MS 7285

Papers of Geoffrey Dutton (1922-1998)

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23.00m (164 boxes) + 4 security binders + 8 folio boxes

Available for reference.

The papers were purchased in a number of instalments.  The bulk of the papers were received from Geoffrey Dutton between 1986 and 1998, with a further two small instalments received from his partner, Robin Lucas, in 2002 and 2003.

The collection includes correspondence, diaries and notebooks, manuscript drafts, photographs, research files, newspaper cuttings and other published material. They provide a near-comprehensive coverage of Dutton’s public career as an author, poet, academic, editor, critic, publisher and journalist. The papers document Dutton's life as ‘a man of letters’ who was often researching and writing three or four books simultaneously, while at the same time compiling anthologies, editing magazines and attending conferences.

Dutton wrote or edited over 200 books, including poetry, fiction, biographies, art appreciation, art and literary history, travel books, novels for children and critical essays. Twenty of Dutton’s published monographs are represented in the collection, along with many of his articles, reviews, short stories, poetry, radio and television scripts, lectures and other writings. The papers also offer considerable insights into Dutton’s family life, and more generally, into Australian literary and cultural life in the period 1945-1998.

As a central figure in Australian literary life, Dutton’s extensive correspondence stands as a major source for researchers studying the lives and writings of many other notable literary figures. In particular, substantial groups of letters of Patrick White, Russell Drysdale, David Campbell and Alister Kershaw feature amongst the correspondence. The Richard Aldington-Roy Campbell-Alister Kershaw sequence of letters offers valuable insights into Australian links with the European world of letters. Also of interest are papers documenting Dutton’s association with the ‘Angry Penguins’ literary group during the 1940s, when he developed close friendships with the poets Donald Kerr, Paul Pfeiffer, Max Harris and Kershaw, and the painters Sidney Nolan and Arthur Boyd.

The Oxford companion to Australian literature (pp. 245-246)
Who's who in Australia 1999 (p. 545)

Note on the arrangement of the papers

The collection was transferred to the Library in three major and several minor instalments between 1986 and 2003..

Prior to 1999, two main groups of the papers were described and arranged:

  • 80 boxes from the first two 1986 consignments were processed in 1988
  • 39 boxes (comprising five instalments received in 1991) were arranged in March 1992

In May 1999, the collection was reorganised to incorporate the third major and subsequent smaller additions, resulting in this finding aid and bearing new series and box arrangements and numbering.

In April 2002 a small instalment of papers was received. The papers have been added to the relevant series/folder as follows: 2/163; 14/5; 30/35; 37/44; 43/109; 44/42.

In March 2003 a further small instalment of papers was received.  The papers have been added to the relevant series/folder as follows:  2/164-168; 22/8; 32/40-44; 34/60-61; 37/45-46; 38/ 29-31; 40/55; 42/50; 43/110; 45/19. Note: four VHS cassette tapes of interviews of Geoffrey Dutton were not retained in the collection. Details are available from the Manuscripts Branch on request.

Related material held in other areas of the National Library's special collections

Pictorial collection

  • A portrait of Dutton drawn by Nicholas von Bujdoss in 1968( PIC R11154 LOC 7522-A)

Oral History collection

  • Recordings of poetry readings made by Dutton in 1959 and 1967 (Oral DeB 61 and ORAL TRC 18)
  • Interviews with Dutton recorded in 1967, 1974 and 1986 (ORAL DeB 275, ORAL TRC 472 and ORAL TRC 2120)
  • A collection of interviews undertaken by Dutton over a number of years with his literary associates (ORAL TRC 3133)

Biographical note

1922 Born 2 August, Anlaby, Kapunda, South Australia, son of H.H. and Emily Dutton

c. 1927-33 Privately tutored at home

c. 1934-39 Educated Geelong Grammar School

1940 St Mark’s College, University of Adelaide

1941-45 RAAF service

1944 Married Ninette Trott; publication of Nightflight and sunrise

1946-49 Bachelor of Arts, Oxford University

1950 Publication of The mortal and the marble

Early 1950s Travelled extensively in Europe and overseas

1953 Publication of A long way south

1955-62 Senior Lecturer in English, University of Adelaide

1956 Publication of Africa in black and white

1957-68 Founding editor (with Max Harris) of Australian Letters : a quarterly of Australian writing and criticism

1958 Publication of Antipodes in shoes (awarded Grace Leven Prize) and States of the union

1958-61 Part-editor, annual poetry anthology Verse in Australia

1960 Commonwealth Fellow in Australian Literature, Leeds University; publication of Founder of a city : the life of Colonel William Light

1961 Editor, Australian book review; publication of Walt Whitman and Patrick White

1961-65 Editor, Penguin Australia

1962 Publication of Paintings of S.T. Gill and Flowers and fury

1962-66 Editor, Australian writers and their work series

1963 Visiting Professor in English, Kansas State University

1964 Publication of Russell Drysdale and The literature of Australia

1965 Founded (with Brian Stonier) the paperback publishing firm Sun Books; publication (jointly) of Tisi and the yabby

1966 Publication of Australia and the monarchy, Modern Australian writing and Seal Bay (jointly)

1967 Publication of The hero as murderer : the life of Edward John Eyre, Poems soft and loud and On my island : poems (jointly)

1968 Publication of Tisi and the pageant, Andy and The vital decade (withMax Harris)

1968-70 Member, Australian Council for the Arts

1970 Publication of Australia’s last explorer : Ernest Giles, Findings and keepings : selected poems, 1939-69 and Tamara

1972 Publication of Australia’s censorship crisis (jointly) and New poems to 1972

1972-74 Member, Literature Board of the Australia Council

1974 Publication of White on black : the Australian Aborigine portrayed in art (awarded L.C. Weickhardt Prize, 1978)

1976 Publication of Queen Emma of the South Seas and Australian verse from 1805-1976; awarded Order of Australia

1977 Publication of A body of words and Republican Australia?

1978 Publication of A taste of history : Geoffrey Dutton’s South Australia

1980 Publication of The wedge-tailed eagle : stories and Patterns of Australia

1980-85 Editor, The Bulletin Literary Supplement

1981 Member, Libraries Board of South Australia; publication of Impressions of Singapore, The Australian heroes : a rousing roll call of 47 of Australia’s greatest heroes and heroines and S.T. Gill’s Australia

1982 Publication of The eye opener, In search of Edward John Eyre and The prowler

1983-89 Left Adelaide and moved to Sydney

1984 Married Robin Lucas; publication of City life in old Australia, Snow on the saltbush, The heritage of Australian poetry and The land beyond time : a modern exploration of Australia’s north-west frontiers (with John Olsen)

1985 Publication of The squatters, Selective affinities : new poems and Sun, sea, surf and sand : the myth of the beach

1985-88 Editor, The Australian Literary Supplement

1986 Publication of The innovators : the Sydney alternatives in the rise of modern art, literature and ideas and The book of Australian islands

1987 Publication of The Australian bedside book : a selection of writings from ‘The Australian literary supplement’

1988 Publication of Waterways of Sydney : a sketchbook (with Cedric Emmanuel)

1988-89 Editor, The Sydney Morning Herald Literary Supplement

1989 Publication of Kanga Creek : Havelock Ellis in Australia and Images of Melbourne : a sketchbook (with Kay Stewart)

1989-91 Lived in Mudgee

1989-93 Prepared libretto for the Australian production of the ‘The Magic Flute’

1991 Publication of The Picador Henry Lawson and Kenneth Slessor : a biography

1991-1996 Lived in the Glasshouse Mountains, Queensland, before moving to Melbourne

1992 Publication of Flying low : a novel, Artists’ portraits and Country childhoods

1993 Publication of New and selected poems; received the FWA Christopher Brennan Award for poetry

1994 Publication of Out in the open : an autobiography and Kenneth Slessor : collected poems

1996 Publication of A rare bird : Penguin Books in Australia, 1946-96

1998 Died, Canberra, September 17

Series list

1 Diaries and notebooks, 1948-92 (Restricted until 2007)

2 General and personal correspondence, 1940-98

3 Australian Letters : a quarterly of Australian writing and criticism, 1957-68

4 Penguin Books, 1961-65

5 Visiting Professor in English, Kansas State University, 1963

6 Sun Books, 1965-77

7 Adelaide Festival of the Arts, 1965-77

8 The Bulletin Literary Supplement, 1980-85

9 The Australian Literary Magazine, 1985-88

10 The Sydney Morning Herald Literary Supplement, 1988-89

11 Founder of a city : the life of Colonel William Light (1960)

12 Russell Drysdale (1964)

13 The hero as murderer : the life of Edward John Eyre (1967)

14 Australia’s last explorer : Ernest Giles (1970)

15 White on black : the Australian Aborigine portrayed in art (1974)

16 Queen Emma of the South Seas (1976)

17 Republican Australia? (1977)

18 Patterns of Australia (1980)

19 The Australian heroes : a rousing roll call of 47 of Australia’s greatest heroes and heroines (1981)

20 Impressions of Singapore (1981)

21 S.T. Gill’s Australia (1981)

22 The land beyond time : a modern exploration of Australia’s north-west frontiers (1984)

23 Snow on the saltbush : the Australian literary experience (1984)

24 The Australian collection : Australia’s greatest books (1985)

25 The squatters (1985)

26 Sun, sea, surf and sand : the myth of the beach (1985)

27 The innovators : the Sydney alternatives in the rise of modern art, literature and ideas (1986)

28 Kenneth Slessor : a biography (1991)

29 Flying low : a novel (1992)

30 A rare bird : Penguin Books in Australia, 1946-96 (1996)

31 Other published books, 1950-94

32 Unpublished books, 1950s-94

33 Short stories

34 Poetry, 1959-98

35 Translations of Russian poems, 1968-95

36 Libretto ‘The Magic Flute’, 1989-93

37 Articles and reviews, 1955-95

38 Radio, television and film scripts, 1938-90

39 Lectures, 1940-93

40 Research files and other projects, 1898-1996

41 Business papers, 1965-90

42 Out in the open : an autobiography (1994)

43 Dutton family papers, 1922-93

44 Photographs, 1888-1979

45 Newspaper cuttings, 1932-94

46 Publications, 1866-1980

47 Art works

Series description

Series 1 Diaries and notebooks, 1948-92 (Restricted until 2007)

The diaries cover most of Dutton’s adult life and record the great diversity of his activities and close association with and impressions of many notable Australians. The ten volumes contain about 1600 pages of small writing. The entries are not daily, but there are relatively few long breaks, except for the periods 1966-69 and 1977. The entries are extremely detailed and record Dutton’s activities and conversations, give vivid impressions of people, and contain reflections, ideas and emotional outbursts. There are references to hundreds of well-known names in literature, the arts, politics and high society, in Australia, Britain and America. There are also detailed diaries of his visits to the Soviet Union, Romania, Germany and Singapore. Major crises in Dutton’s life, such as his falling-out with Patrick White and the end of his first marriage, are documented. The diaries were a major source for Dutton’s autobiography Out in the open (1994).

The notebooks contain notes of Dutton's research, his reading and people whom he met.



1 1948

2 1950-53

3 September 1952-1955

4 1955-61

5 1962-74

6 1974-82

7 1982-86

8 1987-92

9 1966-67 (USSR)

10 c. 1970s (Romania and Germany)

11 1989 (Singapore) and 1990 (London)


12 1940s-1950s

13 c. 1950s-1960s

14 c. 1980s (‘Dutton archives’)

Series 2 General and personal correspondence, 1940-98

As a central figure in Australian literary life, Dutton’s correspondence was extensive. In particular, substantial groups of letters of Patrick White, Russell Drysdale, David Campbell and Alister Kershaw feature among the correspondence.

For a list of other principal correspondents see Appendix 1 (pp. 49-50)


1 Letters to Geoffrey and Ninette Dutton (includes letters from Denison Deasey and Frank Kellaway), 1940-50

2-3 Letters from Henri Bastin concerning exhibitions, including exhibition catalogues and other papers, 1950-74

4 Letters to Geoffrey and Ninette Dutton, 1951-52

5 Letters from Alister Kershaw, 1951-61

6-8 Letters from Richard Aldington, 1951-62

9 Letters to Geoffrey and Ninette Dutton, 1953-54

10-11 Letters to Geoffrey and Ninette Dutton, 1955

12 Letters from ‘Lizabetta’(Helen Bruce, sister of Ninette Dutton), c. 1955

13-14 Letters to Geoffrey and Ninette Dutton, 1956

15-16 Letters to Geoffrey and Ninette Dutton, 1957

17-20 Letters from Patrick White, 1957-82

21-22 Letters to Geoffrey and Ninette Dutton, 1958

23 Letters to Geoffrey and Ninette Dutton, 1959

24 Correspondence with F.W. Cheshire Pty Ltd, 1959

25-26 Letters to Geoffrey and Ninette Dutton, 1960

27-28 Correspondence with authors and publisher regarding series Australian writers and their work, 1960-61. Correspondents include A.D. Hope, Norman Lindsay, Manning Clark and Judah Waten.

