How do you request a printed NZ standard in the Catalogue?

If you know the number of the standard:

1. Go to the Catalogue record for New Zealand Standards

Note The standards are not listed individually, but grouped within a number range.  Not all issues within these number ranges are held.

2. Type in the number of the standard in the space provided for the volume number.

e.g.Volume/No.: NZS 8704:1977

If you do not know the number of the standard, you can look it up in an index

Searching SAI Global for a Joint NZS/Australian Standard

1. For a quick search, enter one of the following search terms in the SAI Global search box:  

  • Standard number. You don't need to type in the AS or AS/NZS prefix.   
  • Title
  • Keyword. You can search for any word in the title, abstract or text of the standard.

2. Select the 'Australian' radio button to pick up all joint AS/NZS standards.

Tip SAI Global offers other search options for more complex searches and online help pages.