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17 May 2022   Blog

Celebrating Indonesia's National Book Day

The National Library of Australia holds the largest collection of Indonesian language material in Australia and...

4 May 2022   Blog

A day in the life of your election campaign material

What happens to your election material after you've donated it? Learn more about the National Library's election ephemera campaign.

20 Apr 2022   Blog

Behind the scenes with the Summer Scholars - Part 2

Summer Scholars Anita Gowers and Suzannah Henty share their experiences of studying at the National Library of Australia.

14 Apr 2022   Blog

Circus Stories: Recollections from the oral history collection

The circus has a long tradition in Australia and it’s a spectacle that has evolved over time. Learn about circuses and their place in Australian hearts.

13 Apr 2022   Blog

The long and short of Australia's best-loved nature trails

From red desert to white sand beaches, Australia's dramatic landscapes and extraordinary biodiversity make it a regular feature on must-see destination lists.

6 Apr 2022   Blog

Meet the 2022 National Folk Fellow 

Our 2022 National Folk Fellow is Dr Mahesh White-Radhakrishnan, who came to the Library to research...

1 Apr 2022   Blog

Take a Look at the National Library's performing arts collections

This new installation explores Australian stories of music, theatre and dance through the Library's collections.

31 Mar 2022   Blog

Behind the scenes: creating a performing arts book display

Follow our Reading Room staff as they curate a performing arts book display.

22 Mar 2022   Blog

On Stage: Exhibition curator's overture

Uncover Australia's performing arts history with On Stage.

4 Mar 2022   Blog

On Stage: Enlighten 2022 at the National Library

Discover the Library's performing arts collection at Enlighten 2022.

1 Mar 2022   Blog

Hear from stars of the On Stage exhibition

Listen to the performers and artists from On Stage in conversation, from the National Library's Oral History and Folklore collection.

25 Feb 2022   Blog

A tour around our reading rooms

Take a tour around the National Library of Australia reading rooms and find out what we have to offer.

17 Feb 2022   Blog

The papers of Banjo Paterson

Your guide to the Library's collection on Australia's preeminent bush poet, Banjo Paterson.

11 Feb 2022   Blog

Illustrating The Last Dragon

Last month, we heard from Charles Massy, author of The Last Dragon, about the Monaro grassland...

21 Jan 2022   Blog

Public domain: From Captain Cook to Winnie the Pooh

Learn about copyright law around the world and in Library collections.

18 Jan 2022   Blog

Discover school holiday activities from home with the National Library

Read, listen, learn and play your way through a series of fun school holiday activities.

14 Jan 2022   Blog

The Monaro Grassland Earless Dragon

Learn about one of Australia's rarest reptiles in this essay by author Charles Massy.

4 Jan 2022   Blog

Discovering the National Braille Collection

Learn how to navigate the Library's National Braille Collection with this useful guide to the resources.