MS 8047

Papers of Charles Perkins (1936 - 2000)

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Access: series 1, 3-6, 13-14, 16-22 are restricted; series 2, 7-12 and 15 are closed for thirty years

The papers were donated to the Library by Charles Perkins in five instalments between 1989 and 1995.

The papers of Charles Perkins contain correspondence, cuttings, subject files, reports, meeting papers, cassette tapes, copies of official records, inquiry transcripts, speeches, photographs and printed matter documenting his life and career from his early sporting achievements in the 1950s until his consultancy work in the early 1990s.

The collection contains material relating to Perkins’ involvement in a range of Aboriginal organisations including Student Action for Aborigines, the Federal Council for the Advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders (FCAATSI), Aboriginal Publications Foundation, National Aboriginal Sports Foundation, Aboriginal Hostels Limited and the John and Anna Memorial Trust Fund. There are also papers on his career in the Department of Aboriginal Affairs and the Aboriginal Development Commission.

Also included in the collection are papers relating to Perkins’ involvement in soccer, both as a player and administrator, and legal papers relating to defamation cases and the inquiries into the administration of Aboriginal affairs.


When the papers were received by the Library, the majority of the contents were filed, but were not arranged in any particular order. Exceptions to this are the semi-official correspondence (series 2) and the chronological cuttings files (series 20, folders 46-51), which were arranged in chronological sequences. The bundles of cuttings listed by subject formed a discrete group, as did much of the material on inquiries into Aboriginal affairs and the consultancy papers. Other series were created by Library staff.

Related Material

Papers relating to Dr Peter Read’s book Charles Perkins: a biography are held at MS 8430. An oral history interview by Dr Read with Perkins conducted in 1988-89 for his biography is held at ORAL TRC 2303/13. Interviews with other interviewees for the biography are also held at ORAL TRC 2303.


Three official files were removed from the Perkins Papers and sent to the National Archives of Australia.

Biographical Note

Charles Nelson Perkins was born on 16 June 1936 at the Alice Springs Telegraph Station Aboriginal reserve, the son of Martin Connolly (of Kalkadoon descent) and Hetti Perkins (of Arrernte descent). He was educated at the reserve, at Le Fevre Boys’ Technical School (Adelaide), the Metropolitan Business College, Sydney (1961) and the University of Sydney, where he graduated in 1965 with a Bachelor of Arts. He married Eileen Munchenberg on 23 September 1961 and had two daughters (Hetti and Rachel) and one son (Adam). Perkins was awarded Jaycees Young Man of the Year in 1966, Aborigine of the Year in 1993 and the Order of Australia in 1987. Perkins’ autobiography, A bastard like me was published by Ure Smith in 1975. Charles Perkins: a biography by Dr Peter Read was published in 1990.

Perkins died in 2000.


1952-57 Apprentice Fitter and Turner, British Tube Mills (SA)

1963-65 President, Student Action for Aborigines

1965 Led ‘freedom ride’ through northern New South Wales rural towns publicising discrimination against Aboriginal people

1965-69 Manager, Foundation for Aboriginal Affairs

1965-78 Member, Federal Council for Advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders (renamed the National Aboriginal Islanders Liberation Movement in 1975)

1967 Vice-Chairman, National Aborigines Day Observance Committee (NSW)

1968-70 Trustee, National Aboriginal Tribal Council

1969-71 Research Officer, Office of Aboriginal Affairs, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet

1971-72 Senior Research Officer, Office of Aboriginal Affairs, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet

1969-79 Secretary, National Aboriginal Sports Foundation

1970-79 Trustee, Aboriginal Children’s Advancement Society (NSW)

1970-75 Secretary, Aboriginal Aged Persons Homes Trust

1973-82 Chairman, Aboriginal Hostels Ltd

1973-75 Assistant Secretary, Liaison and Consultation Branch, Department of Aboriginal Affairs

1975-80 Secretary and Public Officer, Aboriginal Publications Foundation (Inc.)

1976 Assistant Secretary, Coordination and Strategy Branch, Department of Aboriginal Affairs

1976-86 Chairman, National Aboriginal Sports Council

1977 Assistant Secretary, Research and Overview Branch, Department of Aboriginal Affairs

1978 First Assistant Secretary, Policy Division, Department of Aboriginal Affairs

1979-81 Deputy Secretary, Department of Aboriginal Affairs

1980-84 Chairman, Aboriginal Development Commission (part time)

1982 Administrator, John and Anna Woods Trust Fund

1983 Member, Education Task Force (SA)

1984-88 Secretary, Department of Aboriginal Affairs, Canberra

1984-88 President, Arrernte Council of Central Australia

1989-92 Board Member, SBS Television/Radio

1989-2000 Director, Charles Perkins and Associates, Consultants

1990-92 Member, Australia Council Aboriginal Arts Committee

1991-2000 Member, Olympic Bid Committee, Sydney 2000

1991-2000 Chairman, Arrernte Council of Central Australia

1994-95 Commissioner and Deputy Chair, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Commission


Who’s who 1999

Monash biographical dictionary of the 20th century, 1994

Read, Peter Charles Perkins: a biography (Ringwood, Vic.: Viking, 1990)

Charles Perkins Papers (MS 8047)

Series List

  1. Personal correspondence, 1962-93
  2. Semi-official correspondence, 1976-83
  3. University of Sydney, 1964-65
  4. Foundation for Aboriginal Affairs, 1964
  5. Student Action for Aborigines (SAFA), 1965-66
  6. Federal Council for the Advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders (FCAATSI), 1967-77
  7. Aboriginal Publications Foundation, 1974-80
  8. National Aboriginal Sports Foundation, 1976-82
  9. Aboriginal Hostels Ltd, 1975-80
  10. Department of Aboriginal Affairs, 1970-88
  11. Aboriginal Development Commission, 1978-88
  12. Inquiries into the Administration of Aboriginal Affairs, 1980-89
  13. Charles Perkins and Associates, Consultations, 1980-93
  14. John and Anna Woods Memorial Trust Fund, 1986-87
  15. Australia Council Aboriginal Arts Committee, 1989-90
  16. Soccer papers, 1958-89
  17. Writings by Perkins, 1968-90
  18. Subject files, 1964-89
  19. Legal papers, 1982-92
  20. Cutting files and press cuttings, 1961-89
  21. Miscellaneous papers, 1956-93
  22. Publications, 1962-92

Series Description

Series 1 Personal correspondence, 1962-93

Correspondence files, arranged chronologically. The files contain correspondence with the Australia Council and reader responses regarding Perkins’ autobiography A bastard like me, letters of congratulation on becoming Secretary of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs, letters regarding his dismissal from the Public Service in 1988, and responses to an open letter by Perkins to all Aboriginal and Islander people of Australia, 1991. There is also a letter from Harold Holt written after the 1967 referendum. Also included in the files are cuttings, photographs and other papers as well as carbon copies of replies by Perkins. File contents are in original order.


