Community Heritage Grants

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Contact the following for conservation and preservation advice.

Digitisation resources

  • GLAM Peak's Digital Access to Collections 
  • Digital NZ's one-stop shop for questions about creating digital content in New Zealand. Here you can ask questions about creating digital content and learn about digitisation good practice from the Make it Digital Guides.
  • Public Records Office Victoria -Training Programs -Just Digitise It Training Guide and Video.
  • Digitisation of Heritage Materials  - Training Materials including the DOHM Training Manual.
  • The Association for Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC) Guide to Audio Preservation.

Most major state and territory museums, art galleries, archives, and state libraries also offer conservation and preservation advice.


A Practical Guide for Sustainable Climate Control and Lighting in Museums and Galleries and the complementary guide, A Case Study on Lighting for Museums and Galleries.

These guides are delivered by Museums & Galleries Queensland in partnership with Museums & Galleries of New South Wales, Regional and Public Galleries Association of New South Wales and Regional Galleries Association of Queensland.

Share your collection

Organisations can make their own collections easier to find by sharing them through Trove. Trove helps you find resources about Australia and by Australians by collecting information from many organisations around the world. Find out how you can  become a content partner with Trove.

Professional bodies and organisations

Conservation supplies

The following suppliers provide a range of archival products. The National Library of Australia does not endorse them or accept responsibility for the quality of their products.

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