MS 9153
Records of Holdsworth Galleries

Scope and Content Note

  • Records
  • 1969-1996
  • 26.04m (186 boxes and 1 folio package)
  • Restricted until 24 June 2027

The records cover the full 27-year history of the Galleries and document in detail its activities in dealing and promoting Australian art. There are some 7,000 files relating to the staging of exhibitions and the sale of art works. Separate files were created for each artist or exhibition. The files vary considerably in size, from one or two items to several files for an eminent artist. Each file can contain correspondence with the artist and with other galleries and clients, draft and published catalogues, invitations, guest lists, price lists (including marked-up catalogues of prices realised), sale documents, loan agreements, insurance arrangements, newspaper clippings and reviews, photographic prints and slides of artworks.

As well as the main run of titled files, there are miscellaneous files, numerous catalogues, invitations and press cuttings arranged mainly in dated files, and photographs

Historical Note

The Holdsworth Galleries were established in 1969 by the owner, Gisella Scheinberg and continued to operate in the same premises in Woollahra until 1996, when the business was sold. The building was sold for redevelopment and the last of the Galleries' stock was auctioned in January 1997.

Mrs Scheinberg was also the proprietor of the Holdsworth Contemporary Galleries which promoted unknown and emerging artists in separate premises from 1985 to 1989.

Summary of Collection

Boxes 1-164 Files on artists, exhibitions, galleries and other clients

The detailed inventory is based on one provided by Mrs Scheinberg. Her two sequences - current and non-current files - have been merged into one roughly alphabetical one. The resulting arrangement in not in strict alphabetical order, partly because of the need to vary large and small files to fit the boxes, and partly because in the original order the occasional file was out of sequence or files on the same artist were separated (perhaps under a different version of the name). See references have been provided to help readers locate files in widely separate boxes.

Boxes 164-172 Miscellaneous files

Variously dated 'to 1977', 'to 1984' and '1995+', and arranged alphabetically within these dates, all files have now been merged into one alphabetical one, followed by files with distinct titles.

Boxes 173-176 Unsorted catalogues, invitations, press clippings

Boxes 177-183 Sorted catalogues, invitations, press clippings

These have been taken out of lever arch files and placed in archival folders in their original chronological order. Some of the files overlap two boxes. Further catalogues and invitations are in Box 25.

Folio run One package of oversized items

Detailed Inventory

Boxes 1-163: Alphabetical artists' files

Box 1

Aboriginal artists
Ilona Afif
Margaret Ainscow
Belinda Allen
Belinda Alexandrovics

Box 2

Judith Alexander

Box 3

Judith Alexander
ACGA advertisements
Rick Amor
American Indian and artifacts
Austraian War Memorial
Veda Arrowsmith
Anderson T.

Box 4

Artisan Design - Chris Wilson
Art Bulletin; This Week in Sydney Listings, The Harbour Connection
ACAF Contemporary Art Fair - catalogue and files
Sarah Aylward

Box 5

Gallery Advertisements - newspaper
Michele Ashton
Marshall Arisman
Paul Atroshenko

Box 6

Silvio Apponyi
Art shows
Arts Council of New South Wales
Artist in Residence
Trevor Askin
Australian 1988 Bicentenary
Australian Bicentennial Authority

Box 7

Australian Commercial Galleries Association - 1982-94
ACGA 1987-93
ACGA minutes
Art Dealers' Association, 1978-82

Box 8

ACAF 2, 1990
Yvonne Audette
Serena Alapont
Jose Arlen
Yaacov Agam

Box 9

African Art (Mrs Lees)
African Artifact
African National Congress
Douglas Agoston and Partners
Akademische Druck
John Aland (cancelled)
G. Albrecht
Gordon Alley
Megan Amory

Box 10

Neil Angwin
Robin Angwin
Anna-Claudia Imports

Box 11

Giselle Antmann
70 Arden Street - Judith Pugh
Coralie Armstrong
Harry Armytage
Arnold Iken
Arrowsmith, Edward N.
Doug Annand
Audrey Bergner
Anne Bierzynski

Box 12

Stuart Boggs
Gallery Bookings
Elik Borby
Philip Bacon
Rick Badger
Norman Baggaley
Natalie Barlowe