29 Correspondence regarding Australian writers and their work, 1961-68

30 General correspondence, 1961

31 General correspondence, 1961-62

32 General correspondence, 1962

33 ‘Miscellaneous treasures’, being letters and cards from Mirka Mora, Helen Garner, Robie Macauley, George Baldessin and Yevgeny Yevtushenko, c. 1962-81

34 Personal and general correspondence, 1963

35-37 Correspondence and other papers regarding series ‘Critical commentaries’ for Australian schools, 1963-69

38-39 Personal and general correspondence, 1964

40-41 Correspondence with Collins and Fontana publishers, 1964-70

42-43 Personal and general correspondence, 1965

44-47 Personal and general correspondence, 1966

48-51 Personal and general correspondence, 1967

52 Letter of Sidney Nolan, 1967

53-54 Correspondence with Laurence Pollinger Ltd, 1967-73

55-58 Personal and general correspondence, 1968

59 Correspondence with Howard Moorepark (New York), 1968-70

60-62 Personal and general correspondence, 1969

63-65 Personal and general correspondence, 1970

66 Correspondence with Ure Smith Pty Ltd regarding book by Hal Missingham, 1970

67 Letters from Michael Dransfield, 1971-73

68-70 Personal and general correspondence, 1971

71-76 Copies of letters sent, 1971-75

77-79 General correspondence, 1972

80-83 General correspondence, 1973

84-87 General correspondence, 1974

88-90 General correspondence, 1975

92-95 General correspondence, 1976

96 Letters of congratulation regarding Order of Australia award, June 1976

97-100 Correspondence, 1977

101-3 Correspondence, 1978

104-5 Correspondence, 1979

106 Correspondence with Curtis Brown Pty Ltd and other publishers, 1979-91

107-10 Correspondence, 1980

111-15 Correspondence, 1981

116 Correspondence, 1981-82

117-20 Correspondence, 1982

121 Correspondence, 1994-95

122 Correspondence, 1983

123 Correspondence, 1984

124 Correspondence with Macmillan publishers, 1984-87

125-26 Correspondence, 1985

127-28 Correspondence, 1986

129 Correspondence with Vogue magazine and Ashton Scholastic, 1986-87

130 Correspondence, 1987

131-33 Correspondence, including letters from John Olsen, 1988

134-36 Correspondence, 1989

137 Letters out (copies of Dutton's letters), 1987-89

138 General correspondence, 1990

139 General correspondence, March-June 1990

140 General correspondence, September-December 1990

141 Correspondence relating to an anthology of Australian short stories edited for the Australia-Indonesia Institute, 1990-91

142-43 General correspondence, February-July 1991

144 General correspondence, August-October 1991

145 General correspondence, October 1991-March 1992

146 General correspondence, March-August 1992

147 General correspondence, June-November 1992

148 General correspondence, July 1992-January 1993

149 General correspondence, April-May 1993

150 General correspondence, June-October 1993

151 Correspondence regarding mispublication of photograph by The Courier-Mail, 1993

152 General correspondence, October 1993-January 1994

153 General correspondence, October 1993-October 1994

154 General correspondence, November 1993-February 1994

155-56 General correspondence, January-June 1994

157 General correspondence, November 1994-February 1995, together with letters from Lady Brookes to Helen Dutton (later Blackburn), 1945-49, 1969

158-59 General correspondence, 1994-98

160 Correspondence with the Edward A. Clark Center for Australian Studies, University of Texas, 1995-96

161 General correspondence, January-April 1996

162 Correspondence and clippings concerning Soviet spy allegations against Manning Clark, 1996-97

163 General correspondence, 1962-94

164-168 General correspondence 1992-98

Series 3 Australian Letters : a quarterly of Australian writing and criticism, 1957-66

In 1957 Dutton and Max Harris founded the quarterly literary journal Australian letters. The series contains correspondence relating to the journal, drafts of articles, poems and short stories and financial papers. The correspondents include Ray Mathew, Kenneth Slessor, Douglas Stewart and David Campbell.


1-9 Correspondence, poems, articles, stories, 1957-66

10-11 Accounts, receipts, bank statements, 1957-66

12 Copy of Australian Letters, vol. 3, no. 4, June 1961, featuring Dutton’s poem ‘Night fishing’

Series 4 Penguin Books, 1961-76

Dutton served as an editor at Penguin Books between 1961 and 1965. Filed in this series are correspondence, notes and minutes of editorial meetings relating to this period. The correspondents include Allan Martin, Penguin Books, Norman Lindsay, Judith Wright, Vincent Buckley, Ray Mathew, Dal Stivens, Manning Clark, Hal Porter, A.D. Hope, J.R. Stow, Russel Ward, R.D. FitzGerald, James McAuley and Henrietta Drake-Brockman.


1-10 Correspondence concerning Penguin and Pelican publications in Australia, 1961-63

11-13 Correspondence, January-December 1964

14 Correspondence, 1965

15 Minutes of editorial meetings, 1962-63

16 Miscellaneous notes, memorandum of agreement between Hal Porter and Penguin Books for The watcher on the cast iron balcony, together with some biographical material about Porter

17-18 Correspondence, 1974-76

Series 5 Visiting Professor in English, Kansas State University, 1963

Letters from or correspondence with Max Harris, David Campbell, Ross McLaury, Robyn Davidson, Robie Macauley, Brian Stonier, Neville Meaney, Lawrence Daws and Vincent Buckley regarding activities in Australia, particularly business relating to Australian Letters and Penguin Books.


1 Letters received in Kansas (March-May) and London (May-August), 1963

2 Correspondence, articles, notes and drafts of poems and reviews by Geoffrey Dutton, 1963

Series 6 Sun Books, 1958-77

With Brian Stonier, Dutton co-founded the paperback arm of Macmillan under the name of Sun Books in 1965. He maintained his association with the company until 1977. The first original title published by Sun Books was Geoffrey Blainey’s The tyranny of distance : how distance shaped Australia's history (1966). The first book was to have been Alan Moorehead’s Cooper’s Creek, but the British hardback publisher and literary agent insisted that the paperback rights be given to a British publisher. Artwork by Lawrence Daws for the cover of Cooper’s Creek is included in this series. The Daws design of the Sun Books colophon led to a commercial design by Brian Sudgrove, which all Sun Books have carried ever since.


1 Correspondence and press release concerning formation of Sun Books, February-May 1965

2 Correspondence, notes, reports and author and title lists, 1965

3-9 Copies of letters sent, May-December 1965

10 Correspondence and notes, together with photographs from Pakistan, Caucasus and Iran, 1965

11-12 Correspondence, 1965-68

13-22 Correspondence, minutes of meetings, reports and notes, January-December 1966

23-28 Correspondence, minutes of editorial meetings, sales reports, January-December 1967, including suggestions for an ‘annual day of poetry’

29-33 Correspondence, minutes of meetings, sales reports, January-December, 1968

34-40 Correspondence, reports, minutes of meetings, January-December 1969

41-45 Correspondence, reports, accounts, January-December 1970

46-50 Correspondence, reports, accounts, January-December 1971

51-54 Correspondence, reports, accounts, 1972

55 Page proofs, photocopies of papers regarding an overseas trip by Robert McKay, summary of discussions with authors and publishers, October 1972

56-61 Correspondence, January-December 1973, including Macmillan Company correspondence, minutes of editorial meetings, publishing forecast, reports, memos and notes

62 Correspondence, minutes of meetings, memos, 1974

63 Correspondence, minutes of meetings, memos, Sun Books publication program, 1975

64 Correspondence, minutes of meetings, memos, 1976-77

65 ‘Sun Books personal file’ with annotations by Dutton, typescript ‘Sunday and now’ by P. Draffin; draft poems by various authors, printed material, 1958-71

66 Correspondence and typescripts relating to stories by V. Aksyonov, 1968

67 Correspondence concerning unpublished anthology ‘The Australian Snob’, 1969-70

68 Correspondence and cuttings regarding censorship and publication of Australia’s censorship crisis (1970), 1969

69-70 Sun Books new titles and copies of letters, 1966-68

71 ‘Clifton Pugh’ notes and essay, some correspondence with Brian Stonier and Clifton Pugh, lists of illustrations, 1968

72 Art work by Lawrence Daws for the cover of Alan Moorehead’s Cooper’s Creek

Series 7 Adelaide Festival of the Arts, 1965-76

Geoffrey Dutton was one of the key people involved in the establishment of the Adelaide Festival of the Arts and its Writers' Week in 1960, set up in association with the Fellowship of Australian Writers, the Commonwealth Literary Fund and the University of Adelaide. The series includes minutes of the Literature Committee (later Writers’ Week Committee) meetings, correspondence, notes, news cuttings, memoranda, copies of letters sent, programs and accounts. The correspondence includes invitations to participate, and arrangements for seminars, events and exhibitions, and various administrative matters. Other committee members included Hedley Brideson, Ian Mudie, Colin Thiele, C.J. Horne and Graham Rowlands. Guests invited to Writers’ Week included Bella Akhmadulina, James Baldwin, Alister Kershaw, Shirley Hazzard, Allen Ginsberg, Yevgeny Yevtushenko, John Updike, Sumner Locke Elliott, Edna O’Brien and Andre Veznesensky.


1 Papers, 1962-77, including correspondence, photograph of 1962 Writer's Week, papers relating to Literature Committee meetings, notes and printed matter

2 1966 Adelaide Festival of the Arts Literature Committee meetings, 1965-66

3 1968 and 1970 Adelaide Festival of the Arts Literature Committee meetings, 1968-70

4 1972 Writer’s Week Committee meetings, 1971

5 1974 Writer’s Week Committee meetings, 1972

6-7 1976 Writers Week Committee meetings, 1974-75

8 1976 Writers Week Correspondence, 1974-76

9-11 1976 Writers Week correspondence, 1975-76

12-15 1976 Writers Week copies of letters sent, 1975-76

16 1976 Writers Week information, 1976

17 1976 Writers Week programs, accounts and related correspondence, 1975

Series 8 The Bulletin Literary Supplement, 1979-85

Dutton was the editor of The Bulletin Literary Supplement between 1980 and 1985, while his wife, Robin Lucas, was the unofficial deputy editor, read of all submissions and looked after the correspondence. The series includes correspondence with contributors, writers including Clement Semmler, Dame Mary Durack, Nicholas Jose, Angelo Loukakis, Tim Winton, Kate Llewellyn, Frank Kellaway, Christopher Koch, David Foster, Marjorie Pizer, J.M. Couper, Les Murray, R.F. Brissenden, Kate Grenville, David Brooks, Nicholas Hasluck, Olga Masters, Michael Wilding, Stephen Murray-Smith, Thomas Shapcott and Marian Eldridge.


1 Correspondence, 1979-81

2 Correspondence, 1980

3 Correspondence, 1981

4-5 Correspondence, 1980-81

6 Correspondence, 1980-84

7 Correspondence and humorous anecdotes for publication, 1981-82

8 Correspondence, 1982-83

9 Correspondence, 1984

10-16 Articles, reviews, typescripts, notes, c. 1979-84

17 Poems tendered for publication, c. 1979-83

18-20 Card indexes to The Bulletin Literary Supplement

Series 9 The Australian Literary Supplement, 1985-88

Dutton took up the editorship of the quarterly The Australian Literary Supplement in 1985, a position he held until 1988. His wife, Robin Lucas, was the unofficial deputy editor, read all submissions and looked after the correspondence. In 1987 he produced The Australian bedside book : a selection of writings from The Australian Literary Supplement. As editor, Dutton corresponded with or received letters from contributors including Michael Sharkey, Clement Semmler, Don Laycock, Garry Disher, Marian Eldridge, Vincent Serventy, Julia Osborne, Helen Garner, Bruce Dawe, Roland Robinson, Margaret Diesendorf, Margaret Barbalet, Marion Halligan, Morris Lurie, John Tranter, Tim Winton, Humphrey McQueen, David Parker, Elizabeth Jolley, Suzanne Edgar, Nancy Cato, Tim Curnow, Graham Rowlands, Beverley Farmer, R.F. Brissenden, Chris Wallace-Crabbe, David Brooks, Catherine Hoffman, Gwen Harwood, Michael Wilding, Bruce Hanna, Kate Grenville, Dame Mary Durack, Bruce Dawe, Murray Bail, Morris Lurie, Thomas Shapcott, Jennifer Maiden and Eric Rolls.


1-2 Correspondence, 1985

3 Correspondence, 1986

4 Correspondence, 1986-87

5-7 Correspondence, 1987-88

Series 10 The Sydney Morning Herald Literary Supplement, 1988-89

Dutton was editor of The Sydney Morning Herald Literary Supplement for two years from 1988 to 1989. His wife, Robin Lucas, was again the unofficial deputy editor. She read all submissions and looked after the correspondence. Contributors included Morris Lurie, Laurie Duggan, Chris Wallace-Crabbe, John Bechervaise, Beverley Farmer, Christopher Koch, Maslyn Williams, Bruce Dawe, Jennifer Maiden, Gwen Harwood, Kevin Osborne, Terry Tredea, Pacita Alexander, Les Murray and Dorothy Porter.


1 Correspondence, 1988-89

2 Correspondence and typescript short stories and poems from Brian Hallett, Beverley Farmer, Michael Wilding, Jeffrey Smart, David Martin and Nene Gare, 1988-89

3 Correspondence and articles, 1988-89

Published books

Amongst the array of Dutton’s published works were seven volumes of verse, four novels, a collection of short stories, critical studies on Walt Whitman and Patrick White, three historical biographies, three art studies, three travel books, three stories for children and a book of verse for young people. Equally prodigious as an editor, his work in this field includes a volume of critical essays, two verse anthologies, two collections of verse and prose, two volumes of essays on republicanism, and another on censorship in Australia. Dutton also published critical essays, articles and reviews, together with translations of the Russian poets Yevgeny Yevtushenko and Bella Akhmadulina.