1 Private papers and National Aboriginal Consultative Council, 1962-75

2 Correspondence, 1965-79

3 Correspondence, 1974-90 including telegrams and letters of support relating to Perkins' criticisms of Senator Cavanaugh in 1974

4 Correspondence including responses to A bastard like me, 1975-76

5-7 Correspondence, 1980-90 (includes some sealed official papers closed until 2017)

8 Correspondence on Donald Wilkinson, 1981

9-10 Letters of congratulation on becoming Secretary of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs, 1984

11-13 Correspondence, Nov. 1988-89

14-15 Invitations, 1989-90

16 National organisation, 1991

17 Correspondence, 1992 (Northern Territory University)

18-19 Correspondence, 1993

Series 2 Semi-official correspondence, 1976-83 (CLOSED until 2013)

Files of telegrams and correspondence maintained by Perkins while employed by the Department of Aboriginal Affairs and the Aboriginal Development Commission. The files contain both personal and official material as well as carbon copies of replies.

The personal correspondence includes congratulations on appointments, get well cards, telegrams of support and comments on A bastard like me. The official correspondence relates to Perkins’ involvement with the Co-ordination and Strategy Branch, the Research and Overview Branch and the Policy Division of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs as well as the Aboriginal Development Commission. The files for 1980 and 1981 contain DAA and ADC material mixed together. Types of material include itineraries of visits, policy comments, media releases, requests for employment, reports of visits and papers regarding administrative arrangements of the DAA.


1 Telegrams, 1976-82

2 Telegrams, Nov. 1982

3 Correspondence, 1976-78

4 Correspondence, 1977-78

5 Correspondence, 1978

6 Correspondence, 1979

7 Correspondence, 1980

8 Correspondence, 1981

9-10 Correspondence, 1982

11 Correspondence, 1983

Series 3 University of Sydney, 1964-65

Perkins attended the University of Sydney between 1963 and 1965, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Anthropology, Sociology, Government and Psychology. He was the first Aboriginal graduate of an Australian university.

The papers comprise lecture notes, notes from readings and essays, mainly in Anthropology and Government.

6 folders


Series 4 Foundation for Aboriginal Affairs, 1964

Foundation for Aboriginal Affairs was formed in Sydney in 1963 to assist urban Aborigines with difficulties regarding housing, employment, education, legal advice, medical assistance and financial matters. Ted Noffs was the Chairman of the Foundation and Charles Perkins and Ken Brindle the vice-chairmen. In 1964 the Foundation launched a Christmas door knock appeal to help pay for the purchase of a building at 810 George Street. The appeal raised £80,000 while the NSW Government donated £10,000. Between 1965 and 1969 Perkins was the Manager of the Foundation.

The series comprises a scrapbook of press cuttings (1964) regarding the living conditions of urban Aborigines, the activities of the Foundation and the 1964 Christmas appeal.

A small quantity of papers concerning the Foundation is held in series 5. Further cuttings are held in series 20.

1 folio item

Series 5 Student Action for Aborigines (SAFA), 1965-66

Student Action for Aborigines (SAFA) was formed at the University of Sydney in 1964, growing from a lunchtime meeting where students considered the problem of racial discrimination in the United States. Student interest in similar problems in Australia led to the formation of SAFA. Objectives of SAFA were: "to arouse public attention, especially within the University to fundamental aboriginal problems in health, education, housing etc; to break down social discriminatory barriers to the extent possible by student actions [and] to stimulate the interest of aborigines in improving their situation within society" (SAFA Constitution).

Perkins was President from 1964-65. In early 1965 Perkins led a ‘freedom ride’ through northern New South Wales towns including Wellington, Kempsey, Moree and Walgett, surveying Aboriginal residents and drawing attention to the segregation and living conditions of Aboriginal people.

The papers in this series include an article ‘Reactions to the SAFA tour’ by Jim Spigelman, Dissent (1965), articles published in The Bulletin, a typescript ‘Darce Cassidy’s freedom ride’ (n.d.), cuttings, letters and telegrams in support of SAFA’s campaign, draft report by Perkins to FCAATSI, SAFA Constitution, SAFA address list and material on other Aboriginal organisations including FCAATSI and the Foundation for Aboriginal Affairs.

Further cuttings relating to the freedom rides are held in series 20.

2 folders

Series 6 Federal Council for the Advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders (FCAATSI), 1967-77

The Federal Council for the Advancement of Aborigines (FCAA) was formed in 1958 at a meeting of representatives of Aboriginal advancement organisations from South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. FCAA (later renamed Federal Council for the Advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders) was formed as a federal organisation to fight for social justice for Aborigines. The objectives of FCAATSI included obtaining legislative reform, land rights and equal wages, and equal access to employment and educational opportunities. FCAATSI was the main organisation behind the 1967 referendum that gave Aborigines full citizen rights and the federal government concurrent powers with the states over Aboriginal affairs.

Perkins was involved in FCAATSI between 1965 until 1978. The papers include minutes of FCAATSI meetings and conferences, 1967-70 and 1977; papers relating to the 1967 Referendum; papers on the push to limit voting rights at FCAATSI meetings to Aboriginal members only; speeches by H.C. Coombs, E.G. Whitlam and others; financial papers (1977) and lists of affiliated organisations.

A small quantity of papers concerning FCAATSI is held in series 5.

3 folders

Series 7 Aboriginal Publications Foundation, 1974-80 (CLOSED until 2010)

The Aboriginal Publications Foundation was incorporated as a company in August 1970. APF published Identity, a quarterly journal of creative writing by Aboriginal people, Aboriginal and Islander forum, a bi-monthly newsletter and various books and other publications by and for Aboriginal Australians.

Perkins was Public Officer of the Foundation in 1976-80.

The papers mainly relate to financial matters and include notes, minutes of Foundation meetings, 1976-78 and 1980, financial statements, papers on Australia Council grants, correspondence of Perkins as Public Officer, 1976-80 and copies of Department of Aboriginal Affairs records regarding the Foundation.

