Female penitentiary or factory, Parramata
Earle, Augustus (1793-1838), Female penitentiary or factory, Parramata [i.e. Parramatta], N.S. Wales  [1826?],  nla.obj-134500491

Upon arrival, a convict was usually assigned to a master, the Female Factory or to Public Works. Who and where a convict was assigned to was recorded in an assignment register. Not all assignment registers have survived to present. Convicts were not assigned to a master in Western Australia.

Digitised Online

Tasmanian Names Index - Tasmania

For assignment of convicts in Tasmania, search the assignment records in Libraries Tasmania's Tasmanian Names Index. As an alternative to searching the index, you can browse these digitised records on their website.

Register of convicts 1842-1854 - Victoria

 Browsable (not indexed) records of convict assignment. Some records indicate the date an assigned convict received a Ticket of leave, Conditional/Absolute Pardon, or Certificate of Freedom.

Ancestry.com - New South Wales, Australia, Convict Indents, 1788-1842

Convict indents often record to whom a convict was assigned, as well as their trade or profession.

Ancestry.com can be accessed from any PC in the Library - visit our eResources portal and search for this database under the Browse eResources tab. You may also be able to access Ancestry.com by visiting your local library.

Microfilmed and other material

Information about assignment of convicts in New South Wales can be found on a number of microfiche resources in the Library's Newspapers and Family History zone:

  • Index to Assignment Registers 1821 – 1824, Microfilm Compartment 7, Call no. mfm N 229, microfiche 745-748. These are part of the State Records of New South Wales Archives Resources Kit
  • For 1828-38, the convict’s initial assignment is noted on the convict arrival records of HO 10 in the Australian Joint Copying Project. See the AJCP Guide Part 4 Home Office to find the reel number or view in Ancestry.com
  • Index to (NSW) Colonial Convict Movements taken from the Colonial Secretary's Letters 1827 - 1853. This index covers convict movement throughout the colony and includes transported convicts; convicts transported, freed and reoffended; persons who offended in the colony; and transported convicts who comitted some further offence. The index is available as a searchable eResource, which can be accessed inside the Library building - visit our eResources portal and searchfor this resource under the Browse eResources tab.