Spinning Tops and Gumdrops

The inspiration for Spinning Tops and Gumdrops came to me while watching my grandchildren at play. I grew up in a country town in the 1950s, a time when billycarts, milkshakes, double-dares, Ginger Meggs and the sixpenny Saturday morning serials at Hoyts were our main preoccupations. The outskirts of town marked the extent of our horizons. The city was somewhere we might visit one day, and the wider world merely a rumour.

Archiving the history of history on-line

In the minds of most people the Internet isn’t associated with history. The Internet is the place most people look for the latest information on what is happening around the world right now. Information on-line would seem to revolve around current events and a twenty-four hour news cycle. However the on-line environment provides a great way for amateur and professional historians to connect with each other and share information.

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