MS 7826
Papers of Sir James Darling (1899-1995)

Scope and Content Note

Original consignment

The original consignment of papers of Sir James Darling comprises 14 boxes of material arranged into 6 series. This consignment includes correspondence and other papers, primarily relating to the Australian Frontier, the Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust, the Road Safety Council, Marcus Oldham Farm Management College and the Australian Broadcasting Commission.

This material is listed in a paper-only finding aid available from the Manuscripts Branch.

Addition 19 September 1991

This part of the collection was transferred to the Library in 1991 and includes further files on such organisational records as the Australian Frontier and the Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust; a large group of correspondence; as well as drafts of articles, speeches and Darling's autobiography Richly rewarding.

The papers in this consignment have been arranged into 13 series and the numbering of the series follows on from those in the first consignment.

The Australian Frontier material can be found in Series 1 and 13; the Miscellaneous material is in Series 5 and 18; and the Printed material is in Series 6 and 19.

Series List - Addition 19 September 1991

Series 7 Correspondence, 1950-88
Series 8 Letters of recommendation, 1963-75
Series 9 Speeches, 1961-67
Series 10 Writings: 'Saturday reflections'
Series 11 Writings: Richly rewarding
Series 12 Writings: 'The whole environment'
Series 13 Australian Frontier, 1962-72
Series 14 United World Colleges, 1970-91
Series 15 Marcus Oldham Farm Management College, 1976-89
Series 16 Australian Broadcasting Commission, 1961-67
Series 17 Other activities:
i The Foundation for the Peoples of the South Pacific
ii The Australian Advisory Council of Elders
iii Television Society of Australia
iv Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust
v Victoria League for Commonwealth Friendship
Series 18 Miscellaneous files
Series 19 Printed material

Series Description - Addition 19 September 1991

Series 7. Correspondence, 1950-88

This series was arranged in alphabetical and chronological order by Sir James Darling. Correspondence for 1960-69 can also be found in Series 16 and 17. Main correspondents are highlighted in the folder listings below.

Folders 1-2

Josie Alder
David Anderson
R.C. Armstrong
Tom Austin

Folders 3-4

Garfield Barwick
Don Bennet
Julian Bickerstein
R.F. Broadbent
A.B. Brown

Folder 8

Don Casey
R.C.D. Casey
C.B. Christesen
C.M.H. Clark
F. Crean

Folders 9-13

Darling Family letters
John Davison
G.C.W. Dicker
Talbot Duckmanton

Folder 14

Frank Engel
M.J.B. Evans

Folders 15-18

Geoffrey Fairbairn
Graham Farley
Andrew Farran
Arthur Fletcher
Doug Fraser

Folders 19-21

Jane (daughter)?
Angus Gillan
James Grant
R.J. Gray
R. Grenfell
Kevin Grosse,

Folders 22-26

Peter Hare
Brian Harrison
Sir David Hay
Cameron Hazlehurst
Colin Healey
Jim Hogg
Brian Hone

Folder 27

Ken Inglis
P. Jardine
Bruce Jeffcott
Robert Joyce
Tom Judd

Folder 28

Bill Kilpatrick
David King
Mary King
Alan Knight

Folders 29-30

R. Lawson
Desmond Lee
R.B. Lefroy
Hugh Lester
J.R. Lester
Michael Long

Folders 31-32

le Fleming family

Folders 33-38

A.M. McGaffrey
William McMahon
Paul McKeown
William McKie
Andrew McKinnon
Keith C. Mackriell
Hugh A. McRae
Elsie B. Manley
Don Marles
J. Milburn
Howard Milligan
J. Mitchell
Adrian Monger
Des Moore
John H.C. Morris
Tim Murray
Stephen Murray-Smith

Folder 39

Jack Munster

Folders 40-41

Sir Maurice Nathan
Bill Nederman
Nimmo family
John Norgard
Rev. J.S. Nurser

Folder 42

O.A. Oeser
Bill O'Shea
Alex Ottaway
N.P. Owen

Folders 43-45

J.B. Paul
Guy E.C. Pease
Michael Persse
Jeremy Pickett
B.M. Porter
Bruce Pratt

Folders 46-47

A.J. Rea
Blyth Ritchie
Rev. A. de Robin
P.A.V. Roff
Peter Ronald
Lloyd Ross

Folders 48-51

Clement Semmler
A. Sherriff
P.B. Sitzema
Robert Southey
W. Spewers
H.D. Steward
Barbara Sutton

Folders 52-53

William Tempel
David Thompson
Robert Todd
David Tompsett
Veronica Tozer
T.L. Twidell

Folder 54

Ian Urquart
Rick Van Bibra
Peggy Van Pragh
Claudia Veliz
Don Vincent

Folders 55-56

Darrell Wardle
L.W. Weickhardt
Jim White
Frank Woods

Folder 57

Jean Yule
Spencer Zifcats

Series 8. Letters of recommendation

This Series contains requests from former Students of Geelong Grammar School, mostly for Headmaster positions at the various Church of England Grammar Schools in Australia, and copies of Darling's references.