5 folders

Series 8 National Aboriginal Sports Foundation, 1976-82 (CLOSED until 2012)

The National Aboriginal Sports Foundation was established on 21 October 1969 to advise and organise Aboriginal involvement in sport and recreation in Australia. The Foundation was incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Ordinance of ACT and was funded by the Department of Aboriginal Affairs. Perkins was the Secretary of the Foundation from 1969 to 1979.

The papers comprise files maintained by Perkins containing both correspondence written to Perkins as Secretary of the Foundation and official papers of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs regarding the Foundation. The files contain correspondence, Aboriginal football team lists, membership details, funding applications and guidelines, agenda (1977), NASF constitution and rules and other papers.

2 folders

Series 9 Aboriginal Hostels Ltd, 1975-80 (CLOSED until 2010)

Aboriginal Hostels Limited (AHL) was incorporated on 6 June 1973 by the Commonwealth Government as a public company to deliver services relating to hostel and other temporary accommodation needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. AHL was managed by a Board of Directors responsible to the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs. Perkins was Chairman of AHL in 1973-82.

The papers comprise minutes and agenda items of Directors’ Meetings, 1975 and 1979-80; Steering Committee meeting papers, 1975; correspondence received and sent by Perkins as Chairman; papers on the employment of AHL staff; reports on AHL including ‘Report of the Inter-departmental Committee on Aboriginal Hostels Limited’ (February 1977); financial papers; cuttings; an agreement between AHL and the Commonwealth Government (1977) and other papers.


1-4 Aboriginal Hostels Limited, 1975

5 Aboriginal Hostels Limited, 1976-77

6 Job applications and resumes, 1977

7 Directors’ Meeting, Canberra, 23 Feb. 1979

8 Directors’ Meeting, Rockhampton, 26-27 Apr. 1979

9 Directors’ Meeting, Katherine and Darwin, 28-29 June 1979

10 Directors’ Meeting, Canberra, 20 Aug. 1979

11 Agenda items, Dec. 1980

Series 10 Department of Aboriginal Affairs, 1970-88 (Closed until 2018)

The Department of Aboriginal Affairs (DAA) was created on 19 December 1972 by the Whitlam Government and succeeded the former Office of Aboriginal Affairs. The DAA was responsible for the development and administration of national policies for the advancement and welfare of Aboriginal people (including the administration of welfare activities in the Territories) and for the administration of special legislation for Aboriginal people. The Department was abolished on 5 March 1990 with the establishment of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission.

Perkins joined the DAA in 1973 when the staff of the Office of Aboriginal Affairs were absorbed into the new Department and was made head of the Liaison and Consultation Branch. In January 1974 Perkins criticised the Minister, Senator Cavanagh, in the media. Tensions between Perkins and Cavanagh heightened, resulting in Perkins being suspended temporarily in February 1974. In March 1975 Perkins took a year’s leave without pay from the Department, during which time he worked on his autobiography and ran unsuccessfully for the Senate.

On 23 February 1976 Perkins returned to the Department, working as Assistant Secretary in the Coordination and Strategy Branch and in 1977 in the Research and Overview Branch. On 1 January 1978 he became First Assistant Secretary of the Policy Division, and in 1979-81 was Deputy Secretary of the Department. After the establishment of the Aboriginal Development Commission in July 1980, Perkins worked as a part-time Chairman of the Commission and at the deputy secretary level as special adviser to the DAA until he was appointed a full-time Commissioner in July 1981.

After his three year term with the ADC, Perkins returned to the DAA as Secretary, a position he held from 29 March 1984 until 1988. On 5 November 1988 he was stood down as Secretary of the Department as a result of allegations of mismanagement in both the Aboriginal Development Commission and the DAA.

The series contains personal files maintained by Perkins during his career with the Department. Many of the files contain official papers including carbon copies of correspondence by Perkins. The series has been arranged by the administrative branches worked in by Perkins. Material that extends across several branches or does not clearly fit into a position held by Perkins has been listed separately.

See series 11 for papers relating to inquiries into the administration of Aboriginal Affairs and series 2 for semi-official correspondence maintained while Secretary of the DAA.

Liaison and Consultation Branch, 1973-75


1 Papers, 1973, regarding housing and accommodation for fringe communities, Aboriginal welfare officers and the use of consultants for Aboriginal communities.

2 Senate Standing Committee on Social Environment, 1973-74

3 Department of Aboriginal Affairs Newsletter, Feb. 1973 – Mar. 1974

4 Interdepartmental meeting of the employment training scheme for Aboriginals, 1974

5 Itineraries, 1974

6 Transcripts of discussions, Sweden, 1974

7 Papers, 1973-75, including ‘Aims and objectives and the operation of the Consultation Branch’ and ‘Aborigines and the bureaucracy’

Coordination and Strategy Branch, 1974-76


8 Aboriginal Legal Aid Services – Ministerial Conference, 14-15 Oct. 1976

9 Burgmann College (ACT), 1976

10-11 Central Australian Aboriginal Congress, 1976

12 Devolution, 1976

13 Finance, 1976

14 Legal Aid Program, 1976/77

15 Program documentation, 1976
Queensland Institute of Aboriginal and Islander Affairs, 1976
‘Report on the development of Aboriginal policy committees…’, 1976
Request for information, 1976

16 Swanee noongars, 1976

17 Torres Strait, 1974-76

18 Papers, 1976, regarding allocation of funds (1976/77), statement by R.I. Viner on provision of funds for Aboriginal affairs, ‘The area improvement program implementation and financial control’ by B. Sheedy and other matters

Research and Overview Branch, 1975-77


19 Aboriginal organisations, 1976

20 Aboriginal overseas conference fund, 1977

21-24 Aboriginal Overseas Study Awards Scheme, 1976-77

25 Aboriginal unemployment special works projects, 1977

26 Australian Administrative Staff College Advanced Refresher Course, 1977

27 Confidential draft policy statements, 1977

28 Employment policy for Aboriginals, 1977

29 Estimates of expenditure 1974 onwards, 1977

30 Kimberley election, 1977

31 Northern Rivers College, 1976-77

32-33 Notes for meeting of ministers, Central Australia – Pitjantjatjara, 1977

34 ‘Pupunya: history and future prospects’, 1977

35-36 Research, 1975-77

37-39 Review of residential colleges (N.T.), 1976-77

40 Turnbull report (‘Economic development of Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory’ by Shann Turnbull), 1977