Series 11 Founder of a city : the life of Colonel William Light, first Surveyor- General of the colony of South Australia (1960)

A biography of Colonel Light, surveyor-general of South Australia and the founder of Adelaide. The book was first published in Melbourne by Cheshire in 1960. It was later published in Adelaide by Rigby in 1971 and 1984 and, as Colonel William Light: founder of a city in 1991 by the Melbourne University Press.

The series includes correspondence, notes, drafts and research material.


1-3 Correspondence re research, research material, bibliographical notes, 1954-55

4 Article by Dutton ‘William Light : founder of Adelaide’; handwritten draft manuscript, research notes and photographs relating to Light and the Light family, 1955-74

5 Notebook containing draft manuscript of original edition

6-7 Handwritten draft Chapters 1-8 of original edition

8-9 Typescript Chapters 9-20 of original edition

10-11 Manuscripts, notes, cuttings and correspondence with Melbourne University Press relating to the 1971 and 1991 editions, 1989-90

12 Marked copy, 1960 edition

13-15 Annotated typescript, 1991 revised edition

16-20 Galley proofs, 1991 revised edition

21 Bibliography and index, 1991 revised edition

Series 12 Russell Drysdale (1964)

The biography of the artist, Russell Drysdale, was published as part of the World of Art Library Series by Thames and Hudson in 1964, 1969 and 1981 and by Angus & Robertson in 1981.

The series includes a transcript of an interview with Drysdale, correspondence and notes.


1 Transcript of interview with Drysdale, 1961

2-3 Correspondence re research, letters of permission, notes, 1963-64

4 Notes, catalogues of paintings by Drysdale [nd]

5 Galley proofs, 1964

6 Correspondence with publisher relating to paperback edition, 1968

Series 13 The hero as murderer : the life of Edward John Eyre, Australian explorer and Governor of Jamaica, 1815-1901 (1967) and In search of Edward John Eyre (1981)

Dutton published two books on the life of the Australian explorer Edward John Eyre. The hero as murderer : the life of Edward John Eyre, Australian explorer and Governor of Jamaica, 1815-1901 was published by Collins in 1967 and Penguin in 1977. In search of Edward John Eyre was published by Macmillan in 1981.

The series includes typescripts, research material and some correspondence.


1-2 ‘The hero as murderer’ typescript pages 1-421

3-4 ‘In search of Edward John Eyre’ typescript pages 1-277

5-6 Research material including photocopies of the original ms 1806 held by the Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales, Sydney

7 Notes, research material and related correspondence, 1963-69

8 Notes, research material and related correspondence, 1964

9 Preface, notes, research material and related correspondence, 1964

10 Notes, research material and correspondence regarding the proposal for a film on the life of Eyre by Lobascher Film Productions, 1967-70

11 Book reviews and newspaper cuttings, 1968

12 Research material on Eyre (photocopies)

13 Photographs

14 Slides

Series 14 Australia’s last explorer : Ernest Giles (1970)

Dutton's biography of Ernest Giles, explorer of Central Australia, was published in London by Faber in 1970 and in Adelaide by Rigby in 1974.


1 Research notes and related correspondence, 1966-68

2-3 Handwritten draft

4 Photographs

5 Letter and article from G. W. Symes, relating to an error in the book, 1971

Series 15 White on black : the Australian Aborigine portrayed in art (1974)

A book which deals with the portrayal of Aborigines by European artists, including T.R. Browne, Thomas Watling, Nicolas Petit, Joseph Lycett, Augustus Earle, John Glover, Benjamin Diterau, S.T. Gill, Tom Roberts, Charles Blackman and Brett Whiteley. Melbourne : Macmillan in association with the Art Gallery Board of South Australia, 1974.

The series comprises mostly of photographs.


1-5 Correspondence re research, photocopied notes, photographs, lists of paintings, 1972-73

6 Photographs and illustrations

7 Photographic negatives

Series 16 Queen Emma of the South Seas (1976)

A novel, based on the life of Emma (1850-1913) consort of King Kamehameha IV of Hawaii. It was published by Macmillan in 1976 and Sun Books in 1988.

The series includes research material and drafts.


1 Correspondence relating to research, 1974-75

2 Notes and research material

3-5 Research material (arranged alphabetically)

6-9 Typescript, pages 1-288

10-11 Typescript, pages 1-287

12-14 Notebooks containing handwritten draft entitled ‘My Sister Queen Emma’

15 Correspondence with Queen Emma Productions re film rights, including a typescript screenplay by Rob and Ann Chapman and Petru Popescu, 1979-81

16 Photographs and papers regarding proposed screenplay

17-18 Notebooks with research notes and draft chapters for 1988 edition

Series 17 Republican Australia? (1977)

A book of essays edited by Dutton and published in Melbourne by Sun Books in 1977.

The correspondents include Jim McClelland, Les Murray, Brian Stonier, Gareth Evans, Judith Wright, A.J. Grassby, Sandra Jobson, Jo Bjelke Peterson, Don Chipp, Donald Horne, Allan Reid, Beatrice Faust and Sir Zelman Cowan.


1-3 Corrected typescript

4 Correspondence re contributions, notes and typescript drafts of preface and some contributions, 1967-77, 1986

5 Illustrative matter and newspaper cuttings, 1959-87

Series 18 Patterns of Australia (1980)

An Australian travel book written by Dutton and illustrated with photographs by Hari Peccinotti. It was published in Melbourne by Macmillan in association with Mobil Oil in 1980.


1-2 Correspondence with Mobil Oil, handwritten draft, research material, 1978

3-4 Original typescript, Chapters 1-6

5-7 Draft typescripts

8-10 Notes, newspaper cuttings, correspondence re research and publication, 1978

Series 19 The Australian heroes : a rousing roll call of 47 of Australia’s greatest heroes and heroines (1981)

A tribute by Dutton to Australian heroes and heroines such as Henry Lawson, Daisy Bates, Nellie Melba, 'Breaker' Morant, Truganini, Gough Whitlam, Billy Hughes, Archbishop Mannix and others. Each chapter is written in prose, verse and songs. London : Angus & Robertson, 1981.


1 Correspondence with Angus & Robertson, research material and draft of introduction, 1978-79

2-5 Notes and photocopied research material

Series 20 Impressions of Singapore (1981)

A travel book written by Dutton and illustrated with photographs by Hari Peccinotti. It was published in Melbourne by Macmillan, in association with Mobil Oil, in 1981.


1 Correspondence with Mobil Oil, notes and material relating to publication, 1979-80

2-3 Notes, research material and newspaper cuttings from Geoffrey Dutton’s concertina file, A-Z

4 Typescript, Chapters 2 and 4

Series 21 S.T. Gill’s Australia (1981)

A critical study of the works of Australia's goldfield artist, S.T. Gill. It was published in Melbourne by Macmillan in 1981.


1 Handwritten draft

2 Typescript

3-4 Correspondence with art galleries and libraries regarding Gill’s paintings, notes, research material and lists of paintings

5 Lists of illustrations, captions and photographs

Series 22 The land beyond time : a modern exploration of Australia’s north-west frontiers (1984)

The book is the story of a journey through the north-west of Western Australia as seen through five different perspectives: those of John Olsen, Geoffrey Dutton, Dame Mary Durack, Vincent Serventy and Alex Bortignon. It is illustrated with paintings and drawings by John Olsen and a few photographs.

The series includes diary, notes and drafts.


1 Diary July-September 1982 and two handwritten poems

2-4 Notes and printed material relating to Western Australia; typescript drafts including ‘It could only happen in Broome’ by Dutton, 1977-82

5 Handwritten draft ‘Bungles for LBT’

6 Typescript draft ‘Like nowhere else’ (preliminary title)

7 Handwritten draft

8 Correspondence regarding a proposal to republish the book, 1997

Series 23 Snow on the saltbush : the Australian literary experience (1984)

Dutton’s series of lectures on the ‘The credibility of Australian literature’ given at the Australian National University (in Series 39) were used as a basis for this book. It was published by Viking in 1984.


1-3 Edited typescript

4-11 Typescript, Chapters 1-18

12-16 Typescript, Chapters 1-18

17-18 Correspondence regarding research, 1978-80, together with a research report on the history of Australian literature by Patricia Costigan, 1980

19-20 Notebooks (4)

21 Notes for Chapters 7-8, report on colonial booksellers up until WWI

22 Notes for Chapters 17-18

23-24 Correspondence with Penguin and others re permissions, lists of illustrations, index and draft chapters

25 Writers’ questionnaire

26 Photographs and negatives

27 Radio broadcasts, printed matter, newspaper cuttings

Series 24 The Australian collection : Australia’s greatest books (1985)

A volume containing extracts from what were, in Dutton's opinion, Australia's greatest books. They include Ralph Rashleigh by the convict James Tucker, Robbery under arms by Rolph Bolderwood, My brilliant career by Miles Franklin, Capriconia by Xavier Herbert, Lucinda Brayford by Martin Boyd, Alien son by Judah Waten, Storm boy by Colin Thiele, The year of living dangerously by Christopher Koch and The transit of Venus by Shirley Hazzard.

The series include correspondence, notes and other papers. The correspondents include Christopher Christopher Koch, Patrica Wrightson, Eric Rolls, Nene Gare, Geoffrey Blainey, Olaf Ruhen, Thomas Hungerford, Thea Astley, Donald Charlwood, Roger McDonald, Kenneth Cook, Ivan Southall, Peter Mathers, Helen Garner, Hugh Stretton, Murray Bail, Peter Carey, Jessica Anderson and Morris Lurie.


1-3 Correspondence, 1983-84, notes and biographical sketches

4-5 Notes and writings

6 Biographies and works of Jessica Anderson, Thea Astley, Murray Bail, C.E.W. Bean and Louis Becke

7 Biographies and works of Geoffrey Blainey, Rolf Boldrewood, Martin Boyd, Robin Boyd, Russell Braddon and Mary Grant Bruce

8 Biographies and works of Peter Carey, David Carnegie, Donald Charlwood, Manning Clark and Marcus Clarke

9 Biographies and works of Kenneth Cook, Dymphna Cusack, Eleanor Dark, Frank Dalby Davison, Mary Durack, M. Barnard Eldershaw, Sumner Locke Elliott, H.V. Evatt and Edward John Eyre

10 Biographies and works of A.B. Facey, George Farwell, David Foster, Miles Franklin, Joseph Furphy, Nene Gare, Helen Garner, May Gibbs, Ernest Giles and Aeneas Gunn

11 Biographies and works of Frank Hardy, William Gosse Hay, Shirley Hazzard, Rachel Henning, Xavier Herbert and Donald Horne

12 Biographies and works of Tom Hungerford, Eve Langley, Henry Lawson, Joan Lindsay, Norman Lindsay, Lennie Lower and Morris Lurie

13 Biographies and works of Ian Idriess, David Ireland, Charmian Johnston, George Johnston, Christopher Koch and Thomas Keneally

14 Biographies and works of Roger McDonald, Jack McLaren, Frederic Manning, David Malouf, Alan Marshall, Peter Mathers, Douglas Mawson, Alan Moorehead and Frank Moorhouse

15 Biographies and works of D’Arcy Niland, John O’Grady, Vance Palmer, Ruth Park, Cyril Pearl, Ethel Pedley, Brian Penton, Hal Porter, Katharine Susannah Prichard and Francis Ratcliffe

16 Biographies and works of Henry Handel Richardson, Eric Rolls, Tom Ronan and Steele Rudd

17 Biographies and works of Olaf Ruhen, Vincent Serventy, Ivan Southall, Christina Stead, Louis Stone, Randolph Stow, Hugh Stretton and Charles Stuart

18 Biographies and works of Watkin Tench, Kylie Tennant, Colin Thiele, Ethel Turner, James Tucker, Arthur Upfield, S.A. Wakefield, Russel Ward, Judah Waten, Myrtle Rose White, Patrick White and Patricia Wrightson

19-31 Notebooks containing biographical material

Series 25 The squatters: an illustrated history of Australia's pastoral pioneers (1985)

An illustrated history of Australian pastoral pioneers. It was first published by Currey O’Neil in 1985 and was later published by Viking O’Neil in 1989 with a subtitle ‘an illustrated history of Australia’s pioneers’.

The series include notes, drafts, research material and cuttings.


1 Drafts and notes

2-3 Typescript, Chapters 1-7

4-6 Notes, research material, newspaper cuttings

7 Notes and cuttings

Series 26 Sun, sea, surf and sand : the myth of the beach (1985)

The book looks at many aspects of the long relationships of Australians with the beach, which began with Aborigines before the arrival of the white man. Dutton's evocative text is complemented by poems and extracts from novels and other prose books about the beach and over 150 paintings, drawings and photographs. It was published by Oxford University Press in 1985.


1 Typescript

2-7 Correspondence and draft manuscripts

8 Illustrations

Series 27 The innovators : the Sydney alternatives in the rise of modern art, literature and ideas (1986)

In the introduction, Dutton wrote that he attempts 'to give some account of how modernism in the arts was generated in Sydney, and of the sympathy and hostility with which it was received'. It was published by Macmillan in 1986.

The series includes notes, correspondents and typescripts. The correspondents include Hal Missingham, John Olsen and Douglas Stewart.


