geoff Hutton, Herbert Marshall, Stan   
            Barstow, Marcello Maestro, Sir Frank Roland, Judah  
            Waten, Cecil Holmes, Stuart Sayers, Bill Wannan,    
            Aileen Palmer, Jack Hyett, Ray Parkin, V.A. Syme,   
            Terry Counihan (Noel's son), Mavis Scott, Phil      
            Freedman, Alan Bell, Stephen Murray-Smith, Herz     
            Bergner, Alan Thornton, Australian Society of       
            Authors.  Also various children's letters.          

52          Correspondence 1963-64                              

53          Correspondence 1971-74:  Judy Gorman, Magda         
            Gregor, Edward Kynaston, Nell Charlwood, John       
            Clements, Clea Stowell.                             
            Also letters relating to New Zealand trip           
            June-July 1974, to attend launching of film "I can  
            jump puddles" in Auckland.                          

54          Correspondence 1973-74:  Russian and Bulgarian      
            letters, invitations to talk.                       

55          Correspondence:  George Luke, 1974; American        
            correspondence 1968-70; details of Pan-American     
            inaugural program.                                  

BOX 10                                                          

Folder 56   Talks:  Folklore, bush songs, Australian            

57          Talks:  Writers, writing, Marshall's own writing    

58          Talks:  Aborigines, miscellaneous special           

59          Talks:  Gorky, short story writing                  

60          Financial records, 1968-69                          
            Original beginning to I can jump puddles            

61          Writings:  on cripples, the Army                    

62          Various talks and writings:  Children, short story  
            writing, etc.                                       

63          Printed items, 1936-44                              

64          Printed items, 1942-71                              

65          Printed items                                       

BOX 11                                                          

Folder 66   Original drafts or articles on trip to Soviet       
            Union, November 1964                                

67          Diary, cuttings, pamphlets - Hong Kong trip         

68          Letter to Bob Close 1956, article on 1939           
            bushfires, biographical information, small          
            Letters, cutting, photos about aerial piracy on     
            board a Catalina Flying boat, 16 July 1948 (See     
            also Folder 291)                                    

69 - 70     Various letters, notes, articles on trip to China,  

71          Cuttings album 1954-59                              

            Cuttings album of reviews of The gay provider (See  
            also Folio package, addition June 1977)             

MS 3992
Addition March 1976

BOX 12                                                          

Folders 72  Personal and family correspondence                  
- 76                                                            

77 - 78     Cathy Marshall letters                              

BOX 13                                                          

Folders 79  Cathy Marshall letters                              
- 80                                                            

81 - 83     Photographs                                         

BOX 14                                                          

Folders 84  Children's letters                                  
- 88                                                            

89          Russian letters                                     

90          Ken Dallas                                          

91          Clea Stowell                                        

BOX 15                                                          

            Correspondence, 1971-75, 1955                       

Folder 92   Ross Campbell, Dr Jim Cairns, Max Dimmock, Ray      
            Parkin, Ralph de Boissiere, John Morrison, Bill     
            Wannan, Edward Kynaston, Ailsa O'Connor, Phillip    
            Adams, Clem Christesen, Noel Bryning, Frank         

93          Jim Smith                                           

94          Invitations to talk                                 
            Various other correspondents, including Lauretta    

95          Frank Huelin                                        

96          Various, including Jim Smith                        

97 - 98     Various, including Gwen Hardisty                    

99          Letters of sympathy re bungalow fire, 1955          

BOX 16                                                          

Folder 100  Drafts:  "The ostrich man", "Hammers over the       
            anvil", "Mrs Hookey's dick", "Peter McLeod" Galley  
            of "Fight for life"                                 

101 - 103   Drafts:  "Hammers over the anvil"                   

104         Original manuscript of "Fight for life" together    
            with notes and drafts of stories in "Hammers over   
            the anvil" (Blue exercise book)                     

105 - 106   Miscellaneous documents, cuttings, letters          

BOX 17                                                          

Folders     Correspondence of Alma Thorn, 1944-46               
107 - 113                                                       

BOX 18                                                          

Folders     Correspondence of Alma Thorn, 1947                  
114 - 119                                                       

BOX 19                                                          

Folders     Correspondence of Alma Thorn, 1948-50               
120 - 126                                                       

BOX 20                                                          

Folders     Correspondence of Alma Thorn, 1951-58               
127 - 135                                                       

FOLIO RUN                                                       

            Original sketches by Noel Counihan - "Pull down     
            the blind"                                          

            Album of photographs, cuttings, early documents     
            and letters (both items in one bag)                 

MS 3992
Addition June 1977

BOX 21                                                          

Folder 136  Letters from Helen Skipper, undated.                
            Letters 1944-45 connected with Woman magazine,      
            when AM was writing a Dorothy Dix (advice to the    
            lovelorn) column.                                   