Box 13

Jean Bellette
Jane Bennett
Yosl Bergner

Box 14

Charles Blackman
Arbit Blatan
Jonathan Bowden
Arthur Boothroyd

Box 15

William Boissevain

Box 16

Horace Brodzsky
Godwin Bradbeer
Cynthia Breusch
Donna Gai Brown

Box 17

Carolyn Bromberger
Ian Buchanan
Archie Brown
Andre Brdyk
Jocelyn Brown
J. Brodsgaard
Greg Bridges
Desmond Brennan
Harry Breirschuh
Heather Breda
Janine Bravery
Frederic Braat
Jenni Boyle
Daniela Bozzoli
Louise Broue
Hatton and Lucy Boyd-Beck

Box 18

Guy Boyd

Box 19

Merric Boyd
Gay Bucknall
Eliane Bull
Fritz Bultman
Charles Bush
David Buncel
John Bainbridge
Bob Baird
Jeffrey Baker
Sarina Baker
Paul Bakker
Stanley Ballard
Roger Bansemer

Box 20

Greg Barlow
Jon Bastow
Hank Baum Gallery
Hans Bäurle
Kate and Peter Baumgarten
Beagle Press
Jorgen Bechman
Georgina Beier - Papua New Guinea
Stanislav-Stasha Beloszhanski

Box 21

Antique Berber
Patrick Bernard
John Berrick
Mac Betts
Billy Blue
Asher Bilu
Terry Blackley

Box 22

Charles Billich
Hetty Blythe
Bernard Boles
Neville Bond
Fay Bottrel
Charlotte Boyd

Box 23

Christopher Boock
Jaimie Boyd

Box 24

Arthur and Jamie Boyd

Box 25

Arthur Boyd
Old catalogues and invitations
John Caldwell
Peter Caddy
1995 calendar
1994 catalogues and invitations
1993 catalogues and invitations

Box 26

Canadian Eskimos

Box 27

Canada - Indian prints
Vasa Carradic
Criss Canning

Box 28

Judy Cassab

Box 29

Judy Cassab
John Cartwright
Michael Cartwright
E. Casalegno & T. Sandler (see also box 137)

Box 30

Ray Carlton
Cheung Shu Sang Eddy
Cheng Xiong-Li
Christmas sales

Box 31

Madeleine Clear
Barbara Cohen
Robyn Yael Cohen
Vivian Cohen
Anna Cohn
Jack Collis

Box 32

Noel Counihan
Osca Corrales
Diana Crooke
Ray Crooke
Glossy magazines: Good Weekend (Oct 1994); Sydney News (October 1994); Arthur Boyd catalogue

Box 33

Ray Crooke

Box 34

Ray Crooke
Churchill Galleries, WA
Ada Clark (Abbott)
Denis Clarke
Lynne Clarke
Robyn Clarke
Shirley Clarkson

Box 35

John Coburn
Jim Cobb
Ivor Cole
John Coley
June Colligan
Ben Collius
Ranulfo Concon
Deanna Conti
Andrew Cooks
Christina Coombs
Susie Cooper
Contemporary Art Society
Din Cowburn & Robin Richard
Ken Cowell

Box 36

Craig Alison
Fiona Craig
Penny Crawford
Mark Crocker
Doug Croston
Keith Rowley
Patrice Cujo
Tim Coleman
Apolinario Cruz

Box 37

Gallery Calendar, corporate letters
Brian Callen
Denise Margaret Campbell
Graham Campbell
Peg Campbell
Canberra auction (F.R. Strange)
Joanna Capell
Pietro Capogreco
Tonino Caputo

Box 38

Conchita Carambano
Eric Car
Pio Carlone
Kim Carpenter and Neville Dasey
Peter Carrigy
Valerie Carter
Leonie Casbolt
David Castle
Francis Celtlan

Box 39

Chameleon Galleries
Michael Chapus
Peter Charuk
Mihail Chemiakin
Christie's Contemporary Art, London
Jason Christopher

Box 40

Paul Delprat (see also Boxes 44-45)
Marc Deborde

Box 41

Errol Davis
Geoffrey Davis
Lawrence Daws
Dale Dean
Carolina de Waart
Randell Del Nin