41 World Council of Indigenous People, 1977

42-43 Youth affairs, 1977

44 Miscellaneous papers, 1977

Policy Division, 1974-80


45 Aboriginal Loans Commission, 1974-79

46 Central Land Council, 1976-80

47 Council for Aboriginal Development, Alice Springs, 24-26 July 1978

48 Financial responsibilities in Aboriginal affairs, 1977-79

49 Meeting of State Superintendents of Aboriginal Education, Brisbane, 19-21 June 1978

50 Legal aid, 1977-79
Northern Land Council, 1976-77

51 Overseas travel, 1978

52 Papunya Report, 1978-79

53 Regional Directors’ Conference, May 1978

54 Report on overseas visit, 14 Aug. – 1 Sept. 1978 and ‘A national strategy for Aboriginal development’ (revised Sept. 1978)

55-56 ‘A strategy for Aboriginal development’ by C.N. Perkins, 1977

57-59 Senior officers’ meetings, 1977-78

60 Training, 1977

61 Training for Aboriginal self management meeting, 1977-79

62 Miscellaneous, 1978-79

Deputy Secretary, Department of Aboriginal Affairs, 1977-80


63 Aboriginal aged persons – deed of trust, 1979
Aboriginal Housing Company papers and briefing note, 1980

64 Aboriginal Legal Service submission, 1979

65 Arrangements and coordination, 1979

66 Background notes and fact sheets, 1979

67-68 Background reading for permanent heads, 1980


69-71 General briefs, 1979

72 Prime Minister’s visit to the Northern Territory, 24 – 27 Apr. 1978

73 Prime Minister’s NSW visit, Jan. 1979

74 Current briefs, 1979

75 Selected briefs from current briefing folder, 1977

76 Correspondence (out), Jan. 1979-June 1980

77 House of Representatives Standing Committee, Aboriginal access to legal aid, 1979

78 House of Representatives Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs, 1979

79 Medical research, 1977-80

80 National Aboriginal Conference, 1979-80

81 Race relations in Alice Springs, 1980

82 Sacred sites in Alice Springs, 1981

83 Miscellaneous papers, 1979-80

Secretary, Department of Aboriginal Affairs, 1984-88


84-86 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission, 1987-88

87 Australian Labor Party platform resolutions and rules and the Prime Minister’s policy statement of 23 June 1987 on Aboriginal affairs, July 1987

88 Explanatory notes, Department of Aboriginal Affairs, 1987-88

89 ‘Murrie television development report’, July 1988

90 National Aboriginal Conference, 1984-85

91 Portfolio developments, 1984

92 Portfolio meeting, 28 July 1987

93 Public relations (purchase order requests), 1986-87

94 Report on the review of the Aboriginal Benefit Trust Account (and related financial matters) in the northern Territory Land Rights legislation by J.C. Altman, 1984

95 Working Group on Indigenous Populations brief and background paper, 1988

Administrative files, 1974-87


96 Conditions of service, Department of Aboriginal Affairs, n.d.

97 Departmental instructions, 1974-75

98 Disengagement, South East Region, 1976-78
Divisional reorganisation, 1977

99 Establishment control procedures, 1975

100 Organisation – Central Office, 1977-79
Planning Division discussion paper, 1975-79

101 Planning Division situation reports, 1976-78

102 Portfolio administration and Aboriginal affairs programs and policies, July 1987

103 Program summary, 1977

104 Proposed functions of Coordination Section, 1976-79

105 Public Service Board – Bulletin, 1979 and management consultant’s survey, 1974

106 The respective roles of the regions and Central Office, 1976

107 Review of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs, 1986

108 ‘Review of state programs’(first draft), 1976

109 Significant current issues, July 1987

110 States grants draft procedures, 1976

111 Weekly situation reports, 1976-77

112-13 Miscellaneous papers, 1977-81

Australian Aboriginal Affairs Council, 1978-86


114 Brisbane, 1978

115 Standing Committee of Officers, Adelaide, 17 May 1979

116 Proceedings of the Council, Adelaide, 18 May 1979

117 Conference of Ministers, Melbourne, 3 Dec. 1976

118 Standing Committee of Officers, Hobart, 27 Feb. 1980

119 Proceedings of the Council, Hobart, 29 Feb. 1980

120 Standing Committee of Officers meeting 25 June 1986

121 Proceedings of the Council, 27 June 1986

Land rights, 1976-85


122 Aboriginal land rights legislation, 1985

123 Briefing papers – land rights meeting, Sydney, 5-8 August 1976

124-25 Queensland land rights, 1976-81

126 ‘A question of justice’ (an examination of the land rights amendments) by John Coldrey, n.d.

127 ‘Self-sufficiency (with land rights): second report on Economic development of Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory’ by Shann Turnbull, 1978

128 Miscellaneous material on land rights, 1976-81

National Aboriginal Consultative Council, 1970-77


129-32 Minutes, agenda, reports, correspondence, grant applications, election material and other papers.

Other Department of Aboriginal Affairs papers, 1972-84


133 Aboriginal Affairs Coordinating Council, 1974-76

134 Aboriginal education, 1974-81

135 Aboriginal Legal Service, 1976-77

136 Australian National University, 1974-76

137 Department of Marine and Harbours, 1972-75

138 Employment in Aboriginal communities in Central Australia, 1975-78

139 Health – Dr Cutter’s report on Papunya, 1976-77

140 Objective setting technique, n.d.

141 Racial Discrimination Act, 1975-78

142 Review of Aboriginal Hostels, 1979-80

143 Regional Directors’ Conference, 1977-79

144 Standing Committee on Coordination, follow up of Prime Minister’s trip to Northern Territory, Apr. 1978

145 Rural Health Seminar, n.d.

146 Miscellaneous papers, 1975, 1984

Series 11 Aboriginal Development Commission, 1978-88 (Closed until 2018)

The Aboriginal Development Commission was created on 1 July 1980 as a statutory body under the Aboriginal Development Commission Act 1980. The Commission incorporated the functions of the former Aboriginal Loans Commission and the Aboriginal Land Fund Commission. Functions of the Aboriginal Development Commission included furthering the economic and social development of Aboriginal people by assisting them to acquire land, engage in business enterprises, and to provide and assist in obtaining finance for housing and other needs. The Commission consisted of ten Aboriginal members comprising a Chairman, Deputy Chairman and eight other members appointed by the Governor-General.

