Four boys sitting on a wall reading books

Four young boys reading books on top of a stone wall during health week at school, New South Wales  ca. 1930, nla.obj-162139840

There are many organisations which donate books. Here are a few examples:


  • Share-a-book is a program run by the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation, providing new and quality pre-loved books to Indigenous, refugee and marginalised communities in need of resources.
  • The Aboriginal Literacy Foundation appreciates all donations of new and used children’s books, which are delivered to Indigenous communities throughout Australia that desperately need help.

Pacific Islands

  • Buk bilong Pikinini (BbP) accepts donations from schools, libraries and individuals for communities and schools in Papua New Guinea. 


  • Biblionef sends children's books to schools, orphanages etc. in developing countries.
  • Book Aid International provides new books to public libraries, schools, refugee camps, hospitals, prisons and universities around the world.
  • International Book Project collects, sorts and ships donated books to requests from around the world.



  • The Books for Asia program, run by the Asia Foundation, accepts book donations from individuals and companies to a number of countries in the Asian region.
  • Bridge to Asia supports higher education in China and Southeast Asia.
  • The Library Project works in rural communities in China and Vietnam, donating libraries to schools and providing teacher-librarian training.
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