Box 42

Vicki Dabro
Roy Dalgarno
Greg Dare
Anne Dabro
Nicholas Daunt

Box 43

Ross Davis (and Joy Beardmore)
Isabel Davies
Tevern Dawes
James Davis
Neville Dawson
Genevieve de Couvreur
Giovanni Della-Putta

Box 44

Paul Delprat (see also Boxes 40, 45)
Clare de Mayo
Devenport, Mr Ed
Simon Devir
Beverley Downie
Ross Downie
Selected drawings, 1973
A.F. Fleishman

Box 45

Paul Delprat Group Show 1996 (see also Boxes 40, 44)
Stephen (Miller) Dernacour
Design Warehouse (Simon Farkas)
Keith Dewell
Robert Dickerson

Box 46

Robert Dickerson

Box 47

Darwin Exhibition
Rod Dudley
Ninette Dutton
Elly Dykstra
Anthony Dyga

Box 48

Jill Dixon
Zelma Dufton
Kevin Duncan
Geoff Dyer
David Dridan
Ken Done
E.M. Publicity
Lenore Eades
Easter Show Exhibition
Michael Eaton
Robert Edden
Jim Edwards

Box 49

Margery Edwards
Frank Eidlitz and New Guinea art

Box 50

Vic Eisenhut
Joy Engelman
Brigitte Enders
Basil Eliades
Judy Elliott

Box 51

Rick Everingham
Joris Everaerts
Evening charities and functions

Box 52

Maureen Enns
Roger Evans
James Evans
Paul Evans
Esther Erlich
Cedric Emanuel
Ralph Eberlein
George Eadie

Box 53

Margaret Early
John Easton

Box 54

Famch [sic]
Maria Farmer
Marny Fenton
Maurice Fernandez
Helen Ferry
Fenton & Co.
Maximilian Feuerring
Marina Finlay

Box 55

Allyn Fisher
Clem Forbes
Beryl Foster
Louise Fowler Smith
Gary Foye

Box 56

Jim Frazier
Paul Freedland
Leonard French
Russell French
Alexander Frocht
Joseph Frost

Box 57

Deborah (Donecker) Friend
Donald Friend
Fuba (Black South Australian township art) - Ivan van Selm

Box 58

Sam Fullbrook
Philippa Fincher
Helen Finch
Jeffrey John Ferris

Box 59

Gabriella Filippini
Al Field (La Gallerie 18)
Festival of Sydney
F.R. Ferryman
William Ferguson
John Feeney
Pat Fearnley
Tom Fantl
Anita Faber

Box 60

Ruth Faerber
Kay Faithful
Julie Frazer
John Franken
Di Freire
Natasha Florean
Louis Frangione
Toni Francis-Johnson
Victoria Fontaine-Wolf
Helene Frescoe
Arline Fisch and Steve Brixner
Five Western Australian Artists

Box 61

Peter Fitzsimmons
Fine Art Consultants Ltd (London)
Elizabeth Frith
Noel Flood
Dominic Paul Fleigner
Patricia Flood
Furniture Dattner
Furniture Arte Hispanico

Box 62

Ken Gailer
Luca Gansser
Henry Per Garman Vik (see also Box 156)
J. Giacco
James Gleeson
R. Gomboc
Robyn Gordon

Box 63

Tom Gleghorn
Vivian Gottleib
Garry Greenwood
Libby Greig (Promotions)
W. Grunstein

Box 64

Robert Grieve
Gallery 10 Years
Gallery Closing Down
Liz Gallie
Brian Gaston
Barry Gazzard

Box 65

Group Show January 1995
Group Show December 1995 (landscape)
Harry Georgeson
Nicholas Georgouras
Joseph Gershevitch
Stephen Gill

Box 66

Anna Glynn
Idek Goldeli
John Golding
Margaret Goldsmith
Michael Goode
Ross Goode
Daniel Goodwin
Bruce Gordon
Max Gosewinckel
Julie Gottleib
John Gould
Chiara Goya (photography)
Pepo Grabner

Box 67

Louise Graber
Anne Graham
Gabrielle Grammeno
Tom Green
Peter Grieve
Micki Griff
Peter Halir
Natasha Halley