Series 9. Speeches

This Series contains typescripts of miscellaneous speeches written and delivered by Darling on various occasions, including Unesco Repertory Theatre Conference in Adelaide, 1966; an address at the Geelong Boy's Employment Centre, 13 July 1965; Newington Old Boys Association; and Centenary Celebration Dinner, 26 July 1963.

Series 10. Writings: 'Saturday reflections'

This series contains carbon copies of handwritten drafts of feature articles published in The Age entitled "Saturday reflections" and book reviews. The articles were published as a book entitled Reflections for the Age (1991).

Series 11. Writings: Richly Rewarding

Handwritten drafts and typescripts of Richly rewarding which was published by Hill of Content in association with Lloyd O'Neil, 1978.

Series 12. Writings: 'The whole environment'

This series includes handwritten drafts, typescripts and some correspondence relating to 'The whole environment' and 'Freedom for equality'.

Series 13. Australian Frontier


1-6 Correspondence, 1962-72

7-12 Minutes of meetings, 1971-73

Series 14. United World Colleges


1-4 Correspondence 1970-91

5 Applications for scholarships

6-9 Minutes of meetings, 1980-91

10 Notes on re-organisation and related correspondence,

11 James Fairfax Scholarship fund, 1988-89

12-13 Printed material


Series 15. Marcus Oldham Farm Management College


1 Correspondence, 1976-81

2 Forward planning study material report, May 1979

3 "Special Subjects" agreement between Oldham and Geelong Church of England Grammar School, 1982

4 Correspondence, minutes of meetings and reports relating to the appointment of a principal, 1980-81

5 "Current" Financial papers, accounts and minutes of meetings, 1980-81

6-18 Minutes of meetings, reports and circulars, 1981-88

19 Minutes of meetings, financial statements, and reports, 1988-89

20 Submissions to the Department of Education and Youth Affairs, 1984

21 A description, analysis and history of the farm by R.G. Ashby part l and 2 (printed article)


Series 16. Australian Broadcasting Commission


1-5 Personal Correspondence, 1961-68

6 Correspondence relating to Senior Officers Association, 1961-63

7 Correspondence concerning educational television

8-9 Correspondence with Sir Charles Moses, 1963-66

10 Correspondence with Clem Semmler, 1963-67

11 Correspondence concerning Darling's resignation, 1967

12 Addresses and Speeches, 1961-63

13 Constitution of ABC, 1965

14 Response to news commentaries, 1965

15 Newspaper cuttings and some correspondence, 1962-63

Series 17. Other Activities


1-4 Victoria League for Commonwealth Friendship
Financial papers, minutes of meetings, notes and some
correspondence, 1977-89

5 Television Society of Australia
Reports, newsletters and some correspondence, 1976-77

6 The Foundation for the Peoples of the South Pacific
Drafts of articles, reports and some correspondence 1981.

7 Australian Advisory Council of Elders
Correspondence, constitution and draft of a report entitled
'Challenge to Australia and to its Education'.

8 Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust
Minutes of meetings and other miscellaneous papers, 1982-86


Series 18. Miscellaneous


1 Miscellaneous notes and drafts, 1966-80

2 Photocopies of an ANZAC diary, 1915

3 Headmaster conference, 1965

4-5 Miscellaneous, press releases and newspaper cuttings
Headmaster conference 1965


Series 19. Printed Material

This series contains miscellaneous printed material.

Box List - Addition 19 September 1991

Series         Box                 Folders             
7              15                  1-8                 
7              16                  9-14                
7              17                  15-21               
7              18                  22-28               
7              19                  29-36               
7              20                  37-45               
7              21                  46-51               
7              22                  52-57               
8              23                  1-3 
9              23                  1-2                
9              24                  3-6                
10             25                  1-5 
10             26                  6                
11             26                  1-4                 
12             27                  1-5                 
13             27                  1-4                 
13             28                  5-12                
14             29                  1-7                 
14             30                  8-13               
15             31                  1-9                 
15             32                  10-16               
15             33                  17-21               
16             33                  1-3                 
16             34                  4-11                
16             35                  12-15               
17             35                  1-4                 
17             36                  5-8                 
18             37                  1-5                 
19             37-40