The APS Employee Census surveys all APS employees to track their perceptions about leadership, workplace conditions, culture and environment. The Census results assist with framing priorities and areas of focus for future Library workforce and workplace initiatives.

The Library has a proactive approach to Employee Census results, sharing them with all staff and actively consulting through a staff Consultative Committee. The Committee includes nominated staff representatives, union delegate representatives and the NLA Executive, and is chaired by the Library’s Director-General, Dr Marie-Louise Ayres.

The Library actively promotes participation in the Employee Census and in 2021, 72% of eligible staff participated in the Census.

Insights from the 2021 Census

When compared to the 2020 Census results, the Library’s 2021 results for engagement (72%) was the same and wellbeing (62%) had improved by 3%. Innovation was 64%, although was not surveyed in the 2020 Census.

The following opinions were held by many respondents to the Library’s 2021 APS Census:

Things we are doing well
  • Selecting and enabling a workforce:
    • who have commitment and pride in the Library’s work and goals, and
    • who are happy to go that ‘extra mile’ at work. 
  • Enabling staff to look for new ways to improve the way work is performed
  • Enabling staff to understand the connections of their role, the agency’s purpose and outcome for the Australian public.
Things we have improved on from last year
  • Satisfaction of stability and security of jobs 
  • Immediate Supervisor:
    • Encouraging me, and my team to review and improve our work 
    • Invested in my development 
    • Delivers difficult advice whilst maintaining relationships 
  • Supporting and promoting an inclusive workplace culture. 
Areas we could improve
  • Effective communication, both internally generally and between the SES and other employees
  • Consultation and management of change
  • Promotion of and caring about the health and wellbeing of staff
  • Recognising that failure is part of innovation 
  • SES team cohesion, creating an environment that enables staff to do their best and cooperation across the agency.

The Library’s Executive will continue to work with our Consultative Committee and staff to address the trends of significance from the 2021 Employee Census.

The Library has reviewed its Workforce and Workplace Strategy and released a new Inclusion and Diversity Plan. The associated actions will address some of the areas for improvement identified by our staff.