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27 Aug 2021   Blog

Creating a love of literacy: the mission behind Indigenous Literacy Day

Indigenous Literacy Day falls on 1 September every year, and the theme for 2021 is 'Celebrating...

25 Aug 2021   Blog

From Rome to Tokyo: Australia at the Paralympic Games

With the 2020 Summer Paralympic Games underway in Tokyo, uncover Australia's Paralympic history in your national collection.

10 Aug 2021   Blog

The past is present: Putting family history in context

Family history is more than deaths, dates and departures. We’re interested in interpreting what these events...

3 Aug 2021   Blog

Collecting Chinese Australian stories

The National Library is collecting the stories and histories of Chinese Australians.

30 Jul 2021   Blog

2021 Appeal Raises Record Amount

The Library's 2021 fundraising appeal raised a record amount to support the digitisation of the papers of the Australian Federation of Women Voters.

26 Jul 2021   Blog

Collecting Fijian Australian Stories

The Library is collecting the stories of Fijian Australians.

7 Jul 2021   Blog

Take a Look at the National Library of Australia

Take a Look is a new installation from the National Library of Australia, exploring Australian stories through the Library’s collections.

2 Jul 2021   Blog

Preservation story: saving scrunched records

In 2017, National Library Fellow Dr Sue Chen found a fragile Chinese document, along with several...

7 Jun 2021   Blog

Banjo Paterson: From Acquisition to Exhibition

The National Library, your home of Australian stories, is proud to be the custodian of the...

28 May 2021   Blog

Charlotte Clark: a woman discovered and imagined

Dr Judith Nangala Crispin is a poet and visual artist with a background in music. Much...

19 May 2021   Blog

The Globes of Vincenzo Coronelli

Inside the entrance of the Main Reading Room at the National Library sit two handsome globes...

11 May 2021   Blog

Old Parliament House: A Building of ‘Firsts’

On 9 May 2021, Old Parliament House celebrated it’s 94th birthday and I have been pondering...

13 Apr 2021   Blog

Zimmermann + Athol Shmith: Fashion Photography

In September 2020, fashion label Zimmermann launched their 2021 Spring Collection, Wild Botanica. The collection features...

8 Mar 2021   Blog

Canberra Day Meets International Women's Day

I wrote a Canberra Day post last year, which came out of my dismay at no...

5 Mar 2021   Blog

Discover the Music Collection

A small but striking sculpture on display in the Special Collections Reading Room symbolically invites you...

26 Feb 2021   Blog

Harvest: Enlighten 2021 at the National Library

Explore some fruity tales from the National Library’s collections as part of Enlighten 2021. Inspired by...

26 Feb 2021   Blog

Exclusive Q&A with Nicky Zimmermann

In this exclusive interview with the National Library, Nicky Zimmermann discusses how she drew creative inspiration...

25 Feb 2021   Blog

Zimmermann + Ellis Rowan at the National Library

Erythrina insularis F.M. Baily, family Fabaceae and butterflies, Papua New Guinea,, alongside a look from...