Reconciliation Day Public Holiday

All National Library reading rooms will be closed on Reconciliation Day, Monday 28 May.  Regular reading room hours will resume on Tuesday 29 May. See our holiday opening hours for more information.

Can the Library help me research my assignment?

Students in a classroom

The National Library of Australia’s reference team can't research or provide answers to school or university assignments.

The best way to make use of the Library is to get a National Library card. A Library card will give you access to licensed resources to use from home or school through our eResources portal

Some useful databases for students include:

For Australian focussed research materials search the range of 'Informit' resources available in our eResources portal. 

Trusted websites, such as government or university websites, can assist with your research. Look for '' or '' in the URL to ensure that a website comes from a credible source. American university websites have '.edu' at the end of the URL; universities in the UK have ''.

Remember that the Librarians at your school, university or public library can also help you find what you need to complete your assignment and should be the first people you talk to for any research assistance.