137         Flexmore Hudson; letters from students; 1976        

138         Letters - Katrina Holland, Elizabeth Mellick,       
            invitations to talk, 1976-77                        

139         Letters, various, 1973-77:  Jim O'Connor (Judge),   
            Nelly Rogova, Stephen Murray-Smith, Gill Armstrong  

140         Letters, various, 1973-77:  Tom Adler, Hilda        
            Knorr, Jack Lindsay, Freda Brilliant, Professor     
            Marshall, Lance Loughrey, Stewart Harris, Frank     
            Huelin, Dymphna Cusack, La Trobe Library, Penny     
            and Eddie Harding, Frank Sargensen                  

141 - 142   Letters, various, 1973-77                           

143         Letters, various, 1973-77:  Jim Smith, Dr. Stephen  
            Gottlieb, Bill Standish                             

144         Letters, various, 1971-77:  Alan Thornton, Neilma   
            Gantner, Judah Waten, Phillip Adams, Vic O'Connor,  
            Ralph de Boissiere, Bill Wannan, Bob Close, Fred    
            Silcock, Max Brown, Harry Marks (author of AM's     
            biography I can jump oceans), Jack Slade            

145         Letters of congratulation on OBE and honorary       
            Doctor of Laws, Melbourne University, 1972          

BOX 22                                                          

Folder 146  Australian family physician, 1976.  AM wrote an     
            article entitled "Sex problems of the               
            handicapped". This folder contains about 15         
            requests for reprints of the article (plus the      
            issue on which it appeared).                        

147         Marketa Sagiova, 1963-77                            

148         Jenny Burgess, Mena Calthorpe, Pat Wiltshire,       

149         Glen Tomasetti, Rosemary Crouch - Grantham          

150         Letters, 1964-75, including John Morrison, Penny    
            and Eddie Harding                                   

151 - 153   Letters from family, mainly Hilda Gillies           
            (sister), 1971-77                                   

154         Letter from Form 2G, Elwood High School, 1977       

155 - 156   Children's letters, 1972-77                         

            Other correspondents in this consignment are        
            Bernard Cronin (1), Dal Stivens (1), A.M. Chisholm  
            (1), Noel Counihan                                  

FOLIO RUN                                                       

            One package early family photographs                

            One album of photographs taken at the launch of     
            The gay provider(See also Folder 71)                

MS 3992
Addition 31 January 1979

BOX 23                                                          


157 - 159   Letters received while in hospital, 1978            

160         Children's letters - Chilwell Primary School, 1977  

161 - 162   Children's letters, 1977                            

163         Jim Smith letters                                   

BOX 24                                                          

Folder 164  Letters from Soviet Union                           

165         Letters from Bill Langley, Colin Thiele, John       
            McCabe Doyle and Michael Doyle, Eddie Harding,      
            Rohan and Nan Rivett, Douglas Harris, Phyl          
            Wallace, Angus Scobie, Joan Hundley, Marcello and   
            Edna Maestro, Helen Skipper, Ken Dallas, Phillip    
            Adams, Bert Vickers, Janet Matthews, Judah Waten.   

166         Draft of "The bed"                                  

167         Australian Film and Television School - Letters     
            from Chris Noonan                                   

168         Congratulations on Soviet Award, 1972               

169 - 170   Miscellaneous correspondence, 1976-78               
One bundle of photographs with captions, by James   
            Hill, entitled "Such goin's on".  Scenes of Park    
            Road Eltham                                         

MS 3992
Addition October 1981

            Correspondence with specified people                 

BOX 25                                                           

Folder 171  Janet Nield, Maree Teychenne, Bernard and Elsie      

172         Congratulations on M.O.A., 1981                      

173         K. McHubbard, Caroline Brothers, Ray McDermid        

174         Michael Myer and Yoga Education Centre               

175         Gwen Sanderson                                       

176         Cathy Marshall, Jennifer Marshall, Elsie, Alan and   
            Fiona McConnell                                      

177         Alistair Knox, Margot Knox, Judy Askham, Andrea      
            Dallas, Phillip Bain, Sri Chimmoy, Brotherhood of    
            St Lawrence                                          