Box 68

Peter Griffen
Carole Griffin
Jean Griffin

Box 69

Richard Griffin
Grundy Organisation
Marc Grunset
Gryphon Books
James Guppy
Raphael Gurvich

Box 70

David Mackay Harrison
Roberta Harris
Harcourts Contemporary
Shane Haar
Dieter Haage
John Hablitschek
Michael Haddon-Cave
David, John and Robert Hagan
Helen Haggath

Box 71

Paul Haefliger

Box 72

Anne Hall
John Hallgren
Robyn Hall
Rew Hanks
Robert Hannaford
Birgitte Hanson-Chawner
K. Hauser - Art International
Amanda Harcourt
Royston Harpur
Robert Harris
Rona Harrison
Eleanor Hart
Ron Hartree
Mary Haginikitas (see Box 154)

Box 73

Ross Harvey
George and Peter Hatsatouris
Margaret Hayes
Christopher Hazzard
Christopher Headley
Lynne Healy
Patricia Heesy Gallery
Peter Hellmrich
Chris Helyar
Marie Hemsley
Jean Higgs
Joanna Hildebrandt

Boxes 74-75

Patrick Hockey

Box 76

Holdsworth Galleries 25 Years
Anna Holan
Bernie Hollett
Jennifer Hopewell
Els Houwen

Box 77

Duncan Hulme
Diana Hunt (see also Box 137)
Greg Irvine

Box 78

Marie Hutton
Roy Hutchinson
Bob Hill

Box 79

Marji Hill
Murray Hilton
Frank Hodgkinson
Noela Hjurth
Holdsworth Fine Art Gallery: Orders Pending
H. Galleries: new plans for extensions
H. Galleries 1972 Art Contest
H. Galleries: second gallery, 221-225 Liverpool Stret, East Sydney
Holdsworth Contemporary Galleries

Box 80

Jan Holmes
Sandra Holmes
James Holmyard
Richard Hook
June Hordern
Eric Hewitson
Sali Herman, OBE

Box 81

Jacqui Henwood
Sean Henry
Bette Hays
Ian Hardie-Slimon
Laurence Hope
Miss E.T. Huxley

Box 82

John Howley
Leonora Howlett
Joy Hutton
Judith Hutton
Gerald Huth
Roy Hutchinson
Milan Ivezich
Greg Irvine (see Box 77)
Pamela Irving
John Irving
Guy Ielpi

Box 83

Neale Joseph
Dee Jones
Job Application
Lindy Joubert
Ena Joyce
Russell Jackson
Kenneth Jack
Fred Jessup

Box 84

Penne Jefford
John Paul College
Diana Johnston
Regina Jaugietis
Japanese Dealer
Japanese Woodcuts
Malcolm Jagamarra

Box 85

Robert Juniper

Box 86

J.A.M. Promotions
Andrew Jackson
Gary Jackson
Gil Jamieson
Paul Janiszewski
Japan Downunder
Franklin Johnson
George Johnson
Barbara Jones
Timothy John
Col Jordan
Jan Jorgensen
Jolanta Janavicius
Jewellery - Riverina College
Ulf Kaiser
Leon Kalamaras

Box 87

Nikos Kypraios
Les Kossatz
Les Krum
Gerald Krygsman
Korean Antique Certificates
Leonard Konopelski
Komon Gallery

Box 88

George Kosturkov
Michael Kober
Laurie Knott
Mark Knight
Frank Knight
Jos Kivits
Michael Kitching
Jeremy Kirwan-Ward
Eva Karpati

Box 89

John Kampfner
J. Kardamatis
Janos Kass
Andrew Kay
Stephen Kellner
Herbert Kemble
Roger Kemp
Ken Kendall
Shane and Wendy Kennedy
Rosemary Kerr
Georges Kihm
Patrick Kilvington
Peter Kingston
Handan Kiran
Chuck Kehoe
Allison Kelleher

Box 90

Louis Kahan
Chris Kenyon
Kings School

Box 91

Michael Kmit
Bala Kotai
David Krebs
Douk Konstataros
Richard Lane
Brandt Lewis

Box 92

Ruth Kerle
Douglas Kirsop
Irit Lev
Judith Laws

Box 93

Suzanne Lawford
Anna-Lisa Klettenberg
Maurice (Bill) Lang
Harold Lane
Frank Lambert

