A Matavai Bay acrostic riddle

In checking a rare book dealer's catalogue of offerings recently, I fell upon a wonderful riddle in the Library's copy of the 1783 (second) edition of William Wade Ellis’ An authentic narrative of a voyage performed by Captain Cook and Captain Clerke, in His Majesty's ships Resolution and Discovery… — lurking behind an understated catalogue note that our “SR3 copy …. has an acrostic tipped onto front inside cover”.

Handwritten acrostic

Finding the history of your house

Earlier this year I purchased my first Canberra house, and can understand the curiosity people have about the history of their homes. The Ask a Librarian team often receives questions from people interested in this topic, and my own experience has undeniably made these types of question very interesting to me:

I would like to find out when my house was built and what kind of name I can use for it.

I just want to know when it was built and how old it is. 


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