1 Notes and correspondence, A-F

2 Notes and correspondence, H-L

3 Notes and correspondence, M

4 Notes and correspondence, N-R

5 Notes and correspondence, S

6 Notes and correspondence, T, W and miscellaneous

7 Notes and correspondence, 1983-85

8-15 Typescripts

16 Miscellaneous pages

17-23 Typescripts

24 Illustrations

Series 28 Kenneth Slessor : a biography (1991)

In 1987 Dutton began researching the life of the Australian poet Kenneth Slessor, resulting in a biography which was published by Viking Books in 1991. To assist in the preparation of the book, Dutton was given custody of a number of papers belonging to the Slessor family (Folders 28-39). Of particular interest are the numerous photographs, a notebook and writings on China of Robert Slessor (Kenneth’s father), together with pencil sketches by and of family members. A copy of a 1939 edition of Five bells, inscribed by Kenneth Slessor to Ronald McCuaig and later presented as a gift by McCuaig to Dutton, is filed in Folder 27. Also included in this series are papers relating to Dutton’s involvement with the ‘Kenneth Slessor’ ABC radio program (broadcast 1991), and a seminar ‘Kenneth Slessor remembered’, held at the National Library of Australia on 25 May 1991.


1 Correspondence, including letters from John Tranter, Herbert Jaffa, Dennis Haskell, Tom McKay, Clement Semmler, Roland Robinson, Maslyn Williams and Ronald McCuaig, 1987-89

2-5 Typescript manuscript

6-8 Typescript copy

9-11 Typescript manuscript

12 Corrected copy

13 Reviews of the biography, and a photograph of Slessor as a war correspondent

14-15 Transcripts of interviews by Dutton of associates of Slessor for a 1991 segment of ‘Helicon’, an Australian Broadcasting Commission Radio National program, 1987-91 Interviewees include Ronald McCuaig, David Rowbotham, A.W. Sheppard, Geoffrey Lehmann, Christopher Koch, Maslyn Williams, Nancy Keesing, David McNicoll and Robin Slessor.

16 Transcript of interview with Vivian Smith, 1991

17 Permission forms from interviewees, 1987-88

18 Draft script and research notes for ‘Kenneth Slessor’ ABC radio program

19 Notes and papers relating to ‘Kenneth Slessor Remembered’ seminar, National Library of Australia, 25 May 1991

20 Research notes and related correspondence with Vane Lindsey, Christopher Koch, Rosemary Dobson, George Molnar, Bruce Dawe, Colin Thiele, H.P. Heseltine, Nancy Keesing and Ian Fitchett, 1987

21-22 Research notes

23-24 Research notes and correspondence, filed A-Z. Correspondents include Allan Ashbolt, Geoffrey Blainey, C.B. Christesen, Vida Horn, Dennis Haskell, Rodney Hall, Les Murray, Stephen Murray-Smith, Ronald McCuaig, Robin Slessor, Vane Lindsey, Sylvia Lawson, Paul Slessor, Gwen Harwood, Clement Semmler, Stuart Lee, Kylie Tennant and Maslyn Williams.

25 Articles and papers about Slessor, including issues of Southerly, and leaflet describing Sydney Chinese Food Society (c. 1950s)

26 Biographical articles, obituaries, 1971-85

27 Sea-serpent skin bound edition of Five Bells. Sydney : Frank C. Johnson, 1939 (Volume formerly belonging to Ronald McCuaig and subsequently given as a gift to Dutton, inscribed by Slessor and McCuaig)

28 Correspondence, biographical articles and obituaries, 1939-86, including letters from Clement Semmler and pencil sketches by a Slessor family member (I. Slessor?), c. 1882

29 Original and copied Slessor family photographs, c. 1890s-1978

30 Slessor family papers, c. 1899-1980, including notes relating to E.H.P. Slessor and Robert Slessor, will of Marian Schloesser, The sheep stealer and other verses by Maud Slessor (1924, two copies), photographs

31 Original Slessor family photographs, c. 1880s-1988

32 Slessor family and other papers, 1906-84, including reference for Robert Slessor, family tree, notes on ‘Five bells’

33 Original Slessor family photographs, c. 1890s-1970s

34 Original and copied Slessor family photographs, c. 1940s-1960s

35 Original Slessor family photographs, 1953-78

36 Reproductions of Slessor family photographs and other illustrative matter

37 Index book for The Sun leaders, 1957 (formerly belonging to Kenneth Slessor)

38-39 Notebook of Robert Slessor, 1936; stories and articles by Robert Slessor on China, 1921-36, including caricature of Robert Slessor by Carl Slessor (1887?)

Series 29 Flying low : a novel (1992)

Flying low is a revised edition of Dutton’s novel Andy (1968), and is based on Dutton’s own experiences as a pilot in World War II. The novel was published in 1992 by University of Queensland Press.


1 Typescript, correspondence with Tim Curnow and Clare Foster, reviews and galley proofs, 1991-92

2 Galley proofs

3-7 Original manuscript

Series 30 A rare bird : Penguin Books in Australia, 1946-96 (1996)

Dutton was the founding editor of Penguin Australia. In 1995 he was commissioned to write the history of the Penguin Books Australia's first fifty years, from 1946 to 1996. The series includes drafts and transcripts of interviews.


1-11 Draft typescripts

12 Facsimile message from Kay Ronai regarding appointment of John Michie as manager of Penguin Australia, 1996, together with draft typescript

13 Draft typescript

14 Draft typescript with comments by Brian Johns

15 Draft typescript with comments by John Hooker

16 Draft typescript with comments by Bob Sessions, Hilary McPhee and John Hooker

17-23 Draft typescript

24 Corrected proofs

25 Concertina file containing correspondence and research files

26 Publicity material and reviews, 1996

27 Concertina file containing transcripts of interviews

28-29 28 sound cassettes of interviews recorded as research material for the book; 1 computer disk (3.5”) with transcripts of the interviews

30 Thirteen microcassette tapes containing interviews recorded as research material for the book

31 Eight computer disks (3.5”) containing interview transcripts, together a with covering letter, 1996

32-34 Transcripts of interviews

35 Eight computer disks (3.5") containing transcripts of interviews, 1995

Series 31 Other published books, 1950-94

This series comprises published writings, written and edited by Dutton, and arranged chronologically by date of first publication.

The mortal and the marble. London: Chapman & Hall, 1950

The mortal and the marble is a novel written by Dutton. The series includes manuscripts and typescripts. For related material (such as agreement with publisher and proposed film adaptation) see also Series 37.


1-2 Notebooks containing handwritten draft manuscript

3-4 Handwritten and typescript draft manuscript and notes

A long way south. London: Chapman & Hall, 1953.

A long way south comprises an account of Dutton's journey by car from London to Australia, through Europe, the Middle East, Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka, in the early 1950s.


5-6 Typescript manuscript and photographs

Africa in black and white. London : Chapman & Hall, 1956.

Africa in black and white concerns travels through Africa.


7-8 Handwritten draft manuscript, with preface by Roy Campbell, together with memorandum of agreement, 1955

States of the union. London: Chapman & Hall, 1958.

Dutton wrote in the preface that 'This book is based on the people, places and ideas my wife and I encountered in the course of a car journey through the U.S.A.' in the 1950s.


9-10 Typescript manuscript

Patrick White. Melbourne: Oxford University Press, 1961.

The book, which is part of the 'Australian writers and their work' series, gives a brief account of Patrick White, a survey of his works and a critical assessment of his place in Australian literary history.


11 Discussion notes, reviews of Patrick White’s books and other research material, 1961-71

12 Correspondence with Oxford University Press, bibliography and manuscript entitled ‘The novels of Patrick White’, 1970-72

Tisi and the yabby (London: Collins, 1965), Seal Bay (London: Collins, 1966) and Tisi and the pageant (Adelaide: Rigby, 1968)


13 Notes and typescript drafts for the three picture books for children

Modern Australian writing

The books contains a collection of short stories and poems by Australian authors and poets edited by Geoffrey Dutton. The contributors include Judith Wright, Patrick White, Rosemary Dobson, David Campbell, Max Harris, James McAuley, A.D. Hope and Randolph Stow.


14 Correspondence, introduction and poems, 1964-65, including letters from Vincent Buckley, Laurence Collinson, Peter Cowan, Judith Wright, James MacGibbon, Chris Wallace-Crabbe, James McAuley, Patricia Rolfe, Charles Higham, Elizabeth Harrower, Bruce Dawe, Hal Porter, Hugh Atkinson, Randolph Stow, A.D. Hope, James Murray, H.P. Heseltine, David Campbell, Thomas Shapcott and David Martin.

Andy. London: Collins, 1968

A revised edition of the novel Andy was published as Flying low in 1992. For papers relating to the later edition see Series 29.


15-16 Handwritten draft and typescript


A novel published in London by Collins in 1970


17-18 Handwritten draft

19-20 Draft typescript, pages 1-235

Australia since the camera, 1901-1914


21 Correspondence regarding research and publication, primarily with the publisher F.W. Cheshire, together with research notes and interviews, 1968-69

22 Typescript and photographs

A taste of history: Geoffrey Dutton’s South Australia

A history of South Australia based on a series of television program of the same name made for the ABC. It was published in Adelaide by Rigby in 1978.


23 Typescript, with corrections

The wedge-tailed eagle: stories

A collection of short stories. It was first published by Macmillan in 1980 and was reissued by Sun Books in 1983.


24-26 Typescript drafts

The eye opener. St Lucia: University of Queensland Press, 1982


27 Handwritten draft

City life in old Australia

A pictorial history published by Currey O'Neil in 1984


28-29 Typescript

The book of Australian islands South Melbourne: Macmillan, 1986

The book contains chapters written by 16 Australians, under the general editorship of Geoffrey Dutton, about their special islands. The contributors include Mark O'Connor, Margaret Hazzard, Nancy Keesing, Stephen Murray-Smith, Manning Clark, Geoffrey Dutton and Vincent Serventy.


30 Photographs

The Australian bedside book: a selection of writings from ‘The Australian Literary Supplement’ / edited by Geoffrey Dutton. South Melbourne: Macmillan, 1987

Dutton was editor of The Australian Literary Supplement from 1985 to 1988.


31 Notes, typescript preface by Morris West, typescript of Nancy Keesing’s contribution, and letter from Tim Curnow of Curtis Brown, 1986

Waterways of Sydney: a sketchbook

The book contains short texts of places on the Sydney's waterfront, including Lady Bay, Vaucluse Bay, Nielsen Park, Glebe Point, Tarban Creek, Middle Harbour, Berowa Waters and Port Hacking. It is illustrated with drawings by Cedric Emmanuel.


32 Typescript drafts, notes and correspondence with J.M. Dent, 1987

Images of Melbourne : a sketchbook / drawings by Kay Stewart; text by Geoffrey Dutton. Ferntree Gully: Houghton Mifflin, 1989

The book contains brief descriptions of well known places in Melbourne, including Flinders Street Station, Yarra River, Old Melbourne Gaol, Mietta's, Meat Market Craft Centre, Victorian Tapestry Workshop, St Patrick's Cathedral, Royal Arcade, Victorian Arts Centre and Lygon Street.


33-34 Draft typescripts

Kanga Creek : Havelock Ellis in Australia. Sydney: Picador, 1989


35 Typescript

36 Notes, draft manuscript and correspondence with Francis Lafitte and Pan Books, 1988

The Picador Henry Lawson / selected by Geoffrey Dutton. [Sydney]: Picador Australia, 1991


37 Research material, notes and correspondence with Pan Books, 1989

38 Typescript notes and correspondence with Pan Books, later Pan Macmillan, 1990

39-40 Manuscript and galley proofs

41 Galley proofs

Artists’ portraits / selected and introduced by Geoffrey Dutton. Canberra: National Library of Australia, 1992


42-43 Correspondence with the National Library, 1991-92, together with transcripts of interviews by Hazel de Berg with various Australian artists, including Guy Grey Smith, Helen Grey Smith, Nora Heysen, Russell Drysdale, Norman Lindsay, Jon Molvig and Francis Lymburner., c. 1960s, and a transcript of Dutton’s interview with Donald Friend, 1984

Country childhoods. St Lucia: University of Queensland Press, 1992


44 Correspondence with University of Queensland Press and individual writers, 1990-91

Kenneth Slessor : collected poems / edited by Dennis Haskell and Geoffrey Dutton. Pymble: Angus & Robertson, 1994

Papers relating to Dutton’s biography of Slessor are filed in Series 28.


45 Correspondence with co-editor Dennis Haskell and associated papers, 1992

Series 32 Unpublished books, c. 1950s-96

This series comprises correspondence, manuscript drafts, notes and research material relating to five proposed books by Dutton, all apparently unpublished.