Box 94

Elwyn Lynn
John Lynch
Bette Lulham (Bay Gallery, WA)
Ilze Lucis
Julie Love
Philippe Labarthe
Renee Lachish
Jan Lancaster
Jane Lander
Graham Lang
Bradley Latham
Peter Laverty
Christine Lawrence
Jenny Lawrence
Maree Lawrence
Nigel Lazenby
Hyunmee Lee

Box 95

Mao C. Lee
Kerry Leishman
Prue Leith
Helen and Ian Leete
Ilan Lemberg
Michaila Levar
Sandra Leveson
Geoff Levitus
Benjamin Levy
Roy Lewis
Margot Lewers
Barbara Narcinek (Licha)
Deborah Liel-Brown

Box 96

Vaike Liibus
Peter Lindsay
Reg Livermore
George Lo-Grasso
Thomas Lonyai
Degana Lopez
Anne Lord
Pauline Lord
Lita Los Angeles
Look Magazine Ads

Box 97

Look Magazine
Moree Plains Gallery
Christopher McVinish
Keith A. Mitchell
Australian Miniature Society

Box 98

Craig Medson
Madeleine Meyer
Claudia Merrell
John Mason

Box 99

E. May (see Box 160)
Master Builders' Association of NSW
Mrs Joe Masters
Paul Masters
Andrew Mayson
Piera McArthur
Tom McAulay
Elizabeth McBride
Linda McCartney
Jonathan McCord
Valerie McDonald
D. Scott McDougall
Helen McEwen
Phillip McConnell
John McInerney
David McInnes

Box 100

Arthur McIntyre

Box 101

Arthur McIntyre
Meat Market Craft Centre
Joan Meats
James Meldrum
Melinda Menning
Louisa Merry-Henrikson

Box 102

Christopher McLeod
Brett McMahon
Lyndal Moor
Elisabeth Morgan
Frank Morris
Natasha Morton
Rod Moss
Yvonne du Moulin
Alexander Muir
Ross Mullane
Kevin Murray
Polly McCallum
Annette McArthur-Onslow
Michael Macrae

Box 103

Stewart Angus McFarlane
Kate McArthur
Gayle Madigan
Ed Maher
Victor Majzner
Mayann McKay
Anna Malicka-Zamorska
Brian Maloney
Ashley Manley
Judith Manning
Bob Marchant
Mardi Gras
Delos McGraw (see Box 163)

Box 104

Helen Marshall
Ken Martin
Lucille Martin
Masana Rugs
Masanao Nariu
Bill Meyer
Maggie Mezarks
Willi Michalski
Shirley Miller
Bob Millis
David Milliss
Donald Mitchell
Paul Mlakar
Clement Meadmore
Samantha Meadmore

Box 105

Mixed exhibition 1974-75
Clive Moore
George Morant
Pam Mann

Box 106

Hozumi Momota
Carlo Montarsolo
Carlo Montesi
Milton Moon
George Molnar
Andrew Moir
Jeffrey Makin

Box 107

Brian Malt
Melissa McCord
Eszter Marosszeky
Stephen Mann
Elizabeth Mamatis

Box 108

Mirka Mora
Edward May
Susan McKendrick
Josephine McTaggart
Helen McWilliam
Jeff Mincham
David Middlebrook
Michael Montgomery
Derek Morgan

Box 109

Joan Miro
Judith Mola
Ugo Nardi
Maralyn Nash
National Association for the Visual Arts
Herbert Neetzel
Rachel Newling

Box 110

New Zealand ceramic exhibition
Roberta Narbonne (Palazzetti)
Piet D.A. Noest
Le Thanh Nhon
National Art Awards
Miriam Naughton
Margaret Neild
New Gallery Wing opening 1973
Newcastle Artists Exhibition

Box 111

Newcastle C.A.E.
Newcastle Women's Exhibition
New Zealand
Joseph Newman
H.G. Nicholas
Hans Nielsen
Jan Nigro
Andrea Nyssen

Box 112

Sir Sidney Nolan

Box 113

Sir Sidney Nolan
Jinx Nolan
Trevor Nickolls
Emil Novak
Bill Ogilvie

Box 114

Shona Nunan
Fiona O'Beirne
Nana Ohnesorge
Lin Onus
Overseas trip, October 1979
Kevin Oxley