178         Hilda Gillies, Kerry Wise                            

            Note:  People occasionally sent with their letters   
            to Marshall short manuscripts they have written.     
            Some early pages of writing by Marshall were found   
            accompanying a letter.  The more notable items are   
            as follows:                                          
            Information on McHubbard Family                      
            Family history "The honeysuckle plain", by Gwenda    
            Janet Neild's essay and photos on Danila Vassileff   
            Foreword to A. Knox's book   Poems by Michael Myer   
            Early photographs of old buildings                   

BOX 26                                                           

Folder 179  Invitations to talk                                  

180         James Foran, Katrina Holland, Dragana Vujanovic,     
            Karnie Mortimer, Neilma Carrillo Gantner, Jenny      
            Burgess, American correspondence                     

181         Geoff Close, Clem Christesen, Joe Redapple, Faith    
            Bandler, Jim O'Connor, Professor Ed Ruhe, Bill       
            Perry (author of Tales of the Whipstick), Alice      
            Hammerley, Andrew Hughes, Lloyd Davies               

182         Indonesian letters; Bozena Klimova                   

183         Prahran College of Advanced Education                

184         James Cook University award, 1978-80                 
            70th birthday, 1972                                  

BOX 27                                                           

Folders     Children's letters, 1980-81 (580 in all)             
185 - 192                                                        

BOX 28                                                           

Folder 193  Letters from people in the Soviet Union and          

194         Nelly Mitchell, Alla Petrikovska, Bella Zuckerman,   
            Oskana Kruggerskaya                                  

195         Frank Huelin, Norma Ferris                           

196         Anne Bechervaise/Doyle                               

197         Australasian Book Society, Jack Beasley              

198         Jim Smith                                            

199         John Morrison, Bert Vickers, Ailsa O'Connor, Vic     
            O'Connor, Phillip and Rosemary Adams, Bill and Ora   
            Wannan, Judah, Hyrell and Pip Waten, Ross Campbell   

200         Helen Skipper, Matcham Skipper, Pip Marks, Stewart   
            Harris, Iona Harris, Dymphna Cusack, Wendy           
            Lowenstein, Penny and Eddie Harding                  

BOX 29                                                           

Folders     Miscellaneous letters and cards, 1945-59; 1978-81    
201 - 205   TV Dramatisation - "I can jump puddles"              

BOX 30                                                           

Folders     Rehearsal scripts and camera scripts for Episodes 1  
206 - 214   -9, call sheets and film shedules for 17.9.'80       
            -21.11.'80.  Scriptwriters are Cliff Green, Sonia    
            Borg, Roger Simpson                                  

BOX 31                                                           

Folders     Responses to dramatisation of I can jump puddles,    
215 - 218   1981 (about 306 letters, mostly children)            

219 - 223   Australia - USSR Society, of which Marshall was      

            Correspondence, invitations, reneoed newsheets,      
            letters and messages from A.M. for conferences       
            (some handwritten drafts).  Main correspondent is    
            Angelica Raftopoulos.  Some of the contents of the   
            5 folders are: Decisions of the National Executive   
            at meetings in 1972, 75, 77 80; Agenda and           
            proceedings of National Conferences, 1974, 1976,     
            1980; reports; General Agreement and Plan of the     
            Society; a Cultural Exchange Agreement drawn up      
            with the Society's counterpart, the USSR-Australia   
            Society; and report on the Albert Park Island        
            Restaurant Scheme, 1968 ("Save Albert Park (Vic)     
            for the people").                                    

BOX 32                                                           

Folder 224  Citizens for Democracy.  One folder of reneoed       
            newsletters, memos, correspondence, press releases   

225         Early documents dealing with AM's childhood          
            ("Receipts and papers kept by John Marshall"):       
            Two receipts for municipal rates, Cobar, 15.7.1890   
            Levy for Labor daily, £1.                            
            Luggage label "Marshall and Neale, general stores,   
            Doctor's prescription for A. Marshall, Orange P.O.   
            Tract "This Sin of the Church", part of Gem          
            Economic Library, Minneapolis, 1895.                 
            Receipts from AWU for George Marshall (14/11/12)     
            and John Marshall (29/7/05).                         
            Four small cuttings                                  
            These are my people.  Selected short stories by      
            marshall, issued by the Victorian writers' League,   
            1938.  Processed format, 28 pages, soft cover with   
            stencilled drawing of AM by Frank Andrew.  AM        
            describes it as "the first book I ever published".   

