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Children's book illustration
13 Sep 2021   Video

Australian Reading Hour 2021

This year, spend a portion of Australian Reading Hour reading along to The Great Book-swapping Machine with author Emma Allen.
Luke Byrnes
30 Aug 2021   Video

National Folk Fellow Presentation 2020: Luke Byrnes and the Big Scrub Revival Band

Catch Luke Byrnes and the Big Scrub Revival Band's presentation and performance of folk music and...

30 Aug 2021   Video

Fellowship presentation: Frank - Hurley in Antarctica

Join the National Library of Australia's 2021 Creative Arts Fellow for Australian Writing, Dr Jordie Albiston...

Author Nadia Bailey
30 Aug 2021   Video

Fellowship Presentation: Darkened Rooms

Join author Nadia Bailey as she presents findings from her research in the Library's collections for...

10 Aug 2021   Video

The Dreamworlds of Empire

Dr Andrew Levidis delivers an engaging presentation on the shaping of right-wing and socialist politics in Cold War East Asia.

6 Aug 2021   Video

The Eastern Isle

Alisa Bunbury, the Library's 2020 Fellow for Curatorial Research, presents her work on the colonial heritage of Norfolk Island.

A pair of hands reach over a table, using a small white spatula to stir paste in a beaker. A large white bucket rests on the table beside the beaker.
26 Jul 2021   Video

ASMR at the Library

Get your senses tingling by watching one of our conservators at work.

Three men stand in the centre of the sepia photograph, with the nose and left wing of a biplane visible behind them
23 Jul 2021   Video

Taking Flight: The E.A. Crome Collection

Soar into the early years of aviation with the Library's resident fan.
23 Jul 2021   Video

Treasures Gallery online tour

Curator Matthew Jones shares some stories about our latest Treasures Gallery displays.

A large tree in the left foreground spans full height of image. There is a river in the foreground and midground with a few boats in it, and in the background the other side of the river with a building nestled into rolling hills, with forest behind
23 Jul 2021   Video

Revising the Life of Bennelong

Professor Kate Fullagar explores the true history of Bennelong.

19 Jul 2021   Video

Tracing the history of your house

How to trace the history of your house using National Library resources.
At the left of the photo, a young man with short dark hair is sitting down at a radio desk, smiling out at the camera and with his left hand he balances a record on its edge on the desk.
19 Jul 2021   Video

Introduction to Oral History

An introduction to the Library's Oral History and Folklore Collection, including a tutorial on how to listen to recordings.
A row of students from foreground to background hunch over in cubbies, studying. To the right of the image are shelves of library books.
19 Jul 2021   Video

Getting Started with the National Library 2021

The basics of accessing and using the Library's rich collections through the Catalogue, eResources and Trove.

First train to leave Winton, Queensland 1898
16 Jul 2021   Video

The History of Australian and New Zealand Railways

Dr André Brett presents his research on the history of Australian and New Zealand railways and the way they remade every landscape through which they ran.

Why the Artists of the Picturesque Atlas matter
16 Jul 2021   Video

Curator Talk: Why the Artists of the Picturesque Atlas Matter

Hear the extraordinary story of the Picturesque Atlas of Australasia.

30 Jun 2021   Video

Learning Program – Discovery Video: National Press Club Address Recordings

The National Library of Australia’s Oral History and Folklore collection holds over 900 audio recordings from...

30 Jun 2021   Video

Equal Voices – The Australian Federation of Women Voters

2 Jun 2021   Video

Reconciliation Reflections: After the Walk

"It's not often that we see Mick Dodson smile, and this grin was as big as...