Charles Perkins was appointed the inaugural Chairman of the Commission for a four year term from 1980 until 1984. He also served as a part-time Commissioner from May to November 1988. On 5 March 1990, all functions of the Commission were merged into the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC).

See also series 2 for semi-official correspondence maintained while a member of the ADC. Files relating to the inquires by the Auditor-General and the Senate Privileges Committee into the ADC are in series 12.

Chairman, ADC, 1980-84

The papers comprise files maintained by Perkins as Chairman of the Commission in 1980-84. The files contain correspondence, carbon copies of replies by Perkins, minutes, reports, cuttings, press releases, and other papers. The correspondence files are listed first, followed by the remaining material in roughly chronological order.


1 Copies of out-letters, 24 June 1980-4 Aug. 1981

2 Copies of out-letter, 6 Aug. 1981-22 Mar. 1982

3 Copies of out-letters, 7 Feb. 1982-5 Nov. 1982

4-6 Copies of out-letters, 10 Nov. 1982-30 Dec. 1983

7 Copies of out-letters, 3 Jan.-23 Mar. 1984

8 Chairman’s correspondence- condolence and congratulatory mail, 1983-84

9 Papers on the establishment of the Aboriginal Development Commission, 1979

10 Policy papers, 1978-81

11 Aboriginal Housing Company, 1981; papers re Bulletin article, Sept. 1981 and reports, 1981

12 General manager’s reports, 1981

13 National Aboriginal Conference, Toowoomba, 1981

14 Regional Directors’ Conference, Canberra, 1981

15 Papers on Ralkon, 1981-82

16 Sadadeen (Alice Springs), 1981-82

17 Background information on east side sacred sites – Ewyenper, Atwatye, Sadadeen, 1981-82

18 Background information – Injalkajanama & Impujara golf club sites, 1982

19 Sacred sites in Alice Springs – general background information, 1982

20 Canberra Australia Day Council, 1982
Land rights, 1982
Remuneration, ADC Chairman, 1982

21 ‘Report to the Central Land Council, Alice Springs, N.T. the traditional ownership of Amoonguna’ by John Morton, 1982

22 Minutes, ADC meeting 30 Nov.-2 Dec 1981; financial statements, 1982; minutes, ADC meeting May 1982

23 Senior officers’ meeting, 1982-83

24 Sacred sites, Alice Springs, 1983

25-28 Australian Institute for Aboriginal Studies research grant applications, 1983

29-30 Australian Aboriginal Affairs Council, 1983

31 Brief details on Commission properties, 1983

32 Delta Pastoral Company Pty Ltd, 1983

33 Discussion paper on national Aboriginal bicentennial objectives, 1983

34 ‘Aspects of Aboriginal land rights in Australia and overseas’ (ADC, 1983) and ‘Community profile on properties purchased by the Aboriginal Land Fund Commission and the Aboriginal Development Commission in Western Australia’.

35 The land- the people: a submission by the Aboriginal Development Commission to the Western Australia Aboriginal Land Inquiry’, Oct. 1983; ‘Views of the Commissioners on alcohol related problems and the advertising of alcoholic beverages’; ‘Aboriginal achievements and needs’, address by Perkins as Chairman, ADC, 4 July 1983; ‘Makarrata ideas and proposals 1979-1983: a summary of developments and suggestions’, ADC, 1983.

36 Financial and staffing reports, 1983

37 Papers, 1983-84 including ‘Policy submission on strategy for achievement of national Aboriginal bicentennial objectives’ and ministerial brief on Treka Aboriginal Arts and Crafts Pty Ltd.

38 Aboriginal Affairs Portfolio Meetings, 1983-84 (in carton)

39 House of Representatives Standing Committee on Expenditure, 1984

40 ‘Brief information about properties held and/or funded by the ADC’, Mar. 1984

41 Aboriginal Land Inquiry, 1984

Commissioner, ADC, 1988

Files maintained by Perkins as Acting Commissioner in 1988. The files contain correspondence, minutes and other meeting papers for Commission meetings, subject files, administrative material regarding the Commission and other papers.


42 Correspondence, 1988

43 58th Commission Meeting, Canberra, 14-15 June 1988

44-47 59th Commission Meeting, Darwin, 27 June-1 July 1988

48-50 60th Commission Meeting, Canberra 22 July 1988

51-54 61st Commission Meeting, Townsville, 22-26 August 1988

55 61st Commission Meeting – late papers

56 62nd Commission Meeting, Adelaide, 10-14 Oct. 1988

57 63rd Commission Meeting, Canberra, 20 October 1988

58 64th Commission Meeting, Canberra, 31 October 1988

59 Tapes of 58th and 60th Commission Meeting, 1988

60 ADC Annual report, 1986-87; ADC internal telephone directory; ADC news, v.4, no. 2

61 ADC corporate plan 1987-92

62-63 ADC financial delegations

64-65 General file

66 Charleville Aboriginal Housing Company

67 Explanatory notes

68-69 Housing Conference, Dubbo, 27-28 July

70-71 Housing Conference, Rockhampton, 15-16 Sept. 1988

72 Michael O’Brien matter

73 ‘A conceptual study for the development of the Wiradjuri Cultural and Tourist Centre, Narrandera’ by Chris Helyar Design, 1988

74 Narrandera Tourist Centre

75-76 Papers relating to the proposal to form ATSIC, 1987-88

77 Copies of letters and reports sent to the Minister and others, 1987-88

78 Miscellaneous ADC papers, 1988

Series 12 Inquiries into the Administration of Aboriginal Affairs, 1980-89 (Closed until 2019)

On 14 July 1987 the Prime Minister announced that the existing Aboriginal Affairs portfolio bodies would be replaced by a new statutory commission, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Commission (ATSIC).

The Senate Select Committee on the Administration of Aboriginal Affairs was established on 1 June 1988 to examine and report upon the Government’s proposals for the re-organisation of the administration of Aboriginal Affairs. Part of the Committee’s brief was to report on the Government’s treatment of the Aboriginal Development Commission and the ten Commissioners. The report was tabled on 28 February 1989.

On 3 November 1988 the Senate referred matters to the Committee of Privileges regarding resolutions passed at Aboriginal Development Commission meetings and inferences of interference with witnesses at Senate Select Committee hearings.