226         Photographs from AM's mother's album:                
            Five portraits, some in poor condition, of members   
            of Linnet, Boyson, Leister (?) Cumming and other     
            Six very small photographs with similar subjects,    
            poor condition.                                      
            Four tintypes (mistakenly call "Daguerrotypes" on    
            the backs), fair condition.                          
            Alan Marshall's first sketchbook.                    

227         Square pegs in square holes.  The Age in Melbourne   
            invited AM to contribute a foreword to a booklet     
            they were publishing on employment opportunities     
            for the handicapped within this company (1979).      
            Three letters, one typescript of foreword (no        
            annotations), one typescript with annotations, one   
            final typescript of the whole booklet by Alan J.     
            Scott and Edwin W. Knight; one published booklet.    

228         "May Creedie" - short story.  Four corrected         
            typescripts, one incomplete handwritten version,     
            one newspaperpublished version.                      

229         Galley proofs of Alan Marshall's Australia by        

230         Aboriginal myths, by AM and Sreton Bozic.  About 40  
            stories (some duplicates), typewritten (See also     
            Folder 267)                                          

BOX 33 &                                                         

            Printed matter:                                      
            Three books by Stan Tutt entitled Pioneer days,      
Caboolture Country and By many campfires, and        
            produced by the Caboolture Historical Society,       
            Queensland in 1974, 1973 and 1977 respectively.      
            Dedications in volumes and letter to AM.             
            Russian versions of Alan Marshall's books,           
            numbering 4.                                         
            2 Reader's Digest condensed books containing         
            Swedish and Japanese version of I can jump puddles,  
            1980 and 1981 respectively.                          
            Marshall, Alan.  Erzahl uns doch vom Truthahn,       
Jo(Tell us about the turkey, Jo), Berlin, Verlag     
            Neues Leben, 1979.  Autographed                      
            Marshall, Alan.  Ve vlastnim srdci Prague,           
            Vysehrad, 1980.  Autographed                         
            Cosbuc, George.  Poems Bucharest, Minerva            
            Publishing House, 1980                               
            Ceaucescu, Nicolae.  Democratization of              
international relations, Bucharest, Meridiane        
            Publishing House, 1981                               
            Ceaucescu, Nicolae.  The solving of the National     
Question in Romania, 1981                            
            Neagu, Romulus.  The United National Organization:   
A Romanian point of view, Bucharest, 1981            
            Russian botanical publication, Moscow 1962.          
            Dedicated to A.M.                                    
            5 Russian periodicals                                
            Soviet literature, December 1979                     
            5 other periodicals                                  


            One package containing 9 children's drawings and     
            one rolled class mural, one album of letters and     
            drawings from school children of Watsonia Heights    
            Public School in response to Whispering in the       
wind, 20 autobiographical efforts and class photo    
            (project by Syndal High School), one patriotic       
            banner, five posters and one calendar.               

MS 3992
Addition 19 August 1982

BOX 35                                                           

Folders     Australian Society of Authors.  Correspondence,      
231 - 232   notices of meetings, circulars, 1974-82.             

233 - 236   Miscellaneous letters, 1981                          

237         Small files:  Meanjin and Short stories (Numerical   
            files 1-3)                                           

238         Index to numerical files.  A photocopy of this       
            index is held at Appendix A.  Only the more          
            substantial contents are highlighted below.          

BOX 36                                                           

Folder 239  Files 5-8                                            

240         File 9:  Short story manuscript                      

241         File 13                                              

242         Files 20-22, 26 Anne Bechervaise, etc.               

243 - 244   File 27:  Business letters with organisations - NLA  
            National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne University,  
            Sydney University, Commonwealth Literary Fund        

245         Files 31-32.  Some publishers' correspondence        

246         File 33a.  Cheshire Publishing - royalty statements  

247         Files 35, 38.  "Advices to the Anxious" -            

248         File 39.  Registration, car documents, caravan       

BOX 37      Numerical Files                                      

Folder 249  Files 40-42.  Reviews, Literary agents               

250         File 45:  Russian letters                            

251 - 252   File 46:  Personal-driver's licence, passports,      
            extract of birth registration, bankbooks, property   
            documents, finance                                   