‘Life is not enough’, c. 1950s


1-4 Typescript draft of a novel produced for H.J. Ryman Ltd, London

‘A splinter of glass’, c. 1960s


5-6 Handwritten draft of a novel

‘Germans in Australia’, 1970-77


7-9 Manuscripts, notes, photocopied documents, newspaper cuttings and correspondence, including a letter from H.C. Coombs, 1971-77


10-15 Typescript draft, notes and research material (mainly photocopies), arranged alphabetically, A-L, N-W

16 Thesis by Lynne Carmichael ‘German migration past and present’, 1973

17 Thesis by Ian Harmstorf ‘German migration, with particular reference to Hamburg, to South Australia, 1851-1884’, 1971

18 Copy of the Jaensch family tree, 1836-1976

19 Research material relating to the Germans in Australia

‘Marquis de Rays, Emperor of Oceania’, 1978-79


20 Research notes, manuscripts and correspondence, 1978-79

21-23 Research notes and draft manuscripts

‘The poetic language’, 1984-94


24 Correspondence regarding research and attempts at publication, 1961, 1985-86, together with typescript draft manuscripts

25 Proofs, typescripts and correspondence regarding attempts at publication, 1984-86

26 Correspondence with publishers and contributors, regarding permissions and attempts at publication, 1986-88

27 Correspondence, proofs and memorandum of agreement, 1984-94

28-29 Photocopies of selected poems

30 Notebook, c. 1984

31-32 Proofs and typescript drafts, 1994

33 Cover and galley proofs

34-36 Galley proofs

37-39 Mock-ups

'Weird melancholy' – proposed book on Adam Lindsay Gordon, Henry Kendall and Marcus Clark, 1996


40 Synopsis and research notes

'Portraits of my generation' – proposed book on which Dutton was working at the time of his death


41-44  Research notes and correspondence together with three cassette tapes ( 2 x Southey, 1 x Nolan)

Series 33 Short stories

Typescripts and handwritten drafts of many of Dutton’s short stories, including photocopies or cuttings if published, for example, ‘The artistic butcher’ in Quadrant, 1977. Dutton published a collection of his short stories, The wedge-tailed eagle, in 1980. Papers relating to this work are filed in Series 31.


1 ‘The artistic butcher’, ‘Birch tree’, ‘The Devil has wings’

2 ‘The fifty dollar vulture’, ‘The flowers of Afghanistan’, ‘Fish’

3 ‘The gentleman from the United Nations’, ‘The golden treasury’

4 ‘The hollyhocks’, ‘The library’, ‘The man from Loudermilk’s’, ‘Mr Golightly and the government man’

5 ‘An old Bohemian’, ‘Poet’s country’, ‘The promontory’

6 ‘A rape of justice’, ‘The Rarridy party’

7 ‘The red beach’, ‘Return to Peshawar’, ‘A Russian journey’

8 ‘Rhino’, ‘Vulture stories’

9 ‘The seahorses of Positano’, ‘The shining eyes’, ‘Such a happy day’, ‘The sugared game’

10 ‘The time of the rain’, ‘The trees’, ‘The trump of death’

11 ‘The volcano’, ‘The waterfall’

12-16 Miscellaneous draft and typescript short stories, including ‘The paradox’ ‘The Australian Chekhov’ and ‘The man on the bar stool’

Series 34 Poetry, 1959-98

This series includes correspondence with publishers, contributors and other writers, as well as drafts, typescripts, notes and cuttings of published poems from newspapers and magazines. As well as producing a substantial body of poetry, Dutton edited a number of anthologies, including Australian verse from 1805 : a continuum (1975). There are also papers relating to the works On my island : poems (1967), Findings and keepings : selected poems, 1939-69 (1970), Selective affinities : new poems (1985), New and selected poems (1993) and New York nowhere (1998). Dutton wrote this final volume after suffering a stroke in May 1995 and spending four days in a New York Hospital. The remaining folders in this series contain drafts of and correspondence relating to various poems, many of which may have been included in or relate to other published anthologies of Dutton’s work, or anthologies edited by him.

On my island : poems. Melbourne: F.W. Cheshire, 1967


1 Typescript with extensive corrections

Australian verse from 1805 : a continuum / edited by Geoffrey Dutton. Adelaide: Rigby, 1975


2 Correspondence and poems for anthology, 1970-74, including correspondence with Rigby, Gwen Harwood, Roland Robinson, Chris Wallace-Crabbe, R.F. Brissenden, A.D. Hope, Geoffrey Lehmann, Joan Mas and Rosemary Dobson

3 Correspondence, notes and introduction to anthology, 1971-76, including letters from Mary Finnan, Geoffrey Lehmann, Les Murray, Thomas Shapcott, Bruce Dawe and R.D. FitzGerald.

4 Photocopies of poems from the Sydney Gazette and others from early 1800s-1840s, 1971-79

5 Photocopies and typescripts of poems

Findings and keepings : selected poems, 1939-69. Adelaide: Australian Letters, 1970


6 Correspondence, accounts and orders, 1969-70

7 Publishing correspondence, accounts, sample sheets and book cover, 1970-71

Selective affinities : new poems. North Ryde: Angus & Robertson, 1985

8 Typescripts and photocopies of poems

9 Page proofs

10 Typescript poems

11 Draft poems and notes

12 Corrected copy

New and selected poems. Sydney: Angus & Robertson, 1993


13 Draft, typescript and copies of published poems

14-15 Draft and typescript poems

16-17 Draft typescript poem

New York nowhere. Melbourne : Lytlewode Press, 1998


18 Draft poem and notes

19 Typescript draft and final versions

20-25 Draft and typescript early poems

26 Draft and typescript early poems, 1959, together with a letter to Ninette Dutton from Richard Aldington, and a typescript of ‘Richard Aldington : a memoir’ by Geoffrey Dutton

27 Draft and typescript poems

28 Draft and typescript poems, 1961-62

29 Draft and typescript poems, 1963

30 Draft and typescript poems, 1964-67

31 Draft and typescript poems, 1965

32 Draft and typescript poems, c.1966

33 Draft and typescript poems, to 1972

34 Draft and typescript poems, 1972

35 Draft and typescript poems, 1973-74

36-37 Draft and typescript poems, 1974-75

38 Correspondence concerning poems for Maximus Books poetry series, 1974-78, including correspondence with Garrie Hutchinson, Garth Clarke, Bruce Gardiner, John Beston, Fay Zwicky, Terry Tredrea, Bill Green and Macmillan

39 Correspondence regarding and poems for Maximus Books poetry series, 1974-75, including material relating to a proposed anthology of Australian love poems

40 Draft and typescript poems, 1978

41 Draft and typescript poems, 1980-81

42 Draft and typescript poems, 1982-84

43 Typescripts of ‘Eighteen poems from the North West’, 1982-83

44-45 Typescripts and photocopied drafts of poems for ‘Selected poems, 1940-1980’

46-48 Typescript poems for ‘A body of words : poems to do with love’

49 Typescript for ‘Amico amante in eterno’, 1983, based on the life of Lord Byron

50 Translation of ‘My island’ into Japanese by Rikutaro Fukuda

51 Papers and correspondence for proposed anthology of Australian love poetry, c. 1987

52-53 Draft and typescript poems, 1992-95

54 Draft and typescript new poems

55-56 Typescripts of miscellaneous poems

57 Draft poems

58-59 Drafts and copies of published poems

60 Cuttings of Dutton's published poetry, 1985-94

61 Drafts of poems for Robin Lucas, nd

Series 35 Translations of Russian poems, 1968-95

Dutton first met Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko at the 1966 Adelaide Festival of the Arts. In the following year Dutton made a reciprocal trip to Russia, at which time he hoped to arrange a return visit by other Russian poets to the 1968 Festival. During this period he began composing literary translations of Russian poems, based on literal translations by Russian speakers.


1 Papers relating to Dutton’s trip to Russia, 1967, including photographs

2-3 Poems by Yevgeny Yevtushenko and translations

4 ‘The Bratsk Station’ by Yevtushenko, translated by T. Tupikina-Glaessner and Geoffrey Dutton

5 Poems by Yevtushenko, translated by Geoffrey Dutton

6 Manuscripts relating to New poems by Yevtushenko and Bella Akhmadulina

7-8 Printed material, newspaper cuttings, photographs and poems published in Moskva, 1961

9-10 Translations of a long poem ‘Kazan University’, c. 1972

11-12 Original poems by A. Voznesensky, with some translations, 1972

13 Poems in Russian language, some by Akhmadulina, c. 1967

14-15 Poems by Robert Rozhdestvensky and others, translations, correspondence, printed material and newspaper cuttings, c. 1968

16-18 Miscellaneous Russian poems, correspondence with Doubleday publishers, New York, 1970-71

19 Articles on Russian writers, notes and translations, 1967

20 ‘Art Destroys Silence’, six variations on themes by Shostakovich by Geoffrey Dutton

21 Correspondence and faxes regarding visit of Yevgeny Yevtushenko to Australia, 1994-95

Series 36 Libretto ‘The Magic Flute’, 1989-93

In 1989 Dutton began translating and adapting Emanuel Schikaneder’s original libretto of Mozart’s ‘The Magic Flute’, in association with Arthur Boyd, Max Dupain, Sir Yehudi Menuhin and Bernd Benthaak. The adaptation was commissioned for a special Australian production of the opera. Included in this series is correspondence with Menuhin, with whom Dutton dealt extensively.


1 Typescript libretto and associated papers, c. 1989

2 Synopsis and libretto extracts, c. 1990, together with research notes

3 Second revised libretto and associated correspondence with Philippe Mora, 1990

4 Annotated libretto

5 Production notes, correspondence with Bernd Benthaak, Sue Nattrass, Bill Lasica, Yehudi Menuhin and Eleanor Hope, libretto extracts, c. 1989-90

6 Correspondence, 1990, including liaison with Yehudi Menuhin, Barry Humphries, Eleanor Hope and Richard Walsh. Also includes one computer disk containing draft typescripts

7-8 Production notes, correspondence, draft libretto extracts

9 Correspondence with Menuhin, and libretto, 1990

10 Magic Flute Enterprises Pty Ltd financial accounts, 1991-93, and deregistration papers

Series 37 Articles and reviews, 1955-95

Typescript and handwritten drafts, notes, research material and cuttings of published items from journals and magazines. Including articles, reviews, obituaries and letters to the editor. Published in The Bulletin, Times Literary Supplement, Pegasus, Australian Book Review, New York Times, The Australian, The Guardian, Overland, Sydney Morning Herald and others

The articles and essays cover diverse subjects: politics, literature/poetry/writing in Australia, censorship, Australian writers, art appreciation and criticism, Yevgeny Yevtushenko and other Russian writers.

Reviews covering over 40 years of Dutton’s opinions on Australian artists and Australian and overseas writers and their works. Dutton also broadcast a number of his reviews on radio; papers relating to radio and television broadcasts are filed in Series 38 Obituaries including Alister Kershaw, Max Harris, Manning Clark, David Campbell and Dame Mary Durack.


1 Articles and reviews, 1955

2 Articles and reviews c. 1958-1970

3-4 ‘Around the galleries’, art reviews by Geoffrey Dutton, 1958-59

5 Art reviews, c. 1959

6-7 Articles and reviews, c. 1958-72

8 Articles and reviews, 1965

9 Typescript article ‘My Adelaide’ for The Bulletin, 1967

10 Lectures, articles and reviews, 1969

11 Typescripts of reviews and articles, c. 1969

12 Articles for Australia’s heritage : the making of a nation (1970-72)

13 Articles and newspaper cuttings relating to University Students for Youth, 1970-72

14 ‘Notes for Youth articles’, 1971

15 Articles and reviews, 1973-74

16 ‘City/country articles’, 1975

17 Articles and reviews, 1979

18 Typescripts of articles

19 Copies of Pegasus, 1977-85

20-22 Articles for Pegasus together with letters from editor Gregory Vitiello and publisher Mobil Services, 1978-86

23 Articles, 1982, together with articles on Western Australia, 1985

24 Miscellaneous writings regarding McCubbin, Streeton and Roberts, c. 1980s

25 Typescript of Jeffrey Smart on T.S. Eliot, notes by Dutton on Colin Lancely, typescript account of the launch of Craig Munro’s Wild man of letters, c. 1984-87

26 Notebook containing draft articles and reviews, c. 1980s

27 Notebook containing draft book reviews, c. 1982

28 Typescript articles and transcripts of interviews, 1983-90

29-30 Essays and reviews, 1989-97

31 Typescript reviews, c. 1985-90

32 Book reviews, c. 1986-90

33-35 Articles, reviews, c. 1987-93

36 Typescript articles, and reviews, c. 1991-93, together with speeches made at conferral ceremony for Doctor of Literature, University of Canberra (honoris causa)

37 Reviews of books by Dutton, 1991-93

38-39 Reviews, articles, speeches and obituaries, 1991-95

40 Draft review of A.D. Hope (1992) by Kevin Hart, together with papers regarding visits to Indonesia and Singapore, 1992

41 Article in The Australian Way, June 1994

42 ‘Castles of madness’, article published in the Australia Day edition of The Bulletin, 1994

43 Obituary of Alister Kershaw, 1995, together with correspondence and clippings re Kershaw, including letters from Kershaw and his wife, 1983-95

44 Scrapbook of cuttings, 1981-93

45 Scrapbook of cuttings of articles by Dutton, 1984-91

46 Research notes for an article about David Foster, 1994

Series 38 Radio, television and film scripts

A series containing papers documenting the various radio, television and film productions with which Dutton was associated as a writer, broadcaster and producer over the course of his career. There are also scripts of the radio programs ‘Watch your English’ (1959) and ‘Enjoy your English’ (1964), which contain useful discussions on the Australian idiom.


