Is the material archival or published?

Once you've checked whether your item is already in our collection, simply find out which form you'll need to make an offer with - Archival or Published.

1. Does your offer include any archival/original materials?

Archival materials are unpublished papers or records that are considered worth preserving. Original materials are items that can't be found anywhere else. These may include:

YES my offer includes archival or original material. Select the Archival Offer form. 

Download a printable copy of the form here  and email it to 

2. Does your offer only include published materials?

Published material can be:

  • books, journals, newspapers, maps, ephemera, posters and magazines or websites
  • anything produced and distributed by a company or organisation
  • anything self-produced and distributed
  • single items or collections
  • free or for sale.

NOTE: If you're the author or publisher and the work came out in the last five years then legal deposit  is the best place for your work.

YES my offer ONLY includes published material. Select the Published Offer form.  

Download a printable copy of the form here and email it to

If your offer is a mix of archival and published materials, please use the Archival Offer form

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Checking Your Offer

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