253         File 47                                              

254         File 48.  Sara Haric; bushmen                        

255         Files 49-50.  Australia-USSR Society                 

256 - 257   Files 51.  Talks, lectures, including Channel 2      
            ("Tales of Alan Marshall").  Very early letters      
            from "These are my people" days.  Moomba speeches,   
            A Guest of honour (ABC) script, and a talk on        
            Steele Rudd, 1968                                    

BOX 38      Numerical files                                      

Folder 258  Files 52, 56-57, 59.  Letters re AM's will (4) plus  
            copy of will.  Victorian Fellowship of Australian    

259         Files 60-62.  Zora Wolfova, Elsie McConnell          

260         Files 63-65                                          

261         Files 67, 69-70                                      

262 - 263   File 71  Thelma Hartley                              

264 - 265   File 73.  ABC File.  Contracts, some transcripts,    
            for "Guest of Honour", "See it my way", "I'd take    
            the crutches", "Four Sunday suits" (30 min           
            adaptation of AM's short story).                     

266         File 75, 77-78 Overland.  Small file of              
            correspondence with Stephen Murray-Smith, Stuart     
            Sayers of the Age, and with Melb. Herald.            

267         File 79-80.  Sreton Bozic Letters discussing his     
            own work, and also that of B. Wongar (ex American    
            serviceman adopted into Aboriginal tribe).           
            Includes foreword by AM and publication The          
            sinners:  stories from Vietnam.  See also Folder     

BOX 39      Numerical files                                      

Folder 268  File 81-84.                                          

269         File 85.  Honours.  Congratulations on OBE etc.,     
            conferring of Honorary Doctorate of Laws,            
            University of Melbourne.                             

270 - 271   File 86.  Sister Jane Kelly                          

272         File 87-92                                           

273         File 93-95                                           

274         File 96-99.  Jack Lindsay, John Manifold, Arthur     
            Phillips, Doug Tainsh, Bill Scott and others.        

275         File 100-104.  Riding for the Disabled Association   
            of Victoria.                                         

276         File 106-109.  Literary Pension                      

277         File 110-112, 114-115                                

278         File 116-117, 119-120.  Mazda car                    

BOX 40      Numerical Files                                      

Folder 279  File 121-126.  Passport                              

280         File 127, 129-130.  Precious letters                 

281         File 131-132.  Jim Smith                             

282         File 133-134                                         

283         File 136-137.  Jenny's trip                          

284         File 138-141.  Council of Adult Education, Penny     
            and Eddie Harding                                    

285         File 142-143, 144-146                                

286         File 147-148, 150-152.  Gill Armstrong               

287         File 153.  Australian Family Physician - Sex         
            Problems of the Physcially Handicapped               

288         File 154-160                                         

BOX 41      Numerical Files                                      

Folder 289  File 168 "Old Mrs Bilson" film script                

290         File 161-162.  Australian Council for                
            Rehabilitation of the Disabled AVEC Education        
            Department Film.                                     

291         File 163-166.  Captain Charles Eather - Cathay       
            Pacific Airways (See also Folder 68)                 

292         File 169-171.  Leo Carmody,  Copyright Agency        

293         File 172, 175-176.  Haden, Smith and Fitchett        
            (Solicitors), Rosemary Costelloe                     

294         File 178-179.  Stott's Technical College             

295         File 181-185.  Hyland House                          

296         File 187-191, 193-195                                

297         File 196 Novosibirsk (USSR) Foreign Literature Club  

298         File 197-200 Chilwell Primary School                 

BOX 42      Numerical Files                                      

Folder 299  File 201-202                                         

300         File 203.  John Embling                              

301         File 204-210                                         

302         File 211-215                                         

303         File 216-218.  Professor Len Webb                    

304         File 219-223.  Aboriginal Treaty Committee           

305         File 224.  Documentary films                         

306         File 225-230.  Wildlife Preservation Society of      

307         File 231-238                                         

308         File 239.  Commemorative plaque, Noorat              

BOX 43      Numerical Files                                      

Folder 309  Files 248-253                                        

310         File 240-243, 245-247.  Transcript of film made for  
            Australia Council Archives                           

311         File 254-260                                         

312         File 261-266                                         

313         File 267-269.  Blanche Fenn                          

314         File 270-272.  Weipa                                 

315         File 273.  Vitamin C                                 

316         File 274-278                                         

317         File 279-280.  Marian Lofts                          

318 - 320   File 281  Marion Lofts                               

BOX 44      Numerical Files                                      

Folder 321  File 282-284.  Ginny Lowndes                         

322         File 285.  Barry Ellems                              

323         File 286.  Jerzy Nagibin                             

324         File 287-290                                         

325         File 292-295, 297                                    

326         File 298-300.  Eightieth birthday                    

327         File 301.  Thomas Nelson, Whispering in the wind     

328         File 302-303.  Fight for life, How beautiful are     
thy feet                                             

BOX 45      Various small files                                  

Folder 329  Various files                                        

330         Published short stories   Articles dealing with      

331         Various personal files                               

332         Various publishers' files                            

333 - 334   Various files                                        

335         Copyright agency                                     
            "The kangaroo and the wombat"                        
            Professor Manning Clark                              
            Phillip Adams                                        
            William Collings                                     

