Guide to the Papers of Barbara Hanrahan

MS 7754

National Library of Australia

Date Completed: July 1989
Last updated: March 2010

This finding aid was revised and published with the assistance of the Ray Mathew and Eva Kollsman Trust.


Creator: Hanrahan, Barbara, 1939-1991
Title: Papers of Barbara Hanrahan
Date range: 1958-92
Reference number: MS 7754
Extent: 3.45 metres (23 boxes)
Repository: National Library of Australia Canberra


Scope and Content

The collection comprises correspondence, notes, typescripts, proofs and drawings relating to fourteen of Hanrahan's novels and some unpublished works. Hanrahan's first novel The scent of eucalyptus is not represented. Also included in the papers are her diaries and notebooks (1958-91).


Part available for research. Permission is required for research for Series 5.


The papers were purchased in two instalments, by the Library in 1988 and 1993.

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Preferred Citation

Items from this collection should be cited as '[Title or description of manuscript item], Papers of Barbara Hanrahan, National Library of Australia, MS 7754, [series and/or folder number]'.

Biographical Note

Barbara Hanrahan was an artist, print maker and writer. She was born in Adelaide in 1939 and lived there until her death in December 1991.

She spent three years at the South Australia School of Art and the left for London in 1963 to continue her art studies. She taught in the South Australian School of Art (1963-66). In England Hanrahan taught at the Falmouth College of Art, Cornwall, (1966-67) and Portsmouth College of Art (1967-70).

From 1964 Hanrahan held a number of exhibitions principally in Adelaide and Sydney, but also in Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, London and Florence. He works are represented in the Australian National Gallery, Canberra and many regional galleries.

Barbara Hanrahan's novels include The scent of eucalyptus (1973), The peach groves (1980), The frangipani gardens (1988) and Flawless jade (1989).

See: The encyclopedia of Australian art, p. 549.

The Oxford companion to Australian literature, pp. 315-316.

Series List and Descriptions

Series 1 Correspondence, 1972-91

Folder 1 Murray Pollinger, London, 1972-76
Folder 2-3 Chatto & Windus, London, 1972-80
Folder 4-10 Literary correspondence. Some of the correspondents are Craig Munro, Merril Yule, Geoffrey Dutton, Leslie Anderson, Varity Laughton, Dale Spender and Tim Curnow. 1978-91

Series 2 Writings, 1974-92

This series consists of 14 subseries.

Subseries 2.1 Sea green, 1974

Published by Chatto and Windus.

Folder 1 Corrected proofs

Subseries 2.2 The albatross muff, 1977

Published by Chatto and Windus

Folder 2 Corrected proofs and notes

Subseries 2.3 Where the queens strayed, 1978

Published by the University of Queensland Press

Folder 3 Corrected typescript. Also a letter from Margaret Perkins, Editorial Secretary of the University of Queensland Press

Subseries 2.4 The peach groves, 1980

Published by the University of Queensland Press.

Folder 4 Handwritten notes,
Folder 5 Notes for an early typescript
Folder 6 Corrected typescript and some handwritten pages
Folder 7 Early typescript, uncut version, with editorial pencil marks by D.J. Enright of Chatto & Windus
Folder 8 Corrected typescript

Subseries 2.5 The frangipani gardens, 1980

Published by the University of Queensland Press.

Folder 9 Handwritten notes for pages from early typescript
Folder 10 Corrected typescript
Folder 11 38 textual drawings on 30 pieces of cards. Some of these drawings were used in the book.
Folder 12 Corrected galleys, and folio

Subseries 2.6 Dove, 1982

Published by University of Queensland Press.

Folder 13 Early typescript and notes
Folder 14 Typescript and a set of page proofs
Folder 15 Corrected page proofs and corrected galleys
Folder 16 Handwritten notes and drafts

Subseries 2.7 Kewpie doll, 1984

Published by Chatto and Windus.

Folder 17 Notes and drafts
Folder 18-20 Typescripts and corrected typescripts

Subseries 2.8 Annie Magdalene, 1985

Published by Chatto and Windus.

Folder 21-22 Corrected typescripts

Subseries 2.9 Dream people (12 stories), 1987

Published London, Grafton/Collins.

Folder 23 Typescripts
Folder 24 Draft and corrected typescript

Subseries 2.10 A Chelsea girl, 1988

Published by Grafton Books.

Folder 25 Corrected typescript

Subseries 2.11 Flawless Jade, 1989

Published by University Press of Queensland.

Folder 26-29 Typescripts with corrections
Folder 30-31 Galley proof and blurb

Subseries 2.12 Iris in her Garden, 1991

Published by Brindadbella Press, Canberra.

Folder 32 Typescript of eight short stories, with alterations

Subseries 2.13 Good Night Mr Moon, 1992

Published by University Press of Queensland.

Folder 33 Handwritten drafts and notes
Folder 34-37 Typescripts with corrections

Subseries 2.14 Michael and me and the sun, 1992

Published by University Press of Queensland.

Folder 38 Handwritten draft
Folder 39-41 Corrected typescripts and notes
Folder 42-43 Complete typescript

Series 3 Unpublished writings

Folder 1-5 Miscellaneous drafts and notes of published and unpublished works, including 'Rose alone' and a ship book
Folder 6-7 Notes and drafts of short stories
Folder 8 Notes and drafts for public talks and miscellaneous biographical notes

Series 4 Book reviews, 1973-92

Folder 1-5 Newspaper cuttings of reviews of Hanrahan's writings and that of other writers; book reviews, magazine articles and obituaries; Books reviews, magazine articles and obituaries.

Series 5 Diaries and notebooks (Restricted)

Box 10 Diaries 1-14, 1958-71
Box 11 Diaries 15-23, 1971-74
Box 12 Diaries 24-34, 1975-81
Box 13 Diaires 35-43, 1981-86
Box 14 Diaries 44-53, 1986-89
Box 15 Diaries 54-58, 1989-91

Please note that the notebooks are not dated.

Box 16-23 Photocopies of all the original diaires and notebooks

Box List

Box Series Folder
1 1 1-8
2 1 9-10
2 2 1-6
3 2 7-11
Folio box 2 12
4 2 13-19
5 2 20-25
6 2 26-32
7 2 33-41
8 2 42-43
8 3 1-6
9 3 7-8
9 4 1-5
10 5 Diaries 1-14
11 5 Diaries 15-23
12 5 Diaries 24-34
13 5 Diaries 35-43
14 5 Diaries 44-53
15 5 Diaries 54-58; notebooks 59-64
16-23 5 Photocopies of diaries & notebooks