Box 115

Margaret Olley
John Olsen
Noyce Olliver/Manena Pty Ltd
Oz Art Magazine
Overseas trip 1987
Overseas trip 1991

Box 116

Gibson McMillan Owen
Anthea O'Brien
Nikki O'Dempsey
Bill Offord
Simon Ogden
Tricia Oktober
Jim Olsson
George de Olszanski-Ronikier
Siri Omberg

Box 117

Jennifer O'Malley
Desiderius Orban
Overseas lithographs, etchings etc.
Overseas artists
Lyndal Osborne, Jim Williams
Ron Orchard
Tomislav Ostoja
Monty Osewald
Stephen Owens

Box 118

Yann Pahl
Josonia Palaitis
Eric Palmer
Janet Palmer
Robyn Palmer
Jandy Pannel
John Paull
Woodward Payne
Sophie Pearce
Kevin Pearsh
Alan Pearson
Max Pedler
Sheila Van Holst Pellekaan
Susan Pender
Leslie Penny

Box 119

Regional Galleries Exhibition - Penrith, 1993-94
Persian Carpet
Petersburg Press Ltd
John Petrie
Photographic exhibition
Larry Pickering
Owen Piggott
Mary Pinnock
Pierre Prins - French Impressionist
Bruce Pollack Management
Polish Graphics

Box 120

Polish Prints
Robert Pengilley
John Perceval

Box 121

Celia Perceval
David Preston
Michael Pugh
Port Jackson Press
Post and Rail
Maria Gowland Praxis

Box 122

Clifton Pugh
Power Institute of Fine Arts

Box 123

Prestige Living
Print exhibition
Sydney printmakers
Print, Prints
Promotion, advertising
Betty Pugh
Judith Pugh (see Box 11)
Marian Purvis
Terry Pyros
Queensland Potters Exhibition, May 1988

Box 124

Queensland Sculpture Exhibition
Colleen Quinn
Queen Victoria Building artists
Barney Rahill
Randwick Technical College
Realities Gallery

Box 125

W.E. Rees
Judy Reichman
Reid Gallery
Ren Jian-Gu
Barbara Rich
Bruce Riddell
Ewald Rishe
Leo Robba
Norman Robins

Box 126

John E. Robinson
Unlabelled reel-to-reel tape
Rachel Rovay

Box 127

Keith Rowe
Elayne Russell
David Rae
Mark K. Elliot-Ranken

Box 128

S. Rapotec
Rosemary Raiche
Madelein Jones (Rares)
George Robinson

Box 129

Charles Reddington
Joe Rose
Russian Contemporary Show - Alex Pongrass

Box 130

Joe Rose

Box 131

Karen Rodgers
Sue Rogers
Joy Roggenkamp
Bernard Rosa
Geoffrey Rose
William Rose
Herb Rosenberg
Judith Rosenberg
Harry Rosengrave
Paolo Rossi
Michel Rostand
Alan Rozen
Dick Roughsey (see Box 154)

Box 132

Pat Rowley
Richard Rudd
William Rutledge
Joe Szabo
Sydney Morning Herald
Carole Symonds
Yvonne Sutherland
Sydney College of the Arts
Freda Surgenor
Khoo Sui-Ho

Box 133

Stuyvestant Trust
Mark Strizic
Eva Szekely
Mrs L. Strandh
Adriane Strampp
Still Life

Box 134

Dal Stivens
Ken Stinson
Barbara Stockill
Marcelle Stoianovich
David Strachan
Tim Strachan
William Salmon (a few loose letters)
Andrew Sibley
Anneke Silver
James Simon
Carole-Lee Simone
Peter Singer
Ruth Sittner
Six Young Australian Artists
Stephen Skillitzi

Box 135

Peter Slater
Tom Slater
A.E. Slevin
Gregory Slivkin
Christina Franczeska Slon
Larissa Smagarinski
Jeffrey Smart
Barry Smith
John Smith
Kim Smith
Penny Smith
Sherwin Smith
Peter Smith
Hari Soeharjo - batik
Pauline Solon
Joel Smoker
Patti Somerset
Tang Song