In 1988-89 several other inquiries were conducted into the administration of Aboriginal affairs as a result of allegations made to the Senate Estimates Committee in October 1988. In November 1988 the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, Gerry Hand, asked the Auditor-General Jack Taylor to undertake an audit of the Aboriginal Development Commission and the Department of Aboriginal Affairs. The Public Service Commissioner was instructed to investigate personnel management in the DAA and the Department of Finance investigated staff classification issues and financial management. Mr Andrew Menzies, former Deputy Secretary of the Attorney-General’s Department, also began investigations into matters not dealt with by the other inquiries.

The series contains material relating to these inquiries and includes transcripts of evidence, inquiry reports, correspondence, press releases, press cuttings, and legal papers.

Senate Select Committee on the Administration of Aboriginal Affairs


Proof copies of Hansard reports of Senate Select Committee hearings:

1 19-20 July 1988

2 19-21 Sept. 1988

3 Senate Select Committee on the Administration of Aboriginal Affairs, 1988

4 Senate Select Committee on the Administration of Aboriginal Affairs, 1988-89

Senate Committee of Privileges


5 General background brief, 1988

6 Detailed brief, 1988

7 Senate Privileges Committee – 1st reference – ADC matters, 1987-89

8 Senate Privileges Committee – 2nd reference – background material, 1988

9 Senate Privileges Committee – 2nd reference – trip, 1988-89

10 Submissions by Charles Perkins and the Aboriginal Development Commission, 1988-89

11 Senate Privileges Committee report, June 1989

Senate Estimates Committee


12 Senator Tambling questions on notice, 14 Oct. 1988

13 Senator Tambling questions on notice, 17 Oct. 1988

14 Senator Short questions on notice plus questions from Senator Baume, 1988

15 Questions from Hansard and addenda and supplementary answers, 1988

16 ‘Aboriginal advancement programs performance overviews 1987-88’, October 1988 provided for the Estimates Committee

17 Questions arising from the explanatory notes

18 Estimates Committee report to the Senate, Nov. 1988

Auditor-General special audits


19 Special audit, ADC, 1980-89

20-21 Special audit, ADC, Dec. 1988-Jan. 89

22-23 Special audit, DAA, Jan. –Apr. 1989 (2 folders)

24 Special audit, ADC & DAA, Mar.-Apr. 1989

25-26 Special audit, ADC & DAA, Mar.-May 1989 (2 folders)

27 ‘Audit of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs- stage 2’ (drafts), Jan. 1989; ‘A response to the Auditor-General’s special audit report of Mar. 1989’ (ADC, Apr. 1989); and ‘The Auditor-General final report of special audit: The Aboriginal Development Commission and the Department of Aboriginal Affairs’, Oct. 1989

Public Service Commissioner


28-30 Report on allegations about certain aspects of personnel management in the Department of Aboriginal Affairs by Bruce MacDonald, 30 Dec. 1988 and other papers, Nov. 1988-Apr. 1989

Inquiry into Allegations as to the Administration of Aboriginal Affairs (Menzies Inquiry)


31 Taxi fares, Nov. 1988-May 1989

32 Hetti Perkins material, Nov. 1988-May 1989

33 Menzies Inquiry, Nov. 1988-June 1989

34 Inquiries- general-National Library documents, Nov. 1988-June 1989

35 Menzies Inquiry, May-June 1989

36 Menzies report, June 1989

37 Menzies Inquiry, June-July 1989

38 Transcript of proceedings, 20 April – 12 May 1989

39 Transcript of proceedings, 18 May – 7 June 1989

40 Transcript of interview with C.N. Perkins, 8 June 1989 and transcript of interview between A. Menzies and D. McDonald, 7 June 1989

41-43 Statements by Ken Bond, Clifford Fua, Malcolm Gooda, Phillip Hall, James Halloran, Gerry Hand, Vilia Marcelline, Donald McDonald, Donald O’Rourke, Danny Rose, Edwin Spring, James Wauchope, William Wilson, and Alan Woods

44 Attachments to witness statements as at 4 May 1989

Other inquiry papers


45 Parliamentary statement by the Prime Minister on the administration of Aboriginal affairs, 11 April 1989

46 Press release by Perkins following the Prime Minister’s statement and letter by Perkins regarding Current affairs bulletin article by Roger Wettenhall, Feb. 1989

Series 13 Charles Perkins and Associates, Consultations, 1980-93 (bulk 1989-93)

Perkins formed his own consulting company in 1989 to advise on matters concerning Aboriginal affairs.

The bulk of the series relates to a consultancy conducted between September and December 1989 to provide advice to the NSW Government on its new directions in Aboriginal affairs and amendments to the NSW Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983. During October and November 1989, Perkins, supported by an Aboriginal Task Force, conducted a series of consultative meetings with Aboriginal community organisations, Aboriginal Land Councils, representatives of the government, parliamentarians and representatives of various churches.

New directions in Aboriginal affairs


1 Draft report and recommendations by Charles Perkins and Associates, n.d.

2 Submissions to the Green Paper ‘New directions in Aboriginal affairs’, 1989 Papers, 1989-90 including draft Cabinet minute ‘New directions in Aboriginal affairs in NSW: proposed new Aboriginal Land and Development Act’, Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 – Regulation, and Aboriginal Land Rights (Amendment) Bill 1990.

3 Aboriginal Land Rights legislation, 1983-90 and ‘Management philosophy and policies to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues’.

4 Papers, 1988-90 including submissions by the NSW Aboriginal Land Council and National Farmers Federation, questions in Northern Territory Parliament (1988), Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission Bill 1989 Second Reading speech, solicitor’s accounts and correspondence.

6-7 Papers, 1980-90 including NSW Land Council amendments suggestions, NSW Government Green Paper ‘New directions in Aboriginal affairs’ (Feb. 1989), and Aboriginal legislation.

8-10 NSW Land Council – key papers, 1988-90

11 Anglican Diocese of Sydney, 1989
Anti-discrimination Board, 1989
Catholics in Coalition for Justice and Peace, 1989
National Parks and Wildlife Service, 1988-89

Consultation meetings (1989):

12 Northern Tablelands – Tamworth, Armidale

13 Armidale area

14 North West Region

15 Western region

16 Murray River Region – Moama, Wamba Wamba

17 Wiradjuri Region – Cowra, Wagga Wagga

18 South Coast Region – Wollongong, Nowra

19 Illawarra and La Perouse

20 Metropolitan Region – Tranby, Aboriginal Legal Service, Redfern

21 Western-Metropolitan Region – St Mary’s, Campbelltown

22 Far North Coast Region – Lismore, Barygil

23 Central Coast Region – Forster, Taree, Kempsey

24 Far South Coast Region – Moruya, Wagonga, Wallaga Lake

25 Central Region – Dubbo

26 Muswellbrook and attendance lists

Other consultancy papers

27 Aboriginal Housing Cooperative (Redfern) – possible consultancy, 1990-91
NT Office of Local Government, 1992-93
Central Australian Aboriginal Congress Corporate Plan, 1993

28 Review of the Aborigianal Non-government Organisation Program, 1993

Series 14 John and Anna Woods Memorial Trust Fund, 1986-87

The John and Anna Woods Memorial Trust Fund was set up after the death of Ethel May Woods in 1977. Ms Woods willed part of her estate to be set up as a trust fund in memory of her parents to be used for the welfare of Aboriginal children.