336 - 337   Various publishers' files                            

338         Angus and Robertson, Australian Listening Library,   
            Geoff Gold, "Four Sunday suits" - film               

339         Miscellaneous material                               

BOX 46      Drafts                                               

Folders     Hammers over the anvil.  typed manuscript with some  
340 - 346   corrections, typed manuscripts for submission to     
            publisher, no corrections.  See folio run for page   
            proofs, no corrections.                              

347 - 348   Typed manuscript of Bush tucker, no corrections      

BOX 47                                                           

Folders     "Alan Marshall's casebook".  Marshall's advice to    
349 - 357   people's problems, 1956-57.  Nine folders,           
            comprising typewritten manuscript for publication    
            and original letters from the lovelorn and lonely    

358 - 359   Alan Marshall's Australia.  Typed manuscript,        
            slightly annotated                                   

BOX 48                                                           

Folders     Let's sit on the sliprails.  Series of typed         
360 - 362   stories and articles.                                

363 - 369   Short stories and articles, including 'The warmth    
            of human beings"                                     

BOX 49                                                           

Folders     Manuscripts of articles                              
370 - 371                                                        

372         Ourselves writ strange.  Notes used in writing       

373         Manuscript "A yarn with Alan Marshall" (Permewan)    

374         "How to get along with boys" (manuscript)            

375         Manuscript "Rhapsody pas seul:                       

376         Play "Kisses for a quid"                             

BOX 50                                                           

Folder 377  Film contracts "How I write my books"                

378         Reviews - manuscripts                                

379         I can jump puddles - abridged                        

380         Manuscript of "Dan Mannion"                          

381         "Hallucinations before departure"                    
            "The bed"                                            
            "Story about collecting debts..."                    

382         "Thoughtful Joe versus superman"                     
            "The Catholic ball"                                  
            "Freckles Jack"                                      

383         "Early attempts"                                     
            "Observations on the crippled state"                 

384         "The Driver"                                         
            "Collected stories and sketches;"                    

385         "Bandy Bandicoot"                                    
            "Curio of Marrabel"                                  

386         "Judy Fliesher"                                      
            "Miss McAlister"                                     
            "Duke McLeod"                                        

387         "The Ostrich man"                                    
            "Gold Rush Story"                                    

388         "Miss McPherson"                                     
            "May Creedie"                                        

BOX 51                                                           

Folders     Letters of George Luke.  About 160 letters, most     
389 - 392   are illustrated with caricatures.  They contain      
            comments on acquaintances such as Judah Waten and    
            Noel Counihan and topics such as the Falklands       

393         Cathy Marshall letters - Central Australia           

394         All letters dealing with cargo distributers          

395         Dilia - Publishers                                   

396 - 397   "Important file"                                     
            About 60 letters ranging from the very early (1918)  
            to the 1950s and up to 1963.  Scraps of manuscripts  
            are included.  Letters are mostly short.  Some of    
            the more important names (only one or two letters    
            each, on the average) are: Vance and Nettie Palmer,  
            Rosslyn Hardy, Katharine Susannah Prichard, Noel     
            Counihan, Tom Inglis Moore, C.P. Fitzgerald, Frank   
            Rolland, A.R. Chisholm, one long letter from R.T.    
            Corrie, 1955, Ion Idriess, Will Lawson, Eleanor      
            Dark, manuscript and letter about Aborigines, from   
            Betty Thomson.                                       

