To be eligible for the Prepublication Data Service, your upcoming book should be published in Australia.

If you are Australian and you have self-published a book, you are considered to be the publisher even if your book was printed overseas.


  • Upcoming new and revised editions of books
  • ebooks
  • Self-published books
  • Print on demand books
  • Graphic novels
  • Zines
  • Government publications, including Commonwealth, State and Local.
  • Numbered or multi-volumed books in a series
  • Textbooks
  • Translated books published in Australia
  • Exhibition catalogues
  • Text documents published on a disk, USB flash-drive or other media

For music scores, see the ;Australian ISMN Agency

Not eligible

  • Books that have already been published
  • Books published overseas
  • Reprints where the imprint, publisher, content and format are unchanged
  • Magazines, journals, newspapers and other serial publications
  • Single articles reprinted from magazines, journals, newspapers and other serial publications
  • Audio-visual DVDs
  • Audio books
  • Maps
  • Wall charts
  • Computer programs
  • Classroom educational material such as workbooks, teaching aid and resource material, test sheets, activity sheets or blackline masters, multimedia kits, course specific guides, primary level readers and study notes
  • Books that are temporary in nature such as trade catalogues, telephone directories, almanacs, timetables, comic books, colouring-in books, fill-in books, diaries and calendars

For serial publications, see the Australian ISSN Agency

Contact us if you are not sure if your publication is eligible for the Prepublication Data Service service.