Box 136

Dacek Sowicki
Sally Spencer
William Spencer
Anne Spudvilas
Manjula Sri-Pathma
David Stacey
Daphne Stanfield
Ian Stansfield
Laura Stark
Michael Stennett
Anne Stewart Moore
Bill Stewart
Don Stewart
Philippa Stewart-Hall

Box 137

Henry Salkauskas
Michael Salmon
Tom Sanders
E. Casalegno and J. Sandler
Olga Sankey
Hugh Sawrey
Andrew Saw
Rollin Schlicht
Joy Schoenheimer
Denise Scholz-Wolfing
Paula Schuchard
Jorg Schulthess
Yvonne Schwartz
Joyce Scott
Sculpture Society (Diana Hunt) (see also Box 77)
Nickolaus Seffrin

Box 138

Brian Seidel
Senior Citizens' Art Society
Guido Sgaravatti
Sharma Satish
James Sharp
David Shapter
Janice Shaw
Don Shiel

Box 139

Evelyn Steinhann
Heinz Steinmann
Szakos - enamel

Box 140

Terry Swann
Tim Storrier
Jim Svensson

Box 141

Henryk Szydlowski

Box 142

Henryk Szydlowski
Imre Szigeti
Rod Schubert
Gines Serran-Pagan

Box 143

Gines Serran-Pagan
Peter Shipperheyn

Box 144

Venita Salnajs
Michael Schlieper

Box 145

Ben Shearer
Max Sherlock
Tony Smith

Box 146

Jacqueline Suarez
You Si
Venita Sieveking
Ben Stack
Telegraph Home Centre
Ken Taber
Wilma Tabacco
Blake Taylor
Tasmanian Artists
Nicolas Tarkhoff
Yuksel Tamtekin
Maryn Tadich
Ng Eng Teng
Malcolm Temple

Box 147

Silver (Bourdon-Smith)
Antique Silver Exhibition
Melo Tadesco

Box 148

Claude Teyssier
Beverley Thomas
Barry Thomas
Edwina Thomas
Barry Thompson
Douglas Thompson
James Thomson
David Thornton
Lesbia Thorpe
Gillian Thurston
Milan Todd
Tolarno Galleries
Tokyo Art Expo
Aida Tomescu
Angela Tonks

Box 149

Wilma Toop
Vesco Totev
Paul Towner
Joanne Thew
Noel Teasdale
Owen Thomson
Bruce Treloar
Peter Trimmer
Gary Tricker
Ian Tremewen
Alan Tunbridge

Box 150

Madeleine Tuckfield
Lyn Tune
Caroline Turner
Norio Takamiya
Harumi Takabayashi

Box 151

Bernard Takawira
Carl Tandatnick
Charles Taylor
David K. Taylor
Jude Taylor
Paul Thirkell

Box 152

Andre Teleki

Box 153

Geoff Todd
Slavko Traicevski
Barry Tutt

Box 154

Percy Tresize and Dick Roughsey
Percy Tresize and Mary Haginikitas
Percy Tresize

Box 155

Ben Trupperbaumer
Alan Tung
Melissa Turner & Effie Milos
Albert Tucker
Beat Urfer
Peter Upward
Unversity of Vermont

Box 156

Eiji Umeki
Leonas Urbonas
Annette Vincent
Linas Vaiciulevicius
Edward Van Dijk
D. Veltman and P. Woldram
Luis Vargas
Eulisse Vincenzo
Per-Henry Garman-Vik (see also Box 62)
C. Chirawat Viroj
Gerry Virtue
Vision Nouvelle
Luis Vivas
Henning Von Gierke
Jos van Kessel
Vince Vozzo
Christopher Waddington
Shaun Wake-Mazey
Daniel Waldman

Box 157

Maynard Waters
Helen Wiltshire
John Winch
John Wooller

Box 158

Geoffrey Wake
Christopher Wallis
Dierdre Walsh-Fitton
Susan Weaver
Trevor Walker
Ulla Waller
Malcolm Wallhead
Bill Walls
Pam Walpole
Barry Walsh