BOX 52                                                           

Folders     Children's letters, 1981                             
398 - 406                                                        

BOX 53-54   Notes and notebooks                                  

Folders     Alan Marshall maintained a series of handwritten     
407 - 425   and typed notes or portions of writing arranged in   
            files with topical headings.  In them he would file  
            away fragments of conversation he had heard or       
            ideas or even detailed plots.  He could go back to   
            them whenever he needed inspiration or idioms on a   
            particular topic.  Most of these notes are very old  
            and in them may be the genesis of his major          
            writings. The file titles are as follows:            
            Four packets of notes, including "The City Scene",   
            and "The artist and writer; Intelligentzia".         
            Six files of notes, including "Side shows, Fortune   
            telling, hospital incidents", "Odd notes mostly      
            dealing with city life", "Suggestions for novel",    
            "Country men and scenes", "Highlights"               
            (autobiographical, with outline of story and         
            enumerated incidents)                                
            Eight bookds/bundles including "Notes for a sequel   
            to Puddles", "Side shows, boxing tents, Fortune      
            telling", "Wild Red Horses" ("These notes collected  
            in 1941 were to be used as the basis of a novel.     
            The novel was never written.  Instead I wrote the    
            short story "Wild red horses", which I finished in   
            October 1969").   .  Four files of notes:            
            "Dialogue-Children", "Marbut and Eric days",         
            "Hongkong trip" (including article and typewritten   
            diary, 1945), "Hospitals and patients".              
            Eight files, including "Bushmen", "Biographical      
            note", some short stories, including "Wild Red       

BOX 55-56   Press cuttings and printed matter                    

Folders     (plus volumes and folio)                             
426 - 431   One manuscript box full of cuttings, including 5     
            spiral-bound albums                                  
            Four large albums of cuttings about AM, 1974-80      
            (folio run)                                          
            Two files of press cuttings on AM                    
            11 Periodicals, 5 monographs                         
            Det bedstes boger Copenhagen, Reader's Digest, 1981  
            Contains Danish translation of I can jump puddles    
            Palat, Valitut.  Kirjavaliot.  Helsinki, Kustannus   
            Oy Valitut Kirjavaliot, 1981.  contains Finnish      
            translation of I can jump puddles                    
            Russian compilation containing Fears, Jimmy Virtue,  
            MissArmitage, by A.M., Moscow, 1977.  Has            
            inscription and pastedin letter by Alla              
            Petrikovskaya, dated 1977 and 1981 respectively.     
            Marshall, Alan.  Fight for life.  Part of series     
            "It's fun to read", edited by Gisela Triesch,        
            Frankfurt am Main, Verlag Moritz Diesterweg, 1981.   
            Signed by A.M.                                       
            Marshall, Alan.  I can jump puddles.  Part of        
            series "Longman structural readers", abridged by     
            Anna Kohler.  London, Longman, 1980.                 

BOX 57      Manuscripts by others                                

Folder 432  Xerox copy of play without title page                

433         Chapter of thesis by Barry Ellem                     

434         Austin McCallum "No way to go home" Typed            

435         McGrath, Tony.  "The life of John Shaw Neilson"      
             "       "    "Harvest" - film script                

436         Harding, Edward (ed) "Alan Marshall talking"         

437 - 440   Leslie, Vic.  Notes for a novel, given to AM.  Very  
            fragmented and disjointed                            

441         Britten, Mrs J. "My parents"                         

442         Robertson, John.  Typed manuscripts "The cruise of   
            the teapot".  Film scenario with snapshots           

BOX 58      Manuscripts by others                                

Folder 443  Mitchell, Ken.  Handwritten manuscript on            
            recollections of childhood, accompanied by letter    
            from the author, a school principal                  

444         Photographs                                          
            One album of snapshots of a play produced by         
            schoolchildren, together with a few letters to A.M.  
            7 good portraits of A.M.   2 cards of proof          
            portraits of A.M.                                    
            20 miscellaneous photographs, some old childhood     
            photographs with new reproductions                   
            Panorama photograph of all the employees of the      
            Trueform shoe factory, about 1938, including Alan    
            Marshall (Folio run)                                 
            Old photograph of group outside Kangaroo Ground Pub  

FOLIO RUN                                                        

            Four large albums of cuttings about AM, 1974-80      

            Galley proofs of Hammers over the anvil (relate to   
            Box 46)                                              

            Panorama photograph of employees of Trueform shoe    

MS 3992
Addition 5 March 1985

BOX 61                                                           

Folder 447  Address book                                         

448         Letters of reference for Margaret Marshall           

449 - 454   Cathy Marshall letters                               

BOX 62                                                           

Folders     Cathy Marshall letters                               
455 - 458                                                        

459         Photographs                                          

Album:      Photographs, Mount Olga, Ayers Rock                  
            Expedition August-September 1950                     

BOX 63-65   Books, mostly translations.  Notebooks containing    
            handwritten manuscripts, address book.  Objects      
            -medals, certificates.                               

