Finding pictures

  • Search our catalogue - most pictures material is described in our catalogue
  • Tip: Narrow your search to only pictures by selecting the 'Pictures' format filter
  • Visit the Pictures and Manuscripts Reading Room to view original material
  • If you have any questions, please contact us

Using the collection

  • Some material may have access restrictions and may require permission to view. Check the catalogue record or contact us before your visit
  • Request material to view by logging into the catalogue with your Library card and submitting an online request. See our collection delivery service and online video for more information.
  • When ready, material will be available to view in the Pictures & Manuscripts Reading Room

Getting a copy for study or research

  1. Find the item record in the catalogue 
  2. If the item has been digitised you will be able to see a thumbnail on the catalogue record
  3. Select the thumbnail and you can then print or download a low resolution (72 dpi) copy
  • Digital cameras can be used where access conditions allow and you agree to comply with the Copyright Act and correct care and handling of material guidelines

Getting a high resolution copy

  1. Find the item record in the catalogue
  2. Select the 'Order a copy' button in catalogue record
  3. Follow the instructions provided by the Copies Direct service

Publishing pictures from our collection

Please see How do I declare my intention to publish?


Please see How do I acknowledge the Library in my publication?

Contacting the Pictures and Manuscripts team

Use the Ask a Librarian service to lodge an online enquiry with us.
Phone: (+61) 2 6262 1259