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I joined the Friends of the National Library at the time of its foundation in 1990. I was bewitched by the Library on my first visit to Canberra as a schoolboy in 1975. And, as a regular user since my move to Canberra 10 years later, it was only natural that I joined an organisation dedicated to supporting this great national institution. I am proud to have retained my original membership number of 58.

Managing your digital records

Most of us have moved into the digital world in order to work, communicate, take photos, and generally to run our lives. But the huge storage capacity of contemporary computers and other devices, and a sense of being too busy, mean that many people have chaotic personal digital archives, disorganised and prone to accidental loss.

If our digital archivists could be angels on the shoulders of digital content creators, they would bestow 4 pieces of wisdom.

‘Hitherto unvisited by any artist’

Artist Augustus Earle’s life was in many respects so remarkable that if it wasn’t true it would have had to be invented. Born in London in 1793, he exhibited at the Royal Academy from the age of 13 and is acknowledged as the first independent, professional artist to visit all continents. He documented his travels with candour and honesty. Loving travel and immersing himself in the worlds he encountered, he captured them in luminous watercolours.


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