Box 159

Margaret Woodward
Rhonda Walters
Greg Warburton
Edwina Warrender
David Warren

Box 160

Greg Warren-Wilson
Verney Watts
Mark Way
Judy Weeks
Lilian Weinberg
T.Weiner and E. May
Esther Wertheimer

Box 161

Wentworth Hotel
Western Australian Artists
Robert Wettenhall
Bruce Whatley
Grant Whisky
Glenn Whitbread
Lorraine White
Geoff Wright
Robert White
Susan White
Arthur Wicks
Gregory Wilding
Frances Wildt
John Wilkinson
Haydn Wilson

Box 162

Anne Williams
Bernice Williams
Jim Williams (see Box 117)
Viola Winkler
Paul Winter
Dorothy Wishney
Margaret Wolszczan -Kuzniar
Tony Woods
Frances Woolley
World Wildlife Fund
Barrie Wraith
Doug Wright
Peter Wright
Di Wu
Karen Wynn-Moylan
Impressions of Woollhara Art Contest
Year of the Tree
Anna Yalan Liu
Year of the Child Exhibition

Box 163

Gary and Jo-Anne Yelen
Herbert Young
Jock Young
Terry Yumbulul
Milan Zahorsky
Richard Zaloudek
Paul Zanetti
Helen Zelezne
Gary Zeek
Louis Zmak
Richard Zmija
Reinis Zusters (see 184-185)
Deloss McGraw

Boxes 164-172: 'Miscellaneous' files

Box 164 A - B

Box 165 A - F, C - D

Box 166 E - H

Box 167 H - M

Box 168 M - P

Box 169 P - S

Box 170 S - W

Box 171

Miscellaneous out-going correspondence', 1986-88
1988: Information about exhibition
'Clients' (contains catgalogues, curricula vitae and invitations for a range of artists)
'Developers - correspondence' (contents similar to above)

Box 172

Interior Designers
Export Development Board
'1981' (correspondence 1980-81)
'1983' (exhibition arrangements, 1982-83)
Loose letters and other papers relating to people such as Jason Bratby, Ruth Levine (Mirvac), Anna Smith (pottery), L. Fowler-Smith, Noel Teasdale, Alex Jordanov, and two postcards from 'Eric'.
Photographs, including Robert Dickerson, Margaret Woodward, [Sir Sidney?] Nolan, Sali Hermann, Judy Cassab

Boxes 173-176 Unsorted catalogues, invitations, press cuttings

Boxes 177-183: Sorted catalogues, invitations and press cuttings

Box 177 1973-75

Box 178 1975-78

Box 179 1975-77

Box 180 1976-80

Box 181 1981-84

Box 182 1982-88

Box 183 1986-89

Box 184-185

Reinis Zusters

Box 186

Audio cassettes:
Interviews conducted by Sophia Hendel, 1985-95(?)
S. Alapont
Joy Beardmore
Patrick (Staikov) Bernard
Charlotte Boyd
Archie Brown
Judy Cassab (Cass. 1)
R. Clark
Vivian Cohen
Errol Davis
Ross Davis
Margaret Earlich
Joy Engelman
Paul Evans
H. Finlay
Natalie Florean
Toni Francis-Johnson
G. Frawley
Ken Gailor (Cass. 1)
Peter Griffin
Raphael Gurvich
Mary Haganikitas
Robert Hannaford
J. Hildebrand
Murray Hilton
F. Hodgkinson
Diana Hunt
Marie Hutton
Anna-Liese Klettenberg
Michaela Kobor (Cass. 1)
Pam Mann
Craig Medson
George Molnar (Cass. 1)
G. Morant
Shona Noonan
Clifton Pugh (Cass. 1)
Leo Robba
Joe Rose
Rachel Rovay
Jim Olssen
Peter Schiperhyn
Ben Shearer
Peter Singer
Peter Smith
Geoff Todd
D. Redelman-Tourette
Andre Teleki
Percy Tresize
Ben Trupperbaumer
Chris Wadeworth
R. Waters
Anna-Lui Zaloga
R. Zusters
Other recordings:
Christmas Party, 1989
Addresses by Bill Hayden at Jim Edwards exhibition, 1984 Total 27 tapes (10 unlabelled)

Folio Run

Oversized catalogues
Photograph of Judy Cassab
Darling Harbour Authority: Works of Art