1 Radio broadcasts, c. 1950, together with papers concerning Dutton’s novel The mortal and the marble

2 Broadcast transcripts for travel segment on the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) radio program ‘South Australian diary’, 5CL, 1953, together with diary of Dutton’s trip to India in 1938

3 Notebook containing draft travel writing excerpts, c. 1953

4 Index book to travel writings

5-6 ‘Watch your English’ ABC radio scripts, 5AN, 1959-60

7 Letters from listeners to ‘Watch your English’, 1959

8 Correspondence and scripts relating to ‘Enjoy your English’, broadcast on ABC radio 5CL, 1964

9 Letters from listeners to ‘Enjoy your English’, 1964

10 Papers relating to ‘Geoffrey Dutton on commitment’, ABC ‘Spectrum’ television program, 1966; material concerning radio and Australian writers, c. 1970s-1981, including ‘Talking to the void’ by A.D. Hope

11-12 Proposed film scripts for ‘Paradox’ (based on Dutton’s novel The mortal and the marble) and ‘Be my Valentina’, and associated papers, 1970-c. 1981

13 Papers relating to: ABC radio program on Dutton’s poetry, broadcast on the ‘Poet’s tongue’, August 1959; ABC radio program ‘Today’s books’, 5AN, 1962; film ‘Eyre the explorer’, 1970; proposed ABC radio feature on Edward John Eyre, 1979

14 ‘Today’s books’, c. 1959-62

15 Script and notes for six part television series on the history of South Australia, 1977

16 Script with production notes for television series on the history of South Australia

17-21 Notes, clippings and research material from concertina file for television series on the history of South Australia

22 Invitation to contribute essay on history of the arts in South Australia, from editor Eric Richards, 1983

23 Radio script for ABC ‘Radio Helicon’ program on Havelock Ellis, 1988

24-25 Suggestions for Japanese television program on Australia, 1984, including liaison with the Australia-Japan Foundation

26 Notes and photographs for proposed film ‘First North’, c. 1984, based on crossing of Australia by car by Henry Hampden Dutton, 1908

27 Correspondence and outlines of screenplays, 1984-90, including life of Edward John Eyre

28 Notes and correspondence regarding proposed television series set at Randwick racecourse, c. 1985

29-31  Research notes and correspondence regarding a television documentary entitled 'Beach', c1993

Series 39 Lectures, 1940-93

Typescript and handwritten drafts of and notes for lectures and speeches.


1 ‘My famous talk on Debussy’, 1940

2 Papers concerning ‘Vision of evil, 1900-14’, Commonwealth Literary Fund lecture, July 1964

3 Papers relating to lecture on Russell Drysdale, Monash University, April 1987

4-5 ‘Dangerous canons : disciplining Australian literature’, address given at the State Library of Queensland, 1993

6-7 Australian National University lecture series ‘The credibility of Australian literature’ : Lecture 1 ‘Australian literary confidence’, Lecture 2 ‘The standing of Australian literature’, Lecture 3 ‘Australian literary success’; together with drafts of other lectures including ‘Loving and hating Australia’, ‘The art of the poet’ and ‘Poetry in a changing world’ (nd)

8 Annotated typescript of New South Wales Premier’s Literary Awards oration (nd)

Series 40 Research files and other projects, 1898-1996

Included in this series are files annotated as ‘miscellaneous’ by Dutton, generally relating to research for various projects. Material in this series may relate to other series, particularly Dutton’s lectures, articles and reviews, and his other writings.


1 Miscellaneous notes and correspondence, 1951-96 (‘oddments’)

2 Miscellaneous printed material, articles and notes, c. 1950s-60s

3 Miscellaneous cuttings and papers, 1961-90 (‘scrap file’)

4 Miscellaneous files, notes and cuttings on Louis Becke, 1955

5 Miscellaneous files, correspondence with Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1964-70 (Dutton on Literary Committee of the Britannica Australia Awards)

6 Miscellaneous files, notes on William Tietkins, 1968

7 Miscellaneous files, report by Dutton on Sylvia Rose Gzell’s thesis on Patrick White’s novels, 1968

8 Miscellaneous files, Walt Whitman/Butterley project correspondence and typescript notes, 1973-75

9 Miscellaneous photocopies and notes, 1978

10 Miscellaneous files, photocopies re ‘Australian flora in art’, c. 1978

11 Miscellaneous files, newspaper cuttings and photocopies re ‘Drink’ and ‘Environment’, 1978-82,

12 Miscellaneous files, printed material re Aboriginal Land Rights, 1979-82

13 Miscellaneous files, photocopies re censorship, c. 1981

14 Miscellaneous files, ‘Little Magazines’, ‘Love’, ‘Mateship’, 1981-83, including letters from Rosemary Jones, Stephen Murray-Smith, Ken Goodwin, Chris Mansell, H.W. Arndt and Andrew Sant

15 Miscellaneous files, printed material and notes re ‘Patriotism’ ‘Pundits and gurus’, 1981-82

16 Miscellaneous files, printed material and published verses dealing with war, 1981-82

17 Miscellaneous files, papers re Bibliophile Books publishing venture with Dutton, Max Harris and Garth Pye, 1980, including letters from A.D. Hope, Max Harris, Dorothy Green, Bill Wilde, John Manifold, Tim Curnow and Arthur Hoyle

18 Miscellaneous files photocopies of newspaper and journal articles re ‘Bookshops. Preece guide to good books’

19 Miscellaneous files typescript of a conversation with Max Harris and Barrett Reid typescript 1981

20 Annotated typescript of interview with Clifton Pugh by Dutton

21 2 letters from Hal Porter, 1964, and sketches by Porter

22-23 ‘Artists of Australia’ (Pty Ltd), notes and correspondence with Arthur Boyd, Sidney Nolan, Lawrence Daws, Albert Tucker, Barbara Blackman, V. Macallister, John Reed and Hal Missingham, 1964

24 ‘Artists of Australia’ correspondence and notes, 1965-69

25 ‘Work by others: Milton’, handwritten notes and essays regarding Milton (nd)

26 ‘Work by others’, typescript of ‘Tracking back’ by Stephan Murray-Smith and ‘The position of the writer in this world’ by Stefan Heym

27 ‘Work by others’, Chapter 1 of Charles Cameron Kingston by Craig Campbell, 1970, together with notes and papers re Kingston and others, c. 1977

28 Ampol Arts Award, 1966-70, re Dutton’s work on the Advisory Committee

29 ‘Australian literary environment’ questionnaire, 1980, including responses from A.D. Hope, Richard Tipping, Thomas Keneally, J.S. Manifold, Christina Stead, David Rowbotham, Murray Bail, Geoffrey Blainey, Nancy Keesing, Rosemary Dobson, Chris Wallace-Crabbe, Thea Astley, R.D. FitzGerald and Hal Porter.

30 ‘The bush’. Cuttings and articles by Dutton and others re the Australian bush, 1978-82

31 ‘Australian studies’, printed material and photocopies of articles, newspaper cuttings and notes, 1981-82

32 ‘Children’s books’ printed material including Outpost magazine of the correspondence school, vol. 47, no. 1, 1981, and Charlotte Barton: Australia’s first children’s author by Marcie Muir, 1980

33 ‘Back in print’ Questionnaire, 1981, for The Bulletin Centenary, including responses from Bruce Beresford, Ross Campbell, Rosemary Dobson, Ron Saw, Patricia Rolfe, Thomas Keneally, Dame Mary Durack, David McNicoll, Michael Wilding, Bob Hawke, M.D. Kirby, Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, Sir James Darling, Stephen Murray-Smith, Jessica Anderson, Suzanne Ridley, Dorothy Gibson, J.R. Rowland, Colin Thiele, David Rowbotham, Hal Missingham, J.B. Leslie, Sir John Crawford and Nancy Keesing

34 ‘Zoo in South Australia’, newspaper cuttings of articles and letters to the editor of various newspapers, 1981

35 List of edited manuscripts, Angus and Robertson Archives, Mitchell Library, 1983

36 Correspondence and notes re the work of the Commonwealth Literary Fund and later the Literature Board of the Australia Council for the Arts, 1982

37 Australia Council Reports 1980-81, and related printed material

38-41 Research material on Australian books used for the Higher School Certificate, including HSC examination papers, 1979-85

42 History notes on the Northern Territory

43 ‘The Kaipara’ by Jeffrey Smart (annotated typescript copy)

44 Notes on manuscript of Oscar and Lucinda for Peter Carey

45 Notes regarding Eugene Goossens from Dr Franz Holford, nd

46 Correspondence and papers regarding the Stockman’s Hall of Fame, , 1987

47 Singapore 1989 Symposium on Literature in the Asia-Pacific

48 Singapore Literature Prize (1992) together with papers re Australia-Indonesia Institute anthology of Australian short stories

49 Papers re the Methold-Shapcott debate concerning the Australian Society of Authors, 1989, together with other ASA papers, 1990

50 Notes and papers re the issue of Australian Republicanism, 1992

51 Catalogues of auction sales at Anlaby, and programs of plays, c.1913-78

52 Prints and artwork catalogues, 1954-72

53 Country Library Catalogue (1898) (photocopy)

54 Cartoons by John Olsen while waiting for the ferry, Kangaroo Island, 1988

55 Correspondence regarding a proposed book on John Florio, 1995

Series 41 Business papers, 1965-90


1-3 Contracts, 1965-90

4 Financial papers, 1983-88

5 Correspondence with S.A. Teen (Solicitor & Attorney) concerning Geoffrey Dutton’s divorce from Ninette Dutton, 1985-88

6 Real estate papers relating to sale of Mudgee house, 1990

Series 42 Out in the open : an autobiography (1994)

Dutton’s autobiography Out in the open was published in 1994 by the University of Queensland Press. This series includes drafts, research material, notes and correspondence regarding research and publication. There are also letters from friends, reviewers and others in response to the book, together with copies of reviews and a copy of Dutton’s article in The Australian (1994) regarding his relationship with Patrick White.


1 Card index

2-3 Card index

4 Index cards

5 Concertina file containing cuttings, notes, photocopies and correspondence, including letters of Dame Nellie Melba, Geoffrey Dutton, Wilfrid Pennefather, Helen Mayo, Sir James Darling, Sir Robert Southey and A. Norman Jeffares, 1924-92

6 Correspondence, photographs and research notes, c. 1930-92, including original and photocopied letters from Dutton to his mother and sister (1930s-1950s)

7-8 Three notebooks

9 Photographs (including photographs of Barry Humphries at Bundanoon 1990, Ronald McCuaig 1988 and Yevgeny Yevtushenko c.1970s) and negatives; sketch of Anlaby by Hans Heysen, 1931

10-12 Correspondence received following publication, copies or cuttings of reviews, 1994-95, and correspondence with or letters from Judith Clarke, Greg Vitiello, Philip Ziegler, Dymphna Clark, Mark Strizic, Sir Robert Southey, Michael Sharkey, Craig Munro, Don Aitkin, Colin Lancely, Jeanne Jeffares, Manfred Jurgensen, Sophie Masson, Peter Corris, Jeffrey Smart, Jim McClelland, Alex Buzo, Brian Kiernan, Michael Wilding, David Marr, Peter Pierce and Joy McMorrine

13 Artwork and cover design

14-18 First draft

19-22 Galley proofs

23-27 Draft typescript, Chapter 1-Epilogue

28 Draft typescript, Chapter 1-Epilogue

29 Draft typescript, Chapter 7-16

30 Draft typescript, Chapter 19-23

31 Draft typescript, Chapter 24-29

32 Draft typescript, Chapter 30-Epilogue

33 Draft typescript, Chapters 11, 15, 17, 18

34 Draft typescript, Chapters 9, 21, 23, 32-36

35-40 Draft typescript (Author-query set) Chapter 1-Epilogue

41-46 Draft typescript, (Author’s set) Chapter 1-Epilogue

47 Computer printout draft

48 Computer disks containing draft manuscripts

49 Cassette recordings of interviews with Ian Fitchett and Vivian Smith

50  Research notes, correspondence, corrections and reviews, 1994

Series 43 Dutton family papers, 1922-1993

The Dutton family papers have been assembled by Dutton and his family, particularly Dutton’s sister, Lady Blackburn. The comprehensive range of material reflects the influential and interesting lives of four generations of a pioneering Australian family. The family papers and photographs extend back to the nineteenth century, and are a useful record of an old landowning family which divided its life between Australia and Europe, including information on old properties and families in South Australia. The photographs are a fine source on the life of the gentry in Australia, and their offspring in Oxford and Europe, as well as early Australian motoring.

Of importance are eight large photograph albums (1901-c.1955) which contain many photographs of family members in England and Europe and of Dutton as a boy. These albums and many other photographs are included in Series 44, Photographs. Other items of interest are 19th century Christmas cards, photographs and cuttings of the first journey across Australia by car by Dutton’s father Henry Hampden (H.H.) Dutton in 1907-8, diaries of H.H. Dutton (1900, 1913, 1918), photographs of Anlaby, a catalogue of native flora on the property (1917), photographs of cars owned by the family and two copies of the catalogue of the Anlaby collection of Australiana sold in 1966.


