Q&A with Michelle Law

On 23 January, brother and sister duo Benjamin and Michelle Law will be at the Library to share their experiences of growing up in a Chinese family in Australia.

With the overwhelming popularity of the SBS comedy The Family Law, many of you are no doubt familiar with Michelle Law’s teenage, TV-screen counterpart, as seen through the eyes of her brother Benjamin. But what about the woman herself?

Rex’s selfies—portraits of a collector

It is interesting that Rex Nan Kivell (1898–1977), an art dealer who was so passionately interested in portraiture and in the representation of those that shaped our part of the world, only commissioned two artists to capture him in portrait form. He included these works in his compendium Portraits of the Famous and Infamous along with references to, and images of, his friends and those who had assisted him to produce his very time-consuming volume over nearly two decades.

Strutt your stuff! Reducing pesky stains

Many of the items on display in our Exhibition Gallery for the William Strutt exhibition, Heroes and Villains: Strutt's Australia, previously had dark orange and brown staining on their corners from deteriorated sticky tape or adhesive where it may have been previously mounted. These dark adhesive residues had begun to stain the objects all the way through to the front of the work. As this was accelerating the rate of degradation of these works, we have attempted to remove as much of the adhesive and stain as possible without causing harm to the work.


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