Perkins was the administrator of the John and Anna Woods Trust Fund in 1982 and in 1986-87. The papers comprise files of correspondence received by Perkins as administrator of the Trust Fund, together with carbon copies of replies.

4 folders

Series 15 Australia Council Aboriginal Arts Committee, 1989-90 (Closed until 2020)

In 1976 the Australia Council assumed responsibility for the Aboriginal Arts activities of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs. Perkins was a member of the Committee in 1990-92.

The papers include ‘Handbook for members of the Australia Council, its Board and Committees’ (1989), ‘Policies and procedures of the Australia Council with respect to arts for a multicultural Australia’ (n.d.), minutes (1990), address lists and reviews of four Aboriginal cultural organisations: Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music (Adelaide), Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Cultural Centre, Aboriginal Cultural Foundation and Woomera Aboriginal Corporation.

3 folders

Series 16 Soccer papers, 1958-89

Perkins’ participation in soccer began in 1950 when he joined the Port Thistle juniors (Adelaide) in 1950. In 1951 he joined the under 18 State squad and from then on played for a number of teams including International United (Redskins) (1954-55), Budapest (1956-57) and Fiorentina (1957). In 1957 a visiting talent scout for the Liverpool club of Everton offered to pay half of his fair to England to try out for the club. In England he trained for Everton and played for an amateur team Bishop Auckland. Perkins stayed in England until mid 1959 when he refused an offer to play for Manchester United and returned home to play for Adelaide Croatia as captain-coach. After moving to Sydney, Perkins played professional soccer with the Sydney Greek Pan-Hellenic (Sydney Olympic) club in 1961-64.

Perkins maintained his interest in soccer and held numerous positions with sporting organisations including Vice President and member of the Executive of the Australian Soccer Federation, 1986-88; President and Vice-President of the Australian Indoor Soccer Federation; and President and Board member of the Soccer Club of Canberra.

The papers include cuttings, photographs, letters and programs relating to his years as a soccer player and minutes of meetings, correspondence, financial statements, newsletters and other papers relating to his involvement in soccer administration.


1 Soccer cuttings, 1958-87

2 Soccer papers, 1957-61 including photographs, letters and issues of Soccer news (1960) and programs

3 Miscellaneous soccer papers (including Australian Soccer Federation and ACT Soccer Federation), 1974, 1984-89

4-5 Soccer Club of Canberra, 1979-88

6 Australian Indoor Soccer Federation, 1985-86

7 National Soccer League, 1986-88

8 Indoor Soccer, 1989

Series 17 Writings by Perkins, 1968-90

This series contains mainly copies and drafts of speeches by Perkins as well as a few articles and other written pieces and the transcripts of two interviews with John Laws. Some files also contain speeches by others, correspondence, notes, cuttings, invitations and articles.


1 Australian National University Aboriginal seminars, 7 Mar. 1974

2-3 Speeches, 1976-82

4-5 Speeches, 1983-88

6 Speeches, 1988-93

7 Press material and speaking engagements, Nov. 1988-May 1989

8 Press material and speaking engagements, 1989

9 Speeches, 1990 and undated

10 Articles, 1968-89 and transcripts of interviews with John Laws, 9 July 1980 and 3 Sept. 1988

Series 18 Subject files, 1964-89

General subject files containing cuttings, printed material, articles, letters, minutes, press releases, and other papers.

  1. Aboriginal art/Gary Foley, 1988-89
  2. Aboriginal cricket tour, Vic., 1988
  3. ATSIC material, 1989
  4. American Indians, 1974-78
  5. Arakun, 1975-76
  6. Australian Administrative Staff College Association, 1973-77
  7. Bill of Rights/ Racial Discrimination Bill, 1973-75
  8. Bills and Acts, 1964-78
  9. Black news service, 1976-77
  10. Business cards, n.d.
  11. Cartoons, 1976
  12. Central Australian land rights news, 1975-77
  13. Katherine Rural College Planning Committee report, 1976
  14. Queensland Aboriginal and Islanders Commission, 1976
  15. Race relations- Bradford, U.K., 1977-78
  16. World vision, 1982

Series 19 Legal papers, 1982-92

Files relating to defamation cases and legal expenses incurred by Perkins over the Menzies inquiry and other cases. The cases covered by the series are Charles Perkins v John Fairfax and Sons, a defamation action regarding a Sydney Morning Herald article of 27 June 1984 impugning Perkin’s actions as Chairman of the Aboriginal Development Commission; Charles Perkins v Nationwide News Pty Ltd, regarding an editorial and cartoon on Perkins’ sacking as Secretary of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs featured in the Australian of 11 Nov. 1988; Charles Perkins v Burnum Burnum and Nationwide News Pty Ltd regarding comments by Burnum Burnum on Perkins in The Australian magazine of 1-2 Apr. 1989; and a NSW Judicial Commission investigation into public comments made by Pat O’Shane about Perkins and the administration of Aboriginal affairs.

The files include legal documents, news cuttings, correspondence with his solicitor Peter Hohnen of Macphillamy, Cummins and Gibson, letters of appreciation written by former clients to Peter Hohnen, legal accounts, Hansard extracts, press releases, apology by Burnum Burnum and other background material relevant to the cases.


1 John Fairfax and Sons, 1984-89

2 Harry Penrith, Burnum Burnum, News Ltd, 1982-91

3-6 Perkins v Nationwide News Pty Ltd, vol 2, 1985-92

7 Pat O’Shane, 1988-89

8 Menzies inquiry, 1989

9 Macphillamy, Cummins and Gibson (solicitors), 1977-89

Series 20 Cutting files and press cuttings, 1961-89

The cuttings were received by the Library in three groups: bundles of cuttings with subject headings; a small series of chronological files (1988-89) and a quantity of miscellaneous, loose cuttings. The subject files have been arranged in alphabetical order. The chronological files relate to the period immediately after Perkins’ sacking from his position as Secretary of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs, but also relate to Aboriginal issues generally.

