Generous donors enable us to offer a comprehensive program of Fellowships and Scholarships. They provide opportunities for established and emerging researchers, writers and artists, and younger scholars to immerse themselves in our collections.

Meet some of our National Library of Australia Fellows in our Behind-the-scenes blog. 

National Library of Australia Fellowships

We now offer six endowed National Library of Australia Fellowships. The Fellowships are supported by:

  • The Stokes family
  • In memory of Averill Edwards
  • Patrons and Supporters of Treasures Gallery Access Programs
  • Minerals Council of Australia

The Harold S. Williams Trust and the Eva Kollsman and Ray Mathew Trust enable two additional Fellowships for Japan Studies and the study of Australian Literature. The Friends of the National Library support a Creative Arts Fellowship for practising creative artists; the Eva Kollsman and Ray Mathew Trust provides a Creative Arts Fellowship for Australian writers; and the National Folk Fellowship is offered in partnership with the National Folk Festival.

We also offer five National Library of Australia Summer Scholarships. The Scholarships are supported by:

  • The family of the late Norman McCann
  • Dr John Seymour and Mrs Heather Seymour AO
  • Ms Carol Moya Mills
  • A Library Patron

As well as providing unrivalled access to our collections and specialist staff, these awards offer a precious commodity for research in a chosen area: time.

We offer our heartfelt thanks to our donors for helping us to realise a strong and robust Fellowships and Scholarships program.