1 Anlaby, Kapunda, South Australia : the property of H.H. Dutton, Esq., Sydney : The Pastoral Review, c. 1928. Anlaby receipts, 1910-12

2 Notes, correspondence and other papers re Australian Dictionary of Biography entry for Emily Dutton, including early postcard photographs of Anlaby, and The Duttons of Anlaby c. 1905

3 Typescript family history by Helen Blackburn, including transcripts of letters by William Hampton Dutton, 1823-31

4 Papers regarding F.S. Dutton, including photographs of Emily and Henry Hampden (H.H.) Dutton, c. 1910

5 Letters to and from Emily Dutton, 1933-58, together with 1959 appointment diary

6 Family papers and correspondence, 1904-c. 1941, including family tree, letter from H.H. Dutton to Emily Dutton during transcontinental trip (1907), letters from Ross Smith (1920), Hans Heysen (1927), and photographs

7 Dutton family records and mementoes, 1909-14, including watercolour miniature of Emily Dutton by N. H. Edmunds, Anlaby records and correspondence, marriage certificate of Henry Broughton Edkins and Helen Lyall, 19th century Christmas cards and invitations

8 Photocopies of notes by Helen Blackburn, and letter re transcontinental car crossing by H.H. Dutton, 1952, 1990

9 Papers, 1910-c. 1935, re steam yacht Adele, including photographs

10 Family history notes compiled by Helen Blackburn, 1986, together with early family photographs, c. 1920s

11 Typescript and photocopied family history notes, compiled c. 1990

12 Newspaper articles re presentation of new gates to Dutton Park, 1906

13 Catalogue of the H.H. Dutton Australiana collection (4 copies, with annotations)

14 Correspondence, notes, photos and other family papers, 1902-c. 1920, including photograph of Emily Dutton in wedding dress, list of jewellery, notes on tree plantings

15 Letters of condolence received on the death of Emily Dutton, 1962

16 Family papers, chiefly re Martin and McNeil families, including photographs, photocopies, compiled c. 1993

17-19 Transcribed early family correspondence, 19th century, (mostly photocopies)

20 Papers and notes (mostly photocopied) re Martin family of Gawler, including some photographs

21 Transcribed 19th century letters from Mrs George Grey (later Lady Grey) to F.S. Dutton, letters from F.H.H. Dutton and H.H. Dutton

22 Papers re Anlaby and Dutton family history, 1907-92, including copies of letters, copy of will of F.H. Dutton, photograph of Pachuca, Mexico, notes on Martin and McNeil families, letters of enquiry from researchers

23 Valuation of Anlaby Station, 1967, including photographs

24 Family history notes, compiled 1963-93

25-26 Family history papers, compiled c. 1954-89

27 Typescript copies of letters from Lady Grey, and extracts from letters from W.H. Dutton in Melbourne in early days

28-29 Legal documents re the estate of Charlotte da Silva Dutton, c. 1890-1930

30 Letters to Helen Blackburn from her mother, Emily Dutton, on her last trip overseas, 1954

31 Letters of Ethel da Silva to her aunts travelling in Europe, 1891 (photocopies)

32 Notes on early Melbourne connections, compiled c. 1992

33 Handwritten transcriptions of letters from Pelham Dutton, 1846, 1937, together with notes from O’Connor family Bible. Extract from script of radio play on Pelham Dutton, by Colin ? (nd)

34 Notes re Irish spy trial 1819, compiled 1989-90

35 Notes re F.H. Dutton property ‘Mullengendra’, compiled 1963-70, including photographs

36 Handwritten transcriptions of letters by Ewen Dutton (1860) and Ethel Dutton (1883-92)

37 Photocopies of W.H. Dutton’s list of requirements for his inn on the beach, 1840, together with plan of Collins Street cottage, Melbourne

38 Series list describing business records of Dutton family (PRG 396), Mortlock Library, Adelaide

39 Photographs, chiefly family and racing cars (c. 1900s – 1930s); notes on Dutton photographs in Mortlock Library; portraits of Geoffrey Dutton; Packard 1899-1942 (c. 1973)

40 Notebook of Helen Blackburn containing extracts from the Riley papers, memoirs of Amy Evans, photocopied family trees, typescript copy of agreement re F.S. Dutton’s affairs whilst overseas, 1861

41 Notes re W.H. Dutton, including Mt Barker special survey, 1840

42 Miscellaneous family correspondence and documents, 1881-1939, including Emily and H.H. Dutton’s wedding certificate, signed witness of laying of Anlaby foundation stone

43 Miscellaneous family history notes, compiled c. 1971-92

44 Contents of concertina file containing miscellaneous family history notes and clippings

45-47 Dutton family letters ,1860-91 (typescript)

48 Family history notes on Colonel Charles Cameron, compiled c. 1976-87, including photographs, Moore family tree

49 Family history papers re Cuxhaven, Germany, compiled c. 1986

50 Typescript copied correspondence of F.H. Dutton, 1881, together with family history notes re Moses Mendes, compiled 1987

51 Family history notes re Mendes connection, compiled c. 1986

52 Family history papers re Alexander Buchanan, including his Diary of a journey overland from Sydney to Adelaide with sheep, 1858 letter, extracts from his memoirs (handwritten transcript)

53-54 Family history notes re Anlaby

55 Family history notes re ‘Hardwicke’ and ‘Goodradigbee’, Yass

56-57 Typescript family letters, 1843-48

58 Copy of the will of Francis Stacker Dutton

59 Account of the wind-up of Francis Hansborough Dutton’s estate by nephews Frank and Fred Dutton, sons of F.S. Dutton (written by eldest son, Frank MacDermott Dutton)

60 Family history notes re Ewen Cameron

61 Family history notes re ‘Raby’ property, Campbelltown, NSW

62-63 Family history notes re Pelham Dutton and attack by bushrangers at Gammon Plains, NSW

64-65 Correspondence, notes and other family papers, photographs, chiefly relating to H.H. Dutton, 1898-1969, including 1900 diary of trip to Morocco, 1906 appointment diary, 1899 photo of ‘Australia’ en-route to London

66 Copy of Dutton family tree

67 Photographs, including Vestey properties (NT) c. 1920s, family photographs c. 1910, World War II Airforce pictures and Talbot

68 List of puddings eaten by E.W.C. Dutton, 1863, letter from Emily Dutton to her son Dick, 1940, letter from Mrs M.C. Douglas on Dick Dutton’s death

69 Papers of H.H. Dutton including diaries (1900, 1913, 1918), A collection of incidents in my trip to Morocco (1901), wallet containing baby photograph, notes, clippings and certificates

70 Sale of Anlaby, including Prospectus, 1967, auction catalogue for sale of contents, 1978, Native trees and shrubs : Anlaby, South Australia, 1917

71-72 Letters to Helen and Richard Blackburn and Emily Dutton from Geoffrey and Ninette Dutton and family, 1954-78, clippings and other papers

73-74 Postmarked envelopes (mostly empty) addressed to Dutton family members, c. 1903-1950s, together with two letters concerning death of Dick Dutton (1941) and stamps collected by Dutton family

75 Photographs, c. 1890s-1980s, including old Anlaby scenes, early racing cars, salvage of John Dutton’s Vauxhall from Blue Lake, Mt Gambier, SA, Geoffrey Dutton in airforce uniform and H.H. Dutton in group photo at Magdelen College, Oxford

76 Letters from Emily Dutton to her children, written whilst overseas, 1928-29, Emily Dutton’s World War II identity card and ration cards, other family correspondence, c. 1931-1950s

77-78 Typescripts of family letters, 1822-1831, 1834-1839, 1862

79 Photocopies of documents from the Staats Archiv, Hamburg, 1840-66

80 The Duttons of Anlaby (1912), other printed material

81 H.H. Dutton’s passport and membership to Royal Yacht Squadron, 1900-10

82 Newspaper cuttings, 1933, together with Kapunda Centenary Celebration booklet (1946), Anlaby menus, 1910, family history notes and photographs c. 1930s

83 Two Anlaby visitors books, 1903-62

84 Letters to Emily and H.H. Dutton, 1929-53, and profit and loss account for Emily Dutton, 1942

85 Wedding invitation, Bryony Helen to R.A. Blackburn, 1951, together with other family papers including Helen’s homework book, 1932

86 Geoffrey Dutton’s homework books (2) 1938, and drawing notebooks (2) c. 1930s

87 Geoffrey Dutton’s RAAF papers, ration book, pay book, marriage certificate, 1940-45, together with Ninette (Trott) Dutton’s WAAF discharge certificate, 1943

88 Photographs and papers re Talbot trips, 1908 and 1959, including copy of Across Australia by motor (c. 1920)

89 Talbot trips, 1908 and 1959, including ‘The first car to cross Australia’ by Geoffrey Dutton, key to photographs, newspaper clippings (mostly relating to 1959 trip)

90 Typescript extracts from diary of Murray Aunger on 1908 Talbot trip, together with a transcript of 1978 interview with John Dutton re recollections of the Talbot and other cars owned by the family

91 Geoffrey Dutton’s letters to his mother, Emily Dutton, 1934-60

92 Letters to Geoffrey Dutton, 1940-50

93 Letters to Geoffrey Dutton from his mother, 1955-60

94 ‘Non Such’ proposed addition to the home (plans), 1956 together with a copy of Captain Cook’s chart of the world

95 Accounts and receipts for Geoffrey and Ninette Dutton, 1963-78

96 Miscellaneous family postcards, drawings and photographs relating to Geoffrey Dutton, Ninette and children, 1955-80

97 Newspaper cuttings of articles concerning the Duttons in South Australia, 1957-58

98 School reports and papers of Theresa, Francis and Sam Dutton, 1968-80

99 Two flying logbooks

100 Three school caps, one cloth brush

101 Kodak camera

102 Two paperweights, one wooden letter-opener

103 Set of paintbrushes

104 Four wooden school crests

105 Box with badges

106 X-rays of Geoffrey Dutton

107 Blueprint of H.H. Dutton’s yacht Adele

108 Maps and plans of Anlaby

109 Plaque commemorating Dutton receiving the FAW Christopher Brennan Award for poetry, 1993

110  Papers relating to an Honorary Degree awarded to Dutton by the University of Canberra, 1993

Series 44 Photographs

The series includes photographs of Geoffrey Dutton, other members of the Dutton family, Anlaby (former home of the Dutton family in South Australia) and photograph albums.


1 Family photographs and portraits

2 Portraits of Emily Dutton

3 Album ‘Memories of Anlaby’, c. 1910

4-6 Photographs of Anlaby

7 Photographs of Anlaby, including a portrait of Henry Dutton

8 Album, Geoffrey Dutton, 1929

9 Photographs of Geoffrey Dutton, RAAF, c.1941-45

10 Photographs of Geoffrey Dutton, Magdalen College, Oxford, 1948

11-12 Photographs and negatives of Anlaby

13 Album, Newfoundland, 1900

14 Album, Morocco, 1901

15 Album, c. 1927-28

16 Album, c. 1911-18

17 Original photographs of 1908 Talbot trip, together with later photographs of Dutton family and Talbot, 1908-c. 1976

18-19 Photographs of 1908 Talbot trip

20 Slides, negatives and film strips re Talbot trip, 1959

21 Slides re 1959 Talbot trip, together with negative of Francis Birtles and 1908 Talbot

22 Photographs and negatives, including Geoffrey Dutton and family, c. 1965-73

23 Photographs of Anlaby and family photographs

24 Miscellaneous photographs, c. 1950-c. 1981

25 Photographs, negatives and slides, including Bungle Bungles, photographs for Melbourne sketch book, negatives for piece on A.L. Gordon and South Australia, and negatives of Geoffrey Dutton, c. 1939

26 Slides, including slides of Springwood, Robe, Mt Gambier, 1987, Melbourne Travel & Leisure, 1987, Geoffrey Dutton and Araluen

27-28 Two boxes of negatives, c. 1946-50

29 Photograph album, Anlaby, c. 1934-39

30 Photograph album, c. 1900

31 Photograph album, c. 1901

32 Photograph album, c. 1900-1920s

33 Photograph album, c. 1920-27

34 Photograph album, c. 1930s-1940s

35 Photographs and prints, including photographs of Geoffrey Dutton, c. 1940s, H.H. Dutton, 1902, and Anlaby

36 Two photographs of H.H. Dutton at Magdalen College, Oxford, 1902

37 Framed lithograph of Henry Dutton by Otto Speckter, 1856

38 Framed portrait of Emily Dutton, c. 1888

39-40 Two photograph albums, Anlaby

41 Portrait of Geoffrey Dutton by David Simpson, 1979, two portraits of Henri Bastin, 1979 and photograph of Paul Wenz and Jack London, mid 1980s

42 Miscellaneous family photographs, including photographs of Anlaby and a booklet about its history, c1905-c1985

Series 45 Newspaper cuttings

The cuttings in this series include articles, reviews, society news and letters to the editor. Generally, the cuttings relate to Dutton, including reviews of some of his writings. There are cuttings regarding Dutton’s family and events in South Australia, including the death of Dutton’s father, H.H. Dutton. There are also cuttings regarding other Australian writers, and topics of interest such as republicanism and the Adelaide Festival of the Arts.


1 Reviews of The mortal and the marble (1950-51)

2-3 Reviews of A long way south (1953), Africa in black and white (1956) and Australian letters: a quarterly of Australian writing and criticism (1957)

4 Reviews of States of the union (1958) and Founder of a city : the life of Colonel William Light (1960)

5 Reviews of The hero as murder : the life of Edward J. Eyre (1967-68)

6 Reviews, 1976-82, including of Queen Emma of the South Seas (1976)

7 Reviews of Patterns of Australia (1980)

8-10 Miscellaneous newspaper cuttings, 1932-77

11 Newspaper cuttings and notes, 1960-68

12 Newspaper cuttings and reviews, 1961-76

13-14 Newspaper cuttings, particularly re Manning Clark, 1978

15 Newspaper cuttings, 1954-71

16 Newspaper cuttings, 1958-82

17 Newspaper cuttings by or about Geoffrey Dutton, c. 1959-88

18 Publicity material, comprising news cuttings and book reviews, 1982-94

19 Cuttings of reviews of works published by Dutton, 1984-93

Series 46 Publications

The two issues of Courier (July 1948 and November 1948) contain Geoffrey Dutton’s first published stories. Other publications include journals, monographs and sound recordings.