The loose cuttings include articles and features on Perkins and his career and refer to many incidents in Perkins’ life including the freedom rides, his graduation from university, the Foundation for Aboriginal Affairs 1964 Appeal, the kidnap of Nancy Prasad in 1965, the 1974 hostage incident at the Department of Aboriginal Affairs, his criticisms of Senator Cavanagh in 1974, and the inquiries into Perkins’ conduct as Secretary of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs. Other cuttings relate more generally to Aboriginal achievements and issues, particularly in the decade 1965-75.

The cutting files contain some other material as well as cuttings such as press releases, Hansard extracts and booklets.

See also series 16 for soccer cuttings and series 4 for a cutting book on the Foundation for Aboriginal Affairs.


Subject files

  1. Aboriginal Advancement League, 1967-83
  2. Art, 1981-83
  3. Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, 1969-85
  4. Australian Labor Party – Aboriginal policy, 1980-84
  5. Bagot Reserve (N.T.), 1971-80
  6. Bicentenary, 1981-85
  7. Black trackers, 1961-85
  8. Jimmie Blacksmith, 1977-78
  9. Ernie Bridge, 1977?
    Sam Calder, n.d.
  10. Central Land Council, 1976-80
  11. Culture (Aboriginal), 1981-85
  12. Discrimination bill, 1973-80
  13. Jack Doolan, 1977-82
  14. Education, 1974-85
  15. Education (NT), 1973-83
  16. Education (Qld), 1974-85
  17. Employment, 1977-85
  18. Paul Everingham, 1981-83
  19. Eye diseases, 1981-85
  20. Film, 1969-83
  21. Fringe dwellers, 1977-81
  22. Bill Grayden, 1980-81
  23. Al Grassby, 1981
  24. Ralph Hunt, 1971-79
  25. John Isaacs, 1977-81
  26. Les Johnson, 1971-77
  27. Bernie Kilgariff, 1977-81
  28. Land right – pastoral lease, 1957-82
  29. Letters to editor, Adelaide Advertiser, 1971-83
  30. Letters to editor, Australian, 1973-84
  31. Letters to editor, Canberra Times, 1974-84
  32. Letters to editor, Centralian Advocate, 1972-82
  33. Letters to editor, Sydney Morning Herald, 1968-83
  34. Goff Letts, 1976-78
  35. Liberal Party, 1974-84
  36. Maralinga, 1984
  37. Charles Perkins, 1985-86
  38. Redfern (NSW), 1973-83
  39. Alan Ridge, 1977-79
  40. Roebourne (WA), 1974-83
  41. Lionel Rose, n.d.
  42. Roxby Downs, 1983
  43. Rupert Maxwell Stuart, 1973-81
  44. Dennis Walker, 1970-82
  45. Galarrwuy Yunupingu, 1978-83

    Chronological files

  46. Press cuttings, Nov. 1988-Dec. 1988
  47. Press cuttings, Dec. 2-Dec. 22 1988
  48. Press cuttings, Dec. 22 1988 – Jan. 31 1989
  49. Press cuttings, Jan. 31 – Mar. 11 1989
  50. Press cuttings, 15 Mar. – 21 Apr. 1989
  51. Press cuttings, 21 Apr. – 21 June 1989
  52. CNP dismissal, Nov. 1988-Aug. 1989

    Loose cuttings

53-59 Cuttings (mainly biographical), 1963-1989

60-61 Cuttings on Aboriginal issues, 1964-92

Series 21 Miscellaneous papers, 1956-93

Miscellaneous papers including papers relating to Perkins’ candidacy for the Senate election in 1975, papers relating to the awarding of his Order of Australia in 1987, papers relating to overseas trips, 1982-85, papers relating to the biography of Perkins by Dr Peter Read and speeches, articles and other writings by other authors. Most of the papers are arranged roughly chronologically.


1-5 Writings by others, 1962-93

6 Miscellaneous papers, 1956-67

7 Personal papers (1963-1967) and photographs

8 Papers, 1968-75

9 School syllabus material on Aborigines by Ian Spalding, c. 1970

10-11 National Tribal Council, 1970-73

12 Miscellaneous papers, 1974-75

13-14 1975 Senate election campaign

15 'Aboriginal land rights: the view from Australia' by Stephen J. Aronson, 1976

16 Address lists, 1980-81

17-20 Papers relating to overseas trips to Hawaii (1982), Louisiana World Expo (1984) and New Zealand (1985)

21 Papers, 1985-88

22 Papers, 1988-89

23 Papers re biography, 1989-90

24-25 Papers, 1991-93

26-27 Undated papers

Series 22 Publications, 1962-92

A small quantity of publications collected by Perkins, some containing articles on Perkins and the remainder relating to Aboriginal issues. Publications held in the Library’s book and serial collections were discarded.

21 items (folio)

Box List

Box Series Folder
1 1 1-8
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3   17-19
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5   8-11
  7 1-5
6 5 1-2
  6 1-3
7 8 1-2
  9 1-6
8   7-11
9 10 1-9
10   10-17
11   18-24
12   25-33
13   34-39
14   40-47
15   48-53
16   54-60
17   61-65
18   66-70
19   71-74
20   75-79
21   80-85
22   86-93
23   94-99
24   100-109
25   110-121
26   122-128
27   129-131
28   132-138
29   139-146
30 11 1-6
31   7-14
32   15-20
33   21-26
34   27-33
35   34-37, 39-41
36   42-47
37   48-55
38   56-62
39   63-70
40   71-78
41 12 1-6
42   8-14
43   7
  11 38
44 12 15-22
45   23-30
46   31-36
47   37-43
48   44-46
  15 1-3
49 13 1-7
50   8-14
51   15-22
52   23-28
  14 1
53   2-4
  16 1-3, 8
54   4-7
55 17 1-6
56   7-10
  18 1-3
57   4-12
58   13-16
  19 1-5
59   6-9
  20 1-3
60   4-9
61   10-14
62   15-18
63   19-20
64   21-28
65   29-32
66   33-36
67   37-40
68   41-45
69   46-49
70   50-55
71   56-61
72 21 1-2, 4-7
73   8-14
74   15-20
75   21-27
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