BOX 66      Films                                                

FOLIO RUN                                                        

            Caricature of AM, Order of Australia (one package)   

            OBE (one package)                                    

MS 2741
Addition September 1981

BOX 20                                                           

Folder 1    Invitations to talk or to judge competitions         
            Letters Dragana Vujanovic                            

2           Original notes to story "Singing to God"             
            Introduction to book on Noel Counihan by Max         
            Old typescript draft of short story "Retribution",   
            written when 21.  Signed note says it was the first  
            ever completed, was submitted to the Bulletin, who   
            acknowledged it with the words "Crude but strong.    
            Keep at it".                                         
            Handwritten draft of short story "The Cripple and    
            the Courtesan", written when 29.  Accompanied by     
            signed note on how the story came to be written      

3           Letters:  Gareth JonesRoberts, Bernard and Elsie     
            Pearce, Mardeta Sagiova, George Morant (artist),     
            Megan Venton, Mark Mollison                          

4           Letters:  John Embling                            

5           Foreword to Alec Brierly's An illustrated history    
            of the Kelly Gang Melbourne University Press, 1978.  
             First, second and third drafts, plus letters        
            Judging of short story competition, Presbyterian     
            Ladies College, Burwood, Victoria, 1978              
            Three handwritten and typed drafts of AM's comments  
            on Senior and Intermediate Sections' entries, plus   
            letters from teachers                                

6           Letters:  Jim Smith                                  

7           Letters:  Penny and Eddie Harding, Frank Huelin      

8           Letters:  Katrina Holland, Jack Beasley              

9 - 10      Letters from authors and artists:  Susan Tomnay,     
            Ailsa O'Connor, Bill Wannan, Judah and Hyrell        
            Waten, Ray Parkin, Noel Counihan, Lance Loughrey,    
            Judith Wright, Dal Stivens, Nancy Keesing, Manning   
            Clark, Patsy AdamSmith, Dymphna Cusack, Douglas      
            Harris, Fairlie Taylor, Marcello Maestro, Betty      
            Roland, Don Green, Gill Armstrong, Jim O'Connor,     
            Joan Dixon                                           

11          Letters:  Anne Bechervaise, Lynelle Brown, Jane      
            Caparella, Anne Cameron                              

BOX 21                                                           

Folders 1   Children's letters and contributions.  78 letters    
- 5         from Chilwell Primary School, others (203),          
            illustrations by children for his novels (47) and    
            stories by children (28)                             

6 - 8       Family letters.  From daughters, sisters, nieces     
            and their husbands (131)                             

9           Documents on campervan, children's drawings          

BOX 22                                                           

Folders 1   Drafts of reviews for the Age.  27 reviews           
- 2         commissioned by Stuart Sayers, plus three brief      
            letters from Sayers.  For each review there is an    
            average of one handwritten or typewritten first      
            draft and one final typed draft.  Amongst the books  
            reviewed are Nought to thirtythree by Randolph       
            Bedford, Kangaroos by John Gould, Sidney Meyer by    
            Ambrose Pratt, Bid time return by Fairlie Taylor     
            and Bairnsdale: portrait of an Australian country    
            town, by Hal Porter                                  

3 - 5       General letters.  Include invitations to talk,       
            letters from admirers (236)                          


Reader's    Het beste boek.  Condensed Dutch edition of 4        
Digest      books, including Met Sprongen vooruit, by A.M.       

Marshall,   Ondanks my krukke Kaapstad, Haum, 1972               
Alan        (Autographed)                                        

Marshall,   En is verysenyt futok a szellel Budapest, Mora       
Alan        Ferenc Konyvkiado, 1978 (Autographed)                

MS 2741
Addition 21 June 1984

BOX 23                                                           

Folder 1    Children's letters, 1982-83                          

2           Marian Lofts, John Embling, Jim Smith and George     
            Luke, 1983                                           

3           Blanche Fenn, 1983                                   

4           Hilda Gillies, 1983                                  

5           Thelma Henry (USA), 1983; letters from USSR, 1983    

6 - 7       Miscellaneous correspondence, 1983                   

BOX 24                                                           

            English and foreign language editions of Marshall's  
            works (8)                                            

FOLIO RUN                                                        

            Cuttings scrapbook, 1982-83                          

Guide prepared March 1991. Last revised 14 April 1997.