1Reginald Moore. Modern reading (vol. 19, Autumn 1951)

2-3 Courier (July 1948; November 1948)

4 Jindera 1868-1968 (1968)

5 Elias Duek-Cohen. Utzon and the Sydney Opera House (1967)

6 The centenary of the arrival of Gottfried Schutz and family in Australia, 1855-1955 (1955)

7 Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society of Australasia (vol. 78, 1977)

8-9 The house of Seppelt 1851-1951 (1951) (2 copies)

10 E. L. Lienert. Pioneers in profile - Conrad Lienert 1824-1902 (1968)

11 Everard Leske. Hermannsburg: a vision and a mission (1977)

12 Roger and Myrene Teusner. Churches of the Barossa Valley (1971)

13 Tanunda in the heart of Barossa Valley (1975)

14-15 Nation (no. 47, July 1960; no. 50 August 1960)

16 Hans Heysen centenary retrospective 1877-1977 (1977)

17 Christine France. Merioola and after (1986)

18 Art Available (no. 2, March 1985)

19 1870 –1970 Commemorating the centenary of Glenside Hospital (1970)

20 Across Australia by motor (c. 1920) (12 copies)

21 Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes (vol. XVIII, no. 3-4, 1955) (reprint)

22 A. Norman Jeffares. Robert Richard Torrens 1814-1884 (1959)

23 The Emu (vol. XV, part 3, January 1916; vol. XVI, part 1, July 1916 (2 copies); vol. XVI, part 2, October 1916; vol. XVI, part 3, January 1917 (2 copies); vol. XVIII, part 2, January 1919) (reprints)

24 J.H. Maiden. The flowering plants and ferns of New South Wales (parts 1-7, April 1895-Nov 1898)

25 Edward W. Hobbs. Concrete for amateurs (1929)

26 J.V. Bartlett. The farmers and graziers handy book (vol. 2, 1948)

27 John Fallon. How to make concrete garden furniture and accessories (1917)

28 Russian for everybody (vol. 1-7, 1976)

29 The Apocrypha

30 Meanjin (no. 1, 1980)

31 Stephen Spender. W.H. Auden : a memorial address (1973)

32 Bryn Davies. Henry Salt (1934)

33 Australian Literary Studies (vol. 10, no. 4, October 1982)

34 Italian Cultural Activities (vol. 3, December 1981)

35 Papers relating to the disturbances in Jamaica (part 1, 1866)

36 Sound recording (23 records, 33 1/3 rpm) titled Learning Russian

Sound recording (record, 33 1/3 rpm) titled Kurt Tucholsky, Hanns Eisler : An preukischen Kaminen, with accompanying book

37 Reel of magnetic tape titled ‘Literary program by Geoffrey Dutton’, (1968) (in Russian)

38 Reel of magnetic tape titled ‘Yevgeny Yevtushenko in Australia’, a Spectrum production, Australian Broadcasting Commission (1966)

39 Cassette tape titled ‘Geoffrey Dutton on republicanism’ Cassette tape titled ‘Corporate advertising and the publication of Patterns of Australia’, David Vogel, John Scully and Humphrey McQueen; Broadband, ABC Radio National through 3AR, Melbourne, (1980)

40 Sound recordings (4 records, 33 1/3 rpm) titled The express course in basic conversational Russian

Series 47 Art works

The series comprises paintings and drawings by Clifton Pugh, Lawrence Daws, Robert Juniper, Ray Crooke, Tom Cleghorn and Leonard French. They were produced for a series called 'Australian Poets and Artists' which appeared in the journal Australian letters, edited by Dutton and Max Harris, between 1960 and 1967. The editors commissioned the painters to illustrate the work of Rosemary Dobson, Judith Wright, Geoffrey Dutton, Tom Shapcott, Ray Matthew and James McAuley.

14 items

Appendix 1

Series 2: Principal correspondents

Adams, Philip Dransfield, Michael
Aldington, Richard Drysdale, Michael
Bail, Murray Drysdale, Sir Russell
Bailey, Beate Dunstan, Don
Bailey, George Dutton, Francis
Barry, Sir John Dutton, Sam
Basten, Henri Elder, David
Blackburn, Helen, Lady Elliott, Brian
Blackburn, Sir Richard Elliott, Ralph
Blackman, Barbara Elliott, Sumner Locke
Blainey, Geoffrey, Prof. Friend, Donald
Boyd, Arthur Friend, Gwen
Boyd, Martin Fabinyi, Andrew
Boyd, Yvonne Fitzgerald, Ross
Brack, John Foster, David
Bray, Charles Garner, Helen
Brissenden, R. F. Gillen, R.S.
Broinowski, Alison Green, Dorothy
Bruce, Helen Hall, Rodney
Buckley, Vincent Hanrahan, Barbara
Butterley, Nigel Harris, Max
Buzo, Alex Haskell, Dennis
Campbell, David Hazzard, Shirley
Campbell, Roy Herbert, Xavier
Campbell, Sir Walter Heuzenroeder, Peter
Campion, Ed Heym, Stefan
Carey, Peter Heywood, Ursula, Lady
Casey, Maie, Lady Heywood, Sir William
Christesen, Clem Hope, A. D.
Clark, C. Manning, Prof. Horne, C. J., Prof.
Clark, Dymphna Hospital, Janette Turner
Clune, Frank Hughes, Robert
Collins, Sir William Hughes, Ted
Corris, Peter Humphries, Barry
Crocker, Sir Walter Hutchinson, Garrie
Curnow, Tim Indyk, Ivor
Davies, Bryn Jarrell, Randall
Davis, Beatrice Jeffares, A. Norman, Prof.
Davison, Frank D. Jeffares, Jeanne
Daws, Lawrence Jennings, Kate
Day, A. Grove, Prof. Jolley, Elizabeth
Deasey, Denison Jose, Nicholas
Dobson, Rosemary Keesing, Nancy
Drake-Brockman, Henrietta Keneally, Tom
Kershaw, Alister Rapotec, Stan
Klepac, Lou Reid, Barrett
Koch, Christopher Riddell, Elizabeth
Lane, Sir Allen Ritchie, Paul
Lawson, Sylvia Rivett, Rohan
Lindsay, Norman Robinson, Roland
McAuley, James, Prof. Roderick, Colin, Prof.
McCuaig, Ronald Rodriguez, Judith
McQueen, Humphrey Rolfe, Patricia
Malouf, David Rosenthal, Tom
Manifold, John Roskalenko, Harry
Marshall, A. J., Prof. Rowbotham, David
Mathew, Ray Rowlands, Graham
Mead, Barbara Rowley, Hazel
Mead, Rob Semmler, Clem
Missingham, Hal Sessions, Robert
Monteith, Charles Shapcott, Thomas
Moore, Tom Inglis Sheiner, Robin
Moorehead, Lucy Shute, Nevil
Mora, Mirka Slessor, Kenneth
Murray, Les Slessor, Paul
Murray-Smith, Stephen Smart, Jeffrey
Nolan, Sir Sidney Southey, Sir Robert
O’Brien, Edna Stewart, Douglas
O'Connor, Mark Stonier, Paul
Olsen, John Stow, Randolph
O’Neil, Lloyd Tennant, Kylie
Page, Michael Vitiello, Gregory
Palmer, Vance Wallace-Crabbe, Chris
Perceval, John Ward, Russel, Prof.
Pollinger, Laurence Waten, Judah
Porter, Hal Whitlam, E.G.
Porter, Peter Wighton, Rosemary
Pugh, Clifton Wright, Judith
Pybus, Cassandra Yevtushenko, Yevgeny
Randall, D'Arcy Zwicky, Fay

Box List

Box Series Folder
1 1 1-8
2 1 9-14
3 2 1-9
4 2 10-16
5 2 21-29
6 2 30-37
7 2 38-45
8 2 46-54
9 2 55-62
10 2 63-70
11 2 71-79
12 2 80-87
13 2 88-96
14 2 97-105
15 2 106-113
16 2 114-120
17 2 121-128
18 2 129-136
19 2 137-143
20 2 144-149
21 2 150-156
22 2 157-162
160 2 163
161 2 164-168
23 3 1-9
24 3 10-12
24 4 1-6
25 4 7-14
26 4 15-18
26 5 1-2
26 6 1-2
27 6 3-10
28 6 11-19
29 6 20-28
30 6 29-36
31 6 37-45
32 6 46-54
33 6 55-62
34 6 63-71
35 7 1-8
36 7 9-16
37 8 1-8
38 8 9-16
39 8 17-20
40 9 1-7
41 10 1-3
41 11 1-5
42 11 6-12
43 11 13-18
44 11 19-21
  12 1-6
45 13 1-6
46 13 7-11, 13-14
47 14 1-4
160 14 5
47 15 1-4
48 15 5-7
48 16 1-3
49 16 4-11
50 16 12-18
51 17 1-5
51 18 1-4
52 18 5-10
52 19 1-2
53 19 3-5
53 20 1-4
54 21 1-5
54 22 1-3
55 22 4-7
161 22 8
55 23 1-3
56 23 4-11
57 23 12-18
58 23 19-25
59 23 26-27
59 24 1-5
60 24 6-13
61 24 14-20
62 24 21-31
63 25 1-6
64 25 7
64 26 1-4
65 26 5-8
65 27 1-2
66 27 3-9
67 27 10-16
68 27 17-23
69 28 1-8
70 28 9-13
71 28 14-20
72 28 21-26
73 28 27-32
74 28 33-39
75 29 1-7
76 30 1-9
77 30 10-16
78 30 17-23
79 30 26-27
80 30 28-34
160 30 35
81 31 1-4
82 31 5-8
83 31 9-16
84 31 17-24
85 31 25-32
86 31 33-38
87 31 39-40, 42-45
88 32 1-8
89 32 9-15
90 32 16-18
91 32 20-26
92 32 27-32
93 32 33-39
161 32 40
162 32 41-44
94 33 1-9
95 33 10-16
96 34 1-7
97 34 8-15
98 34 16-22
99 34 23-30
100 34 31-39
101 34 40-48
102 34 49-56
103 34 57-59
162 34 60-61
103 45 1-6
104 35 7-15
105 35 16-21
105 36 1-2
106 36 3-10
107 37 1-8
108 37 9-16
109 37 17-20
110 37 21-28
111 37 29-35
112 37 36-43
160 37 44
163 37 45-46
113 38 1-9
114 38 10-18
115 38 19-27
116 38 28
163 38 29-31
  39 1-8
117 40 1-9
118 40 10-17
119 40 18-27
120 40 28-35
121 40 36-42
122 40 43-50
123 40 51-53
124 41 1-7
125 42 1-4
126 42 5-7
127 42 8-13
128 42 14-20
129 42 21-27
130 42 28-33
131 42 34-40
132 42 41-46
133 42 47-49
164 42 50
134 43 1-7
135 43 8-14
136 43 15-22
137 43 23-39
138 43 30-37
139 43 38-44
140 43 45-51
141 43 52-59
142 43 60-66
143 43 67-72
144 43 73-79
145 43 80-85
146 43 86-92
147 43 93-98
160 43 109
164 43 110
148 44 1-7
149 44 8-14
150 44 15-16
151 44 17-21
152 44 22-26
153 44 27-28
160 44 42
154 45 1-8
155 45 9-16
156 45 17-18
164 45 19
  46 1-18
157 46 19-27
158 46 28-35
159 46 36-40

Folio Items

Folio Box 1

6/72 Art work for cover of Alan Moorehead’s Cooper’s Creek

13/12 Research material relating to Edward John Eyre (photocopies)

26/8 Illustrations for Sun, sea, surf and sand (1985)

27/24 Illustrations for The innovators (1986)

30/24 Galley proofs for A rare bird (1996)

43/106 X-ray of Geoffrey Dutton

Folio Box 2

30/25 Concertina file containing correspondence and research notes for A rare bird (1996)

Folio Box 3

31/41 Galley proofs for The Picador Henry Lawson (1991)

32/19 Research material relating to the Germans in Australia

Folio Box 4

43/99 Two flying logbooks

43/100 Three school caps, one cloth brush

43/101 Kodak camera

43/102 Two paperweights, one wooden letter-opener

43/103 Set of paintbrushes

43/104 Four wooden school crests

43/105 Box with badges

44/29 Photograph album, ‘Anlaby’, c. 1934-39

Folio Box 5

44/30 Photograph album, c. 1900

44/31 Photograph album, c. 1901

Folio Box 6

44/32 Photograph album, c. 1900-1920s

44/33 Photograph album, c. 1920-27

Folio Box 7

44/34 Photograph album, c. 1930s-1940s

44/35 Photographs and prints, including photographs of H.H. Dutton, 1902, Geoffrey Dutton, c. 1940s, and Anlaby

44/36 Two photographs of H.H. Dutton at Magdalen College, Oxford, 1902

44/37 Framed lithograph of Henry Dutton by Otto Speckter, 1856

44/38 Framed portrait of Emily Dutton, c. 1888

Folio Box 8

44/39-40 Two photograph albums, ‘Anlaby’

Folio Box 9

14 paintings and drawings

Elephant Folio Items

Elephant Folios in Map Cabinet (HW 18)


40/54 Cartoon sketches by John Olsen while waiting for the ferry, Kangaroo Island, 1988

43/107 Blueprint of H.H. Dutton’s yacht Adele

43/108 Maps, photographs and plans of Anlaby

44/41 Portraits of Henri Bastin, 1979
Portrait of Geoffrey Dutton, 1979, by David Simpson
Photograph of Paul Wenz and Jack London